The world is so big I want to walk with you everywhere

In 2013, my graduation trip departed from Chengdu and arrived in Xinjiang via Tibet. I met Zichen, a tall and thin boy in a youth hostel in Xinjiang’s Nalati Prairie, and he asked me about my next day’s itinerary. I said Sailimu Lake, he wanted to show me a picture of Sairimu Lake on his mobile phone, and when he turned on the phone, he could hardly find a few pictures of Sairimu Lake in hundreds of selfies. First impression: This person is really smelly.

After leaving the next day, at the Maitian Youth Hostel in Kashi, I met Zichen again, and went to Taxian to climb the snow-capped mountains of the Pamirs, eat watermelon in the snowdrift of Red Flag Lapp, and share their favorite music while walking. With the movie, his impression of him has gradually changed. It turns out that he is not just smelly, but his favorite things are quite similar to me. After the trip to Kashgar was supposed to be separated, Zichen suddenly changed his mind and went to Kanas with me. We shared a ride across China ’s largest desert, the Taklimakan Desert, and we shared countless little secrets along the way. In the evening, visit Tazhong County in the center of the Taklimakan Desert to see the night world of the desert. As he crossed the thorny bushes by the highway, he looked back in front of me and suddenly stretched out his hand, saying I would take you away. I handed him over, climbed up a small dune, and lay in the sand to watch the moon, only to find that the moon was so close to people, and some of them talked blindly, and I heard him say, “I can I can’t hug you. “I froze for a while and said,” No. “I didn’t expect it to be so awkward. A big arm bent tightly and held me after half a minute. Then one minute later the two laughed. I was calm and calm on the surface, but my heart was long and strong.

Later, we walked 30 kilometers from Kanas to Hemu Village. We lost our way in the mountain completely isolated from the signal. The two people also accidentally separated. After half an hour, he hurriedly appeared. Frightened, angrily and anxiously said that I was particularly afraid of what happened to me or being eaten by the wolf. He didn’t go any faster after this time, but kept guarding me to the finish. At the most critical moment, the first person he cared about was not himself but me. This moved me so much that he felt like a reliable person.

Start the “dual perspective” journey
Since then, my journey has been accompanied by a figure—from the first person looking for beautiful scenery and food, taking pictures of interesting human landscapes in various places, to using two perspectives to explore different scenery on ordinary journeys, everything along the way Because sharing and communicating with the people you like makes time more meaningful and interesting, the destination is no longer the focus, what is important is the time when the two are together. One person is unwilling to get up early to watch the sunrise, and two people want to watch all the sunrises together. The food that a person does not want to try, his recommendations and sharing make me more willing to accept strange things, so the world is much wider. And I never dared to imagine traveling around the country to shoot, and because of his appearance, it is no longer out of reach.

We went hand in hand to Uganda, a very poor country in Africa. At 2am from the Kenyan border to Jinja, Uganda ’s second-largest city, I was spotted by local homeless people as soon as I got out of the car. They robbed me and my friends’ luggage while Zichen was looking for a room. I was robbed of a total of 40,000 yuan worth of equipment backpacks, which contained computers, mobile phones, cameras and $ 800, as well as material hard drives for a year and a half. After we called the police, we found the camera and backpack with the help of the police. Other things have been stolen. Fortunately, I didn’t lose the courage to continue with him. When traveling in Tbilisi, Georgia ’s capital, we stayed because of the country ’s high cost performance. We rented a house for a month to live and travel like locals. When we were living together, we went to the grocery market to buy food. Cooking, going for a walk after eating, like two old men who have been together for a long time, that period is a very unforgettable sweet day. We challenged the world-class hiking route ABC in Nepal. We set off at 7 in the morning and climbed the mountain with a mountaineering bag. We walked almost ten kilometers a day. Facing the high reflex and the cold, we finally reached the Annapurna Peak. When we saw Rizhao Jinshan at 5 am, all the fatigue disappeared. This most tiring trip made us feel that even ABC has passed, and even in the future, no matter how hard and tired it is, we can survive it. The poorest trip was by land from Sudan to Ethiopia. It took one day by car from the Sudanese capital Khartoum to the border city. It arrived at night. I slept on an open-air wire bed for 8 yuan without cover or quilt. There is no bathroom, and the whole town has only a potty concrete road …

The many journeys that have been made into the lifeline of the palm
I have been walking hand in hand for so many years. At the beginning, we will go to many popular attractions to check in and take pictures. We will find food according to the strategy, and follow the footprints of others to see the world. After traveling for a while, our focus has changed and we like it more. Communicate with locals and ask local niche attractions; at first, I was very concerned about making the details of the trip perfect, and then slowly began to accept many accidents and imperfections in the trip, and no longer forced myself to take all the places Everywhere I go, it ’s more important to stay in a favorite place for a longer period of time; we have changed from a punch-in trip to a sojourn-style trip, we have changed our sights from attractions to local people, and experienced different lifestyles in different places.

