Super Product + Super Mode + Super Traffic = Super Victory

Recently, companies may find that some marketing methods, and even some business models, that previously depended on survival and effectiveness have suddenly failed in the face of the epidemic. At this time, do companies have to find some new ways? In the end, what kind of way can SMEs break through at special moments and quickly complete transformation and upgrading? Let’s share the three aspects of live video and community topics.

I. Problems encountered by enterprises
1. Sales and survival issues.

For most enterprises, especially traditional physical enterprises, the impact of the epidemic is very large. There is no sales, no market, and no receipts. Huge costs, which puts a lot of pressure on physical enterprises. Today’s companies are developing in a V-shape, first falling straight, and then they may bottom out. But the question is when will it bottom out and if the company can sustain that time.

2. Customer churn.

Businesses supporting the past will find that business is particularly difficult to do. Because during this period, you have n’t opened your business, and you have n’t communicated and communicated with your customers, you are basically out of touch. Moreover, customer spending habits also change under special circumstances, such as from offline to online.

How to solve these two problems?

First, open up or enlarge the online market. Now it is not a question of whether an enterprise is considering whether to do an online problem, but how to do it, and how to do it faster and better than others, so as to live longer. Only walking on two legs of the entity and the network can enhance the company’s ability to resist risks, obtain channel revenue, and survive the emergencies and natural disasters.

Second, focus on customer relationship operations. There is a women’s clothing brand, Inman, which not only does well online, but also has more than 600 stores offline, but in the face of epidemics, its stores are also unable to open. Therefore, Inman proposed a new plan-supplemented by physical stores, with community sales as the main strategy. Everyone understands this method: the owners and salespersons of more than 600 stores in the morning communicate with former customers and fans through a circle of friends, WeChat groups, and WeChat, and then launch special products every day, plus spike, The way of ordering and discounting is to push the product every half an hour to guide customers to order in their own mini program. On the same day, Inman completed 140% of daily sales. The number of daily users of the applet in a few days exceeded 65,000, which has exceeded the number of active people on the day of “Double 11” in 2019. This is the second point I want to tell you. At special times, we must pay attention to the operation and maintenance of customer relationships and community marketing.

Further consideration, if you are the owner of Inman and you have more than 600 stores, can you also do it this way? I tell you, you might do it this way, but you won’t necessarily get it. why? If your product is not hard, if your store does not retain user data at all, if you do not establish a connection and interaction with users, if users complain about you, sorry, you should not even think about using this Way, no one cares about you, and no one buys your stuff. Therefore, we must pay attention to the operation of customer relations, and this operation is usually done, not temporary.

Based on the above cognition, I believe that if small and medium-sized enterprises including large enterprises want to break through quickly, the new retail of the live broadcast community should be a suitable model. It solves the problem of traffic. Problems, and can solve the problem of user relationships. This is a complete system and a new business model.

Second, the new retail model of the live broadcast community
First of all, new retail was first proposed by Jack Ma. Ma Yun said that there will be no e-commerce in the next 10 or 20 years. Only new retail, and the combination of online, offline, and logistics will generate new retail. This is Jack ’s definition of new retail. After he proposed it, he also made a lot of new attempts, such as unmanned shelves, unmanned convenience stores, social e-commerce, and community group purchases, but all had one or another of these problems.

Besides, community group buying is a mainstream method. The core character of community group buying is the head of the group. It is very important to play the role of linking up and down, which has also triggered the vicious competition of the platform to grab the head of the group. The problems of community heads are nothing more than three aspects: first, the profits themselves are low, second, the community heads are not professional, and third, the liquidity is too strong. As a result, the community group buying has also become polarized, and those that have developed rapidly can get investment, and some capital chains have been broken.

Judging from the underlying logic, these modes are essentially two words: selling goods. In order to sell products, the company has to continuously advertise, circulate friends, and send links. It may be sent to 1,000 people and the last 10 people make a profit. But what he didn’t consider is that the other 990 people blackened him. This is also the biggest problem, and cutting leeks is not sustainable.

If you really want to solve this problem, you must upgrade the model and merge it into the dimension. There are three parallel upgrades of the dimension. The first is that the product and the community cannot be sold in parallel. It must be a community and maintain customer relationships. The second is that the sales and education cannot be sold separately. The user must also be educated. Parallel offline, social e-commerce is online, there is no scene simply online. It must be online and offline in parallel, especially the core scenarios, and it is necessary to build your own new business model and sales model based on users. This is what we call community new retail.

Community new retail is a new retail model that is customized on demand based on community relationships, user-centric, user-driven, and through supply chain restructuring and online and offline integration. Simply put, if your product can’t meet the needs of users, it is junk. The products you think of yourself are not what users want, and they can only become inventory in the end.

What does community new retail look like? I divided it into three levels.

The first level is product sales.

