“Working for money”, this is amazing

In psychological counseling work, I often encounter such troubles, “what is the job for?” There is no value in the work, it is not recognized by the leaders and colleagues, and the relationship with the colleagues is not the same. The reasons are different. In short, everyone feels pain.

However, I hope everyone thinks about it first: Why do people work originally?

Maybe some people say “to do what they want to do”, and some people say “to achieve their dreams.” I think these answers are correct.

However, in essence, people work for life. This truth has remained unchanged for ever. Working to support myself and to support my family, I think this is the primary purpose of work.

When you can support yourself and rely on your own ability to stand in the society, you will start to be recognized by people around you, thinking that you are an “adult who can stand alone”. Therefore, in my opinion, working for money is not a shame. It is a matter of course and I think it is very remarkable.

Some jobs do not need to make money directly, but it can help the husband or wife at work and take care of their children and family. This is also very important work.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, it is enough if you can support yourself and your family’s daily life. Life is just like that.

When I first started to work as a doctor, I didn’t think of “saving the wounds, helping others,” but “following the trend”.

In June 1945, I was 16 years old from Hiroshima Onomichi to Osaka. Our family has 5 children and my father is an ordinary elementary school teacher. My parents loved my two younger brothers. They often told me, “After graduating from a girls’ school, I will either be a teacher or marry someone, so I can do my best as soon as possible.” In addition, I have no other choice. For families of rural origin and many children, these words may be commonplace.

In this case, I had to come out early to work. At the time, the uncle who was operating the clinic in Osaka said, “If anyone wants to be a doctor, I can finance his entire tuition.”

So I decided to become a doctor. There is no such thing as happiness or unhappiness in this choice, and it does not matter whether I want to do it or not. I had no choice but to work.

By the way, I did not open my own clinic. I have been a doctor for almost 70 years, and I am equivalent to an office worker.

I have no ambitions. I earn money for work to raise children. Now that the children are already independent, I am getting old, so I do n’t have to make money to support them. But in the face of patients who trust me, I still have to continue working. It’s been 70 years since such a cold summer.

To put it nicely, let people live naturally. Isn’t this a good attitude towards work?

Nowadays, it’s easy to see some disturbing news about how someone lives. Because of this, the inner anxiety and dissatisfaction can make you feel bad. The unpredictable future is disturbing, the world is changing fast, and this is the case in any era.

This is something we cannot do, especially when facing political and economic issues. In the face of life, we must convince ourselves that we must take care of ourselves and protect our family.

When you are confused about “working for something,” you simply and decisively tell yourself that “work is just to make money to feed yourself.” This is the essence of people to work.

As for the “life value” and “self-growth”, it is a question that you have to think slowly after you have settled down. Life is long, just think slowly.

If you are already self-reliant, working very well, and there is no need to meet, then you can try to think about what ideas have not been realized.

In short, working to live is not a shame.

Working for money is not a shame. It is a matter of course. I think it is very remarkable.