Money saving “philosophy” for men

We have always thought that women are the main force of “careful calculation”. As everyone knows, when men “save”, there is nothing for women.

Skin Care
That night I was squatting in the Taobao live room, watching Li Jiaqi’s recommendation of various women’s skin care products and cosmetics, and it was his turn to recommend a men’s facial cleanser. The comment area was “He doesn’t need” “He doesn’t like” ” He is not worthy “to speak of occupation. I burst into laughter and saw that Li Jiaqi was still trying to get women to spend a small amount of money for her husband or boyfriend. I thought about the bit in the family and decided for three seconds. He really didn’t need it. @ 读图 图

One fact is that it is not his wife who is not willing to buy expensive things for her husband, but buying skin care products for men is basically useless. Because they are troublesome-in their eyes, as long as they can foam, they can wash everything. My husband was too lazy to reach for the cleansing soap and wash his face directly with shampoo. When I found out that my face was almost exfoliating, I was still obsessed with it: “Isn’t there sweat on my face? Why can’t I wash my face with shampoo?” As a result, I used him more than half of his bottle of fairy water to repair his injured face. This prodigal thing! @ 读 小媛 儿

When the new house was renovated, the whole house was renovated by her husband alone. Water, electricity, and floor heating were all done. If there were no problems, he went directly to Baidu. Bricklayer and carpenter, he really can’t, but he saved a lot: he bought wall tiles online, because each store has a limited number of trial free shipping wall tiles, he put together 10 trials, and paved the walls of his own home Already. In order to save money, my husband specially asked for two months’ leave for decoration. But the last one found that it was still a loss: if you go to work seriously, the salary is actually more than the labor cost saved. I don’t know what he is trying to figure out. Maybe it is a kind of self-fulfilling sense of accomplishment? @ 读 涂 媛

My husband’s trick to save money is: do it yourself, get plenty of food. Give him a bottle of 502 glue, and he can fix everything, and also bring his own haircut skills: He spent 40 yuan on the Internet four years ago to buy an electric clipper to shave his own inches, but he has never been in a barber shop for 4 years. As long as he can buy the parts, he wants to repair them. It took me 3 years to disconnect the headphone cable, and it took him noon to connect it. My mobile phone camera broke, the charging hole could not be inserted, and the mobile phone screen broke. He bought accessories for me. As a result, some big-name mobile phones are now in the fifth generation. I am still using the second generation, and I may not have access to new electronic products in my life. @ 读 流年 Throws people

Mr. He entered the siege of marriage from his student days. I really feel deeply about men’s consumption views. Their consumption needs are only five, from strong to weak: play, travel, live, food, clothing. Not spending more money elsewhere is not because of savings, but because of trouble. As long as the clothes are not broken, you can continue to wear them. When the hole is broken, either play ball or wear it at home. And they will surely have a piece of underwear that everyone hated but never killed. Even if he couldn’t wear it anymore, he had to let it rest. @ 读 芭乐

When I was fair, I loved playing tennis. I bought tennis rackets from It is not enough to save 400 yuan. In order to save money on the venue, he bought another ball machine and carried it to the park and practiced it at 7:30 every day. In the end, he still felt a loss, and began to use APP to organize people in the same city to play tennis, and symbolically received more than ten yuan per golfer. Every time he plays tennis, he can make one hundred and eighty yuan. “No shortage of money, but very happy.” He told me so.