Sweaters to warm up beauty

In the cold winter, the ladies who love beauty, in order to maintain the image of beauty, are not willing to wear sweaters even when the cold wind strikes. In fact, beauty doesn’t have to be “frozen” in order to achieve beauty, and elegant temperament can also be reflected in warmth. In the dark and gloomy winter, how to be warm and beautiful? It depends on how you match your sweater!

Thick sweater with skirt, classic and elegant
When the colleagues got together for a chat, Li Qi, wearing a thick sweater, muttered, “The only beauty of a fat man is frozen to death in winter. When it comes to winter, you can’t take into account both style and temperature.” We all agreed. Wei Zi, a well-known dressing expert in the office, came with several books. She wore a light brown oversized, loose sweater, a black lace midi skirt and a pair of silver high heels, so elegant that we couldn’t keep our eyes open. Li Qi hurriedly asked for cheats in the past. “Oh, you would have a bloated feeling when you wore this kind of furry sweater. It would be easier to look strong when you wear a thick woolen skirt!” Wei Ziying said with a smile.

Collocation tips:

1. Thick sweater plus half skirt can hide the skin and show thin. Skirts should not be too long, it is best to show a little ankle or pair with high heels. Compared with short skirts, Midi skirts are more warm and practical.

2. V-neck sweater and umbrella skirt is a classic combination. The V-neck doesn’t need to be too big, just show a little skin. Oversized and loose sweaters can be worn with lace skirts, because the upper body is thicker, and the lower body should be selected with a more breathable mix.

Sweater and pants, modern and hide
Like most women of this age, Li Ye who ran “Four Fourths” was inevitably a little blessed, but people in the office couldn’t see that her height of one meter sixty was a hundred and twenty pounds of “small universe” hidden. Li Zhi’s favorite item in winter is a ribbed sweater. The ribbed sweater is slim and sexy, but fleshy cuties can only look forward to sighing. Li Min used rib sweater as a suit, and he controlled it with ease. At the company’s year-end sales performance commendation conference, Li Huan wore a khaki round neck rib knit sweater and a dark brown wide-leg trousers on her lower body. She was graceful and fashionable.

Collocation tips:

1. It is not difficult to wear bright sweaters with western style, it can be easily achieved with a retro check pants or check skirt. Bright sweaters have the blessing of plaid pants, it will be lively and bright instantly. Checked pants can also get rid of the dull and old-fashioned feeling.

2. Ribbed sweater is also very suitable for matching loose pants. Ribbed sweaters when worn inside, suits outside, there will be a feeling of soft and rigid inside. The small round neck ribbed sweater with wide-leg pants is formal and decent, and can be directly worn into the workplace.

Sweaters match, details shine
“Mom, isn’t it just a classmate gathering, why are you so particular about it?” On the weekend, Fang Qing’s daughter watched her mother change several sweaters, and couldn’t help joking. “That’s my image problem. Now I have a short fat neck and I don’t look good in any clothes.” The daughter stared at her mother, turned out a chain of her own golden sweater, and wore it on her mother’s neck. Temperament: “Mom, do you look younger with this sweater chain?” Fang Qing looked at herself in the mirror and nodded with satisfaction frequently.

Collocation tips:

1. The turtleneck sweater must be equipped with a sweater chain. Because the turtleneck sweater is easy to show that the neck is short, and the V shape formed by the sweater chain has the effect of lengthening the neck visually.

2. Sweaters with shirts, fresh art and age. If you find it difficult to wear a shirt, it is also good to replace it with a shirt collar. In addition, you can also wear a suitable silk scarf, which is both stylish and warm.