Through the S2B2C method, products can be sold quickly to build a community of interests. To put it simply, if a company wants to do sales, it should not start advertising from scratch. It is too difficult and costly to find new customers by spending so much advertising costs, and ordinary companies cannot afford it. What you need to do is to know which users and nodes your users have in their hands, find them, form a cooperative relationship with them, and then use them to communicate the product to the end users and generate purchases. The S-side supply chain can be simply understood as factories and enterprises, and B-side is the node, which is the person who controls user resources, including online and offline, online celebrity anchors, big V, and offline business associations, clubs, fellows Clubs, classmates associations, etc., including C-end shops.

The second level is community operations.

A simple community of interests is not sustainable. It is like a high-rise building on a beach. Its foundation is unstable and unsustainable. If it is to be sustainable, the beach must be transformed into reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete is the trust and emotion between people. How can trust and emotions be established? It depends on interaction. We need to do all kinds of interaction, that is, through the operation of the community.

The third level is platform development.

When the trust relationship between people is established, platform development is a natural thing. Find funds through crowdfunding, find people through crowdsourcing, and create ideas through crowdfunding. In this way, companies have started one after another fun projects on the platform, and they use everyone’s power to do it. A good platform development is a business community.

In the new community retail model, community operations are at the core. Without community operations, product sales are not sustainable, and without community operations, there is no foundation for platform development.

The landing of new retail in the live broadcast community
The landing process is carried out in four steps, building products, setting models, community operations and platform development, and each step has some specific links.

Build products. There are four steps to building a product. The first step is user needs. First of all, companies must know who the users are and what their needs are, that is, the core needs and core pain points of core users. The second step is to do a competition analysis, which is to find a market segment, analyze what the competitors are, and see if there is room for their own offense. The next step is to create products and super products. Super products have two genes, one is the explosive gene, and the other is the community gene. These are the last two steps to create a product. The explosives gene contains five elements, high frequency, pain points, rigid demand, large market, and small competition. Using these criteria to evaluate your own projects and products, you may find that your product is junk, and it is normal for the product to not be sold. The community gene has three elements, content, scene, and interaction. This is the community gene.

For example, here is an explanation of the Kangyang Travelling Residence project. For only 3600 yuan, the elderly can go to 24 high-quality attractions with them, live alone for 30 days, or live together for 15 days with a husband and wife. . Dear friends, you can think that in these particularly beautiful places, there is a gold medal butler who arranges itineraries, accommodation, etc., all of which cost 120 yuan a day. If we see such an item, we will probably want to buy it for our parents. By comparing the five elements of the explosives gene, you will understand why some projects can be made, and some projects cannot be done.

Setting mode. With the product and the weapon, we have to go to war. If you are at war, if you are a child and you have a sword against the sky, can you defeat your opponent? Impossible, because you can’t move, this is called mode. Therefore, in the second step, we need to set a good mode, that is, you must learn martial arts well before you can go to war.

This pattern is divided into three blocks. The first is the business model, which is the people yard. Who are you? what are you doing? Under what scenarios does your product sell to whom? These are the first things to consider. The second is the marketing model, which is how you sell it, which is actually the S2B2C model. The third is the money sharing model. Why is the B-side channel willing to share with you, willing to help you, and willing to help you with promotion? There must be a money sharing mechanism here, which is actually a distribution model.

Community operations. The war is about to start, that is, community operations. What does community operation solve? Recruit B-side channels or nodes and then empower them to generate product sales. Therefore, what the community operation does is actually to solve the problem of traffic.

There are two nouns involved here: public domain traffic and private domain traffic. The traffic on Baidu, Taobao, Meituan, Today’s Headlines, Douyin, and Quick Hand, like these are all public domain traffic. The public domain flow is like water flow. It flows to your home for a while, and to other people’s homes for a while. It does not belong to you or you, but whether it belongs to you or not depends on whether you can attract it. Private domain traffic is traffic that can be directly reached, directly interacted, and can directly affect it. Personal WeChat plus WeChat group is the best private domain traffic. The public domain traffic is relatively large, but the conversion rate is pitifully low. In contrast, WeChat group, its conversion rate can reach more than 30%, or even more than 50%, which is unimaginable in the public domain, and it is completely impossible. Public domain and private domain are completely different attributes. It is difficult to obtain traffic only in the public domain, and it is difficult to do volume only in the private domain. Therefore, the public domain and the private domain must form a seamless connection, public domain drainage, private Domain monetization. In principle, the public domain and the private domain are in parallel, the public domain is diverted, the private domain is realized, the public domain is robbed, and the private domain is maintained. There is a lot of public domain traffic, but you have to grab it in various ways, otherwise it has nothing to do with you, the private domain traffic must be slowly cultivated, and trust and emotions can be established through interaction and links.

Here is a brief summary. The first step is to build a product to be a super product. The second step is to set a super model. The third step is to operate the community to solve the traffic problem. We call it super traffic. The fourth step is platformization. The development has already been covered in the previous article and will not be repeated here. Therefore, the new retail of the live broadcast community is actually completing your super product, super model and super traffic, and you can get super victory. This is the landing process of the new broadcast of the live broadcast community.