You are a young man, you should be ambitious

A reporter friend, who worked hard in Shenzhen, worked so hard that sometimes he could sleep for four hours in two days.

I asked him, “What are you after? What dreams do you have?”

His answer was: “I think I have a lot of money, I feel very secure, and then I do nothing.”

I laughed. Because it’s a coincidence, I said the same thing as him many years ago. I am sure this friend of mine will continue to work to make money. I don’t believe that he can really endure the rest of his life.

The next day after chatting with that friend, he took a photo of the swimming pool in a five-star high-end hotel and lamented that he had not learned to swim.

See how interesting people are, often “I want to toss when I’m fine, and hum when tired.”

Our complaints are sometimes coquettish about life, coquettish ourselves.

In fact, there are really some people who are unwilling to participate in social competition, don’t like dealing with people, like to stay quietly, and even quit.

As a person, I thought about writing something in a daze and didn’t worry about eating and drinking.

If you can control your desires to a very simple level and stay away from the wonderful world, then you only need to have a wealth of wealth from your parents, or earn some living expenses yourself, and you can achieve your ideal and live the life you want. What others say, just listen and ignore it.

Unfortunately, compressing desire is harder than making money.

There are real hermits in the world, and those who are truly spiritualists are unmotivated and live by doing one or two things. But the difficulty is particularly high, higher than the desire to chase. Such people are generally very old, and they are physically senile, and their psychology has entered the stage of resting in old age.

A dream can be a house, a car, a favorite person, or a doctor, a police officer, a diplomat …

In the version of “Smiling and Prosperous” starring Jet Li, he always quits. But let my path break the truth: “Exit the rivers and lakes? If your next generation can’t stand the temptation to practice martial arts, and then pick up a sword to break through the rivers and lakes, can you stop them?”

Similarly, young people cannot resist the temptations of prosperity in big cities, because the essence of life is desire, and human beings rely on the blood of young people generation after generation.

Peak physical fitness, strong vitality, extremely active brain, strong muscles, vast sea and sky, ambitious, all of this was prepared by humans to break through rivers and lakes.

Dreams are not something far away.

Dreams are the elegant words of desire, what we want. We still want to toss and dream, the biggest reason is that our body and mind are still young and we have desire.

You are a young man, you pick up your sharp sword, cultivate your skills, go to the big cities to break through the rivers and lakes, and find your own place.

There is no high or low dream, just see if you do something for it.

I found that the more I worked hard to make money, and after gaining fame and fortune, the more I was free and calm, and I was able to enjoy writing in a daze and write about my favorite things that do not change money.

This is the greatest truth in life.

Songs no longer, fear of secret birth? According to the British “Guardian” reported on the 1st, at the beginning of the community isolation, Italians who love music by nature often entertained themselves on their balcony, and “good folk voices” appeared in many places. But now the songs of many cities have come to an abrupt end-this time, it is not the virus that extinguishes the optimism of the people, but poverty.

“You can’t see the scene of singing and dancing on the balcony.” Meles, a priest in Naples, sighed. He said that there is widespread unemployment in some areas, and many people are even starving. The food aid department in the city has long queues. “People are more worried now than they were before-they are more afraid of poverty than the virus,” he said. The Guardian said the new crown epidemic had a particularly strong impact on the country’s already underdeveloped southern provinces. More and more people in the district and Sicily have run out of savings and food at home.

Many ordinary workers lacking social security are also on the verge of bankruptcy. Ecine is a regular waiter in Sicily, with two children and a home loan. He hasn’t been paid for some time because the restaurant is closed. He had pleaded with the bank to suspend the loan repayment, but was flatly refused. He worries, now that the family is sitting in the mountains, how long this situation will last. The Guardian claims that, compared to “employees” in the general sense, Italy has about 3.3 million “idle workers”-they may be temporary workers, self-employed, freelancers, or even “black workers” who work in this group. Unstable, with inadequate guarantees and a thinner family base, it is a high-risk group who is prone to return to poverty.

The embarrassment of people’s lives will inevitably breed social security issues. Recently, the local media in Italy reported a number of “robberies”-small shop operators were forced to give away food for free; in some neighbourhoods, the authorities had to deploy special police forces to prevent “thieves.” Some unscrupulous gangs have recently instigated people to plunder businesses on social media. What is more headache for the authorities is that Italian mafia organizations have also taken the opportunity to “expand enrollment” and lead ordinary people who have no choice to embark on another “no return” .

Professor Panalari of the Free University of International Social Sciences in Italy laments that people can still fight hard and maintain optimism at the beginning, but the state of the country is “terribly fragile”, making them face a “painful reality.” Some netizens in Italy said on social media that although they understand the country ’s isolation measures in extraordinary times, if the people want to restore their confidence and singing, they really need more government support.