Remember that in the hinterland of Egypt’s Sahara desert, there is an ancient oasis city called Siwa. It has a long history and is also the background of the video game Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Because of the drought and dryness throughout the year, the local environment is very harsh and the wind and sand are very strong. There we met a digital nomad from London, UK (no need for a fixed work place such as an office, but someone who uses technology, especially wireless network technology to complete the work). He is a very easy-going middle-aged uncle. The first time he met was to take a bus to Siwa, because there were very few tourists going to Siwa. Most of them were locals. I was very curious about this Englishman, thinking about it. There are even tourists in this place (of course, we are also very strange). After getting out of the car and saying a few greetings, I separated. The next day, Zichen and I went for a walk in the ancient city of Siwa, and met him again next to an old house. I greeted him and found out that he lived here and bought a decades-old old building in the ancient city. house. He said that before living and working in London, life in a big city was stressful and people were very unfamiliar, so he came to live in an isolated place (his work can be performed as long as there is an Internet connection). He chose Siwa because he was attracted by the cheap prices, exotic style and enthusiastic locals here, and he wanted to live a little easier every day. He also took us to visit his room. The simple-looking old house came in but there was no cavern. In the desert city with a large sandy sand, the room was cleaned very clean, and there were various exotic decorations, and he was not only a figure here. Nomads, and two people from different countries live and work here. This thing struck me deeply: it is a freedom to choose what I like.

In Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, we also encountered something very interesting, which was related to language. We rented a house in the local area for a month, and became good friends with the landlord. Before preparing to end our trip in Tbilisi, the landlord invited us to a house in the country to have a play. We took the watermelon to change two cars and came to the landlord’s house. The landlord introduced us to the whole family, dad doing wine business in Russia, mother and teacher of math, and a lovely sister. In the conversation with them, I heard The landlord refers to father as mama and mother as papa, which is very interesting. It turns out that Georgian mother and father are called the other way around. The languages ​​of different countries will always have something unexpected.

Among the Middle Eastern countries, our most memorable is Beirut, Lebanon. Prior to the Lebanese Civil War, it was named Little Paris in the Middle East, and its beautiful natural landscape and long history and culture made this city popular with tourists. Since the beginning of the civil war, the entire city’s buildings have become riddled with holes. On the streets of downtown Beirut, there are broken walls and houses full of bullet holes. It can no longer live here, but it is in this environment. Now, the Star Plaza in the heart of Beirut has countless world-class luxury brand shops and high-end restaurants, and sports cars abound. The shabby slums and the drunken world of luxury are only separated by a wall. For the first time, I feel such a huge poverty For the first time, the rich gap has entered the world of war so closely. In different countries, sometimes peace is out of reach.

Tips for life
The philosophers have said that successful people live their lives in the way they like, and I think I have found the best, that is, to the best of the things I love, and naturally there will be unexpected gains-we are traveling At the beginning, there was no income. I worked for one year each, and I saved a lot when I was working. I saved all my salary as travel expenses, purchased camera equipment, and learned shooting and retouching skills.

Later, in order to go farther and longer, we made money while traveling and made travel from the media-we shared the travel story on the Internet, wrote travel notes, sent pictures, cut videos, and cut, edit, and shoot from the beginning. Yes, I will learn while playing and on the road. Later, I will make everything exquisite, and gradually I will have fans and be able to make ends meet. Now we can expect to go to more and more destinations. Next, we will also go to Russia to experience extreme cold in the ice and snow of minus 30-40 degrees, explore the most beautiful blue ice, and chase Aurora in the Arctic Circle. We also plan to go to European countries such as Iceland and Switzerland with extreme scenery. There are also various South American countries like Mexico and Cuba. Of course, the last pure land in the world-Antarctica.

Interview with CNT Characters
How do you choose your travel destination? Is there a type of preference?

We often choose cost-effective travel destinations, such as Southeast Asian countries, the Caucasus region, niche and very unique destinations, and we also prefer islands and exotic countries.

Couples travel together, what is your biggest gain?

The harvest is the memories of two people walking along, and the possibilities of exploring the world together. During the journey, we not only sharpened ourselves, changed our worldview, realized various people, exposed to different cultures and things, but also strengthened our courage and became more cheerful in character.

What do you want to say to the average traveler?

If you also want to resign or travel for a long time, you must figure out what you want, don’t rush to resign and travel, and you must take safety measures before you go out.

How to make money while playing the world?

On the one hand, we do travel from the media. On the other hand, we also do customized tours, playing a route to the extreme, tapping local characteristic cultural resources and then bringing in groups to earn commissions. In addition, we also take hands to do some purchasing. The key is to think clearly about what you want and what you can afford before you decide to do it! Be responsible to yourself, to your family, and to society.

Recommended for travelling private places for couples

Recommended reason: long history, rich culture, beautiful scenery and architecture, very romantic atmosphere.

Recommended travel time: July


Recommended reason: inexpensive, beautiful scenery of the Caucasus Mountains, very European style.

Recommended travel time: October

Petra ancient city

Recommended reason: The world-famous ancient capital, one of the new seven wonders of the world, is quite shocking.

Recommended travel time: September

Chiang Mai

Recommended reason: romantic city of arts, gourmet food and petty coffee shops.

Recommended travel time: March (Water Song Festival), November (Sky Lantern Festival)

Cape town

Recommended reason: A city with beautiful scenery, suitable for young couples traveling by car, listening to music, and enjoying life.

Recommended travel time: November


Recommended reason: It is the White City in India’s four-color city. It has a long history, humanistic features and ancient buildings are very impressive.

Recommended travel time: March, you can also participate in Holi


Recommended reason: Representatives of Dahaoheshan include grasslands, snowy mountains, and forests … the scenery is beautiful.

Recommended time: September-October