No matter how good a relationship is, it will be taken for granted

  I once heard such a story. A boy confessed to a girl, and the girl did not immediately agree or refuse, and said, “Are you sure you like me?” The boy said, “I like you more than all things in the world.” The girl asked: ” One year later, three years later, and after marriage, will you still like me so much? “The
  boy paused for a while, and for a long time, did not answer lightly, he repeatedly questioned himself in his heart, and finally drummed With courage, “Yes, I will remind myself every day that you are the best gift of destiny to me, and you will not forget because you already have it.” After listening, the girl smiled and said sweetly: “Okay, I will Remind yourself every day not to act arbitrarily because you are liked. ”
  Yes, no matter how long you live , don’t forget the original affection; when the love subsides, remember how to care carefully when you first meet.
  I often get off work with my colleague Lao Xie, and he always picks up something for his wife, a piece of cake, a cup of tea, or some other small gifts.
  I once said with emotion: “My husband and wife are still so emotional!” He smiled and said, “This is to thank my wife for her hard work today. She cleaned the house and did it. A table of fragrant meals is waiting for me to go home. “I can’t help but think that many people think that things are righteous, but Xie thanked them seriously.
  I asked him why he did this, and Lao Xie explained: “Marriage has never been the grave of love. Someone messed up love and messed up the marriage by yourself. Think about it, if you work hard every day and are busy In addition, I think about the other person wholeheartedly, but the other person never takes it to heart. Even if something is not done well, I get scolded. In the case of you, do you also want to pick and choose in this relationship? Do n’t appreciate the other person at all Married marriages often end quickly. ”
  Old Xie’s remarks shed light on the normal state of many people’s lives-husbands work hard and earn money to support their families, and are regarded as their responsibility by their wives; Seen by her husband as “it should be.”
  It’s too easy for us to get used to the other half’s giving, but we don’t know the true feelings and never grow freely. Feelings need two people to care for together, giving birth to infinite joy in the details, and still waving for each other in the ordinary light.
  One of the greatest happiness in the world is that someone likes you and gives you the best of everything, and you live up to your promises and live with the warmth and prosperity of the world. It is not easy to meet, only those who know how to respect others can be respected; those who know how to cherish are worthy of being loved.