No matter how late, marry love

It was a steamer sailing from Shanghai to Britain.

The wind of the Republic of China is blowing the hair of foreign students. The sea was bumpy, and she vomited completely. He was enthusiastic and attentive. He handed a towel and soaked in a dragon well.

On the night, the sunset was spreading over the sea, gorgeous. He put on a coat for her.

Many years later, her niece wrote: “She has sold a lot of jewellery in her hands, but only a pale pink rosy haze, which has remained to this day …”

That’s what he gave her.

They knew each other on the vast sea.

In particular, he, a gentleman, was elegant and personable. He also recited Byron’s poems in English, which made her feel very excited and fell in love at first sight.

It’s a pity that the soft words are murmured. If you look at it with your hands, you will not become a dependent after all!

It turned out that he had a fiancée following the orders of his parents; moreover, he learned that she was the granddaughter of the traitor Li Hongzhang.

Especially the latter point is equivalent to a huge stain.

Well, her name is Zhang Maoyuan, and she is the aunt of Zhang Ailing, a modern Chinese writer who became known to everyone.

His name is Li Kaidi, a young talent.


Perhaps the back of his turn was so gorgeous that it would be difficult for her years to stir up the door again.

The so-called deep love is to plant a tree and wait, no matter the wind and the sun, you must be leafy?

Zhang Maoyuan decided that his life must be Li Kaidi.

She generously attended Li Kaidi’s wedding; she entrusted Li to take care of Zhang Ailing in Hong Kong; in the turbulent years, Li Meng was difficult. She used the fine fingers of a piano to help the Li family clean up …

She used the calm wind on her face to cover the turbulent waves in her heart, as if, friendly, unrelated to the wind and the moon.

This is Zhang Maoyuan’s stubbornness and self-esteem.

When one sees the flowers bloom, one drops, but because of one person, spring never falls.

There is a hot post that discusses loving someone but can’t be fulfilled. Is it worth the wait?

Lin Daiyu waited for flowers and trees; Zhu Yingtai waited for double butterflies; even Du Li Niang in the four famous Chinese classics “Peony Pavilion” could only see her sweetheart Liu Mengmei in a dream that ended in depression …

Yeah, the result of waiting is likely to be a dream, or hurt again. How many people have left for half their lives and are still young when they return?


But Zhang Maoyuan didn’t care. More than half a century later, the critically ill wife of Li Kaidi took Zhang Maoyuan’s hand and explained why he was ordered to his parents, and why Li Kaidi cares about Zhang Maoyuan’s family background …

It seems like a long list of recitations, proofreading back, and gently crossing off the extra punctuation.

She wants to fulfill her. Let them set aside their past and forever be united.

This year, Zhang Maoyuan was 78 years old, but like a happy little girl, she became Li Kaidi’s bride.

By the time Han Xiao died, she was happy for 12 years.

It turns out that there are always people in the world who have worked hard enough to love only one person; no matter how late they are, they are always married to love!

There are always people who have turned the corner themselves, demolished the bridge, blocked the entrance, and made love from a long distance unable to charge forward.

Love is not lost to time, but to doubt and retreat halfway.

Therefore, I admire Zhang Maoyuan’s courage and persistence very much. The so-called love and reward of God is exactly asking and fighting for it!

So it ’s not worth the wait, but ask yourself whether you are married or in love.


The happy ending tells us two things:

One is that you should continue to be brilliant and full of electricity. Just like Zhang Maoyuan, blurted out casually, all lotus flowers are in full bloom.

For example: It was extremely cold at night, and she said, “Winter night, sleep as if you were home.”

She recovered from a long illness and laughed, “It’s such awful weather, it’s so weak, and a person is like a word.”

Such a person, Jin Feng, is full of self-confidence, for how many years, he is a standing lighthouse!

The other party should be long-lasting and always in a state of added value. Just like the contemporary great philosopher Jin Yuelin and other Lin Huiyin.

In fact, Teacher Jin also secretly blind dated, but compared to Miss Lin in April, all eclipsed, collectively “killed.”

Therefore, to continue the leading edge, the continuation is your love and I would like to continue.

The luckiest thing to do is to go back and forth a thousand times and look back at each other to find that true love is still there. Years running, did not wash away her beauty; stunned by the sand, did not cover his beauty.

Not flaunting how affectionate it is, but beyond that, there is no longer a person worthy of your affection.