Our ten years

In 2020, another node of the whole decade. This year, people born in the millennium will usher in the brightest 20 years of their lives; this year, the first generation of people after the 90s will usher in a new life of “thirties and standing”; this year, the 80s The first generation of ushered in the node of the turn of youth and middle age at the age of 40. 2020 is also a decisive year for the country to fight poverty. It is a decisive year in the new century. 2020, regardless of your age, this year is destined to be an important year for the country and individuals. Zi said, “I have five and I am committed to learning, thirty are standing, forty is not confused, fifty is destiny, sixty is pleasing, and seventy is free from my heart, not exceeding the rules.” Your story may also be based on Ten years as a unit, unfolding his vigorous youth.

My son often asks me, “Dad, why did you name me the ink word? What does it mean?” “Well, well, of course, I hope you have more ink in your belly!” After that, I creaked. After his son’s chubby white belly, his son giggled and smiled, “Dad, are there?” “Well, what else is the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics ten years ago!” The son glared in surprise. Big eyes.

Thoughts flew to ten years ago. At 8 pm on August 8th, the family of four had finished their meals, sat and sat in front of the TV. Oh, no, it ’s five people. You ’re still in your mother ’s stomach, and you have four months to come to this colorful world. Under the deep night sky, the large scrolls of mountains and rivers unfolded slowly, the distant and elegant guqin sounded, the ink and wash scenes were stained a little bit, and there were a few traces of it. The whole family held their breath, and even the son who usually loves toss is quiet. Therefore, “Mo” is to commemorate the world-famous event ten years ago.

In fact, the world’s attention that year was more than the Beijing Olympics. Starting from the southern ice disaster at the beginning of the year, the parents-in-law who have bought train tickets to come to Beijing to attend our wedding are blocked at the Luzhou Railway Station, and are catching up with Premier Wen Jiabao to the station to express condolences to the people most affected by the disaster. On the afternoon of May 12th, my mother was at home alone, preparing small clothes, and suddenly felt a shaking, thinking that the baby in the belly was kicking, steadily, lying down and looking up, the lights were also shaking, suddenly shocked: earthquake! Hurry up and call your child’s dad, and think: It’s in class, don’t disturb him. After a while the phone came: “Are you okay, just now the Wenchuan earthquake, the magnitude is very large, and the losses are particularly large, those mothers and babies are really pitiful!” Those who are fast dads have a lot of sympathy. In September, melamine poisoned milk powder broke out, shocking parents and their mothers again: What to do after three months? Fortunately, the country has made great efforts to stabilize the hearts of the people. Son, you will spend your childhood in peace.

This year, our destiny has never been so closely blended with the fate of the country!

After another ten years, the country is getting stronger. What can we do for this heyday? The opportunity came. The school hosted American college students and lacked a “homestay” family. As soon as I went home, my son was jumping and my mother nodded. I knew that my son was looking for a playmate, my mother was looking for English learning resources, and the small abacus in my mind was an opportunity to promote traditional Chinese culture. The American brother who came, called Cameron, was easy-going and talkative. Soon the two boys mingled together. At dinner, the group of four sat and talked with each other and checked the mobile phone dictionary. The guests and the guests spoke very well, like a warm family. This scene reminds me of the foreigners who watched TV every hour, exclaimed, and now Chinese and foreign relatives, if you are dead!

The topic starts with the meaning of the name “Mo”, when it comes to the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, when it comes to ink scrolls, when it talks about the culture of “harmony,” when it comes to “you have friends from afar,” “you are all brothers in the world” At Guqin, his son shouted, “Dad, you all like it!” My father, Mo Ruozi, it’s time for me to show it, but it’s better to say nothing. The next day, I took the two boys to the Chinese Character Museum of the China Millennium Monument and felt the charm of Chinese characters. “Ink” is a black paint made of pine smoke, and “harmony” is the coordination of voices. But can understand the lives and thoughts of the ancestors thousands of years ago.

A few days later, the son came up with another idea: “Dad, take Brother Cameron to the Analects class to experience it?” Good idea! “I dragged a sentence of English.” The Analects of Confucius “class is a class I volunteered in the community, leading the community children to recite” The Analects of Confucius “, recite classical poems, in the sound of Langlang reading, I let two children run parallel The shape of the lines allows the little brother in the United States to understand the essence of “benefits”; leads the children to salute together, so that the little brother can experience the spirit of “ceremony” in being respectful and respectful. The little brother in the United States thumbs up, ” Confucius, very good! “Hey, I appreciate the beauty of my 5,000-year-old Chinese culture. Cangjie knows the etiquette, the country has developed rapidly for decades, and its economic strength has greatly increased. In the future, it will pay more attention to the construction and spread of cultural soft power. I did some modest efforts.

Ten years is long enough to make a great country earth-shaking; ten years is too short. In the process of one person turning into three people, youth suddenly becomes a memory. In any case, as long as we are together and with this country, this life is enough.