“Quiet” Enjoy Innocent Shell Prince Mo ANC Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Intimate details
As various mobile phone manufacturers abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack, the author’s desire to pay attention to the headphone has become even stronger. Perhaps, many readers and friends are the same as the author. Although they do not pursue the ultimate sense of hearing and “face value” of a headset, they cannot be overly simple, so the true wireless Bluetooth headsets that have become increasingly popular in recent years have entered my sight. Recently, I started this kind of Bluetooth headset with both ANC active noise-cancelling headphones and true wireless characteristics-Shell Prince · Mo. I feel a lot of experience after using it, and I would like to share with you here.

Comfort is the most important indicator of a headset. Even if it has the best sound quality, it is considered a failure if it is not handled properly. In the actual wearing process, the shell prince Merko is remarkable—with a 5.4g ultra-light “body” combined with ergonomic bending angle and design, it brings a very comfortable wearing feeling and firmness, even when exercising There is no looseness in the vibration.

Of course, the same thing does not take into account the feelings of all users, so Shell Prince · Mo is still very thoughtful. Additional comes with up to 3 pairs of different size silicone earmuffs and 3 pairs of slow rebound memory ear caps of different sizes, of which slow rebound memory The ear cap can be automatically filled according to the size of the user’s piercing, making it more comfortable for the user to wear.

In addition to the comfort level, the moment I saw Shell Prince Moe, I could clearly feel that the texture imparted to the headphones by the “suspended coloring process” shell was equally good. And in terms of design, Shell Prince Mo also incorporates green indicator lights and touch button elements in the two headsets. In addition to the decorative look, it also allows users to easily view and adjust the state of the headset. Everywhere is clever, and the visual effects and use effects are very good.

Internal and external
We all have a clear understanding of the “carving” of Shell Prince Mo’s external appearance. In fact, Xiaoyan Technology is very in place in the creation of the product itself. It is reported that Shell Prince Moore adopted a more stable Bluetooth 5.0 version, which has a stable connection with a barrier-free radius of up to 20m, while supporting the 5-hour battery life brought by the 40mAh “mini battery” in its compact body. (With ANC active noise reduction, a single continuous playback can reach 4 hours), laying a solid foundation for the “intrinsic quality” of the headset itself, combined with the IPX5 waterproof and anti-sweat equipment that Shell Technology has equipped for Xiaomi Technology Level, users do not have to worry about sweat during the exercise will have any impact on Shell Prince · silent, this is very important for sports people.

It is worth mentioning the design of the Shell Prince Mo charging compartment. The shell of the Shell Prince Mo is the same as the headset-both adopt “suspended coloring process” and are “sapphire blue”, shining under the light Shenghui. In addition, the shape of the charging compartment is round and small, about 6cm × 4cm, and it has a good grip. In terms of interface, Shell Prince Mo’s charging compartment uses the “trend” Type-C interface.

In actual use, because it is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 500mAh, the charging cabin can bring more than 20 hours of battery life to Shell Prince Mo. In addition, the magnetic cover of the charging compartment and the placement of the headset are quite convenient in use, which effectively avoids the charging compartment being accidentally opened in the bag, or the awkward situation that the headset is not charged because it is not properly placed. What’s different from similar products is that Shell’s Prince Mo’s charging compartment uses Hall magnetron technology-the cover is turned on immediately, which shortens the time from pairing to use.

Sound quality and noise reduction experience
The official claims that Shell Prince Moore uses advanced ACC coding and comes with a decoder that can directly decode lossless sound sources to Hi-Fi level sound quality through hardware, which is also its advantage.

In the actual audition process, under the blessing of the bio-fiber diaphragm, the overall transparency of the shell prince silent is good, the sound is full and full, the hearing is delicate, and the resolution is excellent. In terms of style, Shell Diver’s low-frequency dive performance is relatively good, and the atmosphere of the music is better; the mid-band vocals do not have a sense of “confusion”, and the thick, ear-like transparency makes the scene substitute. Strong; the “sweetness” is just right at high frequencies, the sense of hierarchy is clear, and the overall three frequencies are still more balanced.

In general, the prince of shells silent is like hearing in your hazy wake-up room, drinking a cup of tea just right, there will not be too thick bitterness, although it can not be called as comfortable But it is more enjoyable and can adapt to most people, making you “full of energy” and happy mood.

Finally, as an ANC active noise-cancelling earphone, Shell Prince Mo’s noise reduction depth reaches 28db, which can bring users more pure listening enjoyment. In addition, it is equipped with 6 pairs of ear caps of different sizes and functions, which means that the ear canal seal is further improved. With excellent noise reduction depth and hardware complements, Shell Prince silent “soft and hard” allows users to obtain a better noise reduction experience.