Wonder of Finnish baby raising

Surprising parenting benefits
In 2005, after working in Finland for more than half a year, I met a Finnish girl named Dorocia. Dorocia is a staff member of a bank. She not only looks beautiful but also speaks fluent Chinese. In other countries, when I met Dorocia who could speak Chinese, I felt a special kind of kindness. Later, as the relationship continued, Dorothy became my wife.

One morning in March 2008, while having breakfast, Dorothy told me happily that she was pregnant. When I heard this news, I was so excited that I didn’t know what to say, and I started thinking about how to be a good dad.

Dorothy asked me to accompany her to the social security agency to get a card called kela. With this kela card, examinations and hospitalizations in any hospital from pregnancy to delivery are free. In addition, after the child’s birth until the age of 17, the state’s medical and educational expenses are also free of charge. The state also pays children a high living subsidy every month. As a child’s parent, you only need to give the child the most basic living conditions.

Careful training for novice parents
After arriving at the unit the next morning, as soon as I sat down in the office, my colleagues congratulated me for being a dad. Their congratulations made me feel strange. How did everyone know that I was a dad? With questions, just as I was about to get to know my colleagues, the superior leader called me an extension and asked me to go to his office.

Walking into the manager’s office, I knew the secret of the information being revealed. It turned out that the staff of the social security agency had notified my unit of the information about my wife’s pregnancy. The purpose of the notification was to allow our company to give me another 15 days of vacation within six months in accordance with the relevant Finnish system. Learn to be a father.

When I walked out of the manager’s office, I was still immersed in the care given by the Finns. My wife called and said, “Dear, the work unit assigned me a work assistant today, so I don’t have to work too hard. Go to your class at ease, I will take good care of myself. ”

Soon, Dorothy and I were expecting a knowledge lecture arranged by the eugenics department. In a series of knowledge lectures, I learned that the original practical knowledge training is so important for novice parents. As the training teacher said, as long as you study hard, this knowledge is not difficult at all.

After about a dozen trainings, the eugenics department started the assessment phase. As it is all practical knowledge, I got the certificate of being a dad effortlessly. With the certificate, I immediately felt more confident as a dad.

After studying, the next time is expected. Looking forward to it, on January 1, 2009, our son was finally born.

Education behind bank cards
Time flies, years pass, and in a blink of an eye the son has been born for 28 days. That day, Dorothy asked me to take the identity information of my son and go to the bank to get a bank card. Dorothy’s arrangement left me as a second monk, and I was puzzled: “What is the use of a bank card for a child so young?”

Dorocia explained to me with a smile: “In Finland, a child must apply for a bank card within one month after birth. After the card is issued, government subsidies will be applied to this card. You can Don’t underestimate this card, our country’s education concept can be fully reflected on it! ”

Dorocia’s words made me suddenly interested, and I chased after asking, “How do you manifest the Fa?”

Dorocia explained: “When our son was wise, we started to consciously guide him. His card has his own money. If he needs to buy anything, he must use his card to spend. Because the card gives He does n’t have a lot of money, so many times he needs to be measured many times before he can buy one thing. This allows him to develop a good habit of learning to budget and not spending money. Also, in the future, you will give your son pocket money. When it comes to money, you ca n’t give it at will. You have to let him get the relevant remuneration through his labor. Remember that each remuneration is a few euros, and you must not give a figure such as 100 euros. Of course, wait until the child is old After that, you can increase as appropriate. The purpose of this is to let the son understand from an early age: money must be obtained through his own efforts. Such an education, in the long run, children will not be too Depends on adults, and can develop good habits of hard work. ”

“It ’s not enough to teach children not to spend money arbitrarily, and the most important point is emotional intelligence education,” she continued. “This can still be done with the help of cards. After the son grows up and understands things, we need to let them irregularly He helps those in need in the society. Through occasional conscious indoctrination, his son will certainly become a caring person like us when he grows up. ”

Dorocia said that the way children are educated in Finland allows them to learn how to be self-reliant when they grow up, and naturally there is no situation where children at home cannot afford it.

As our eldest son grew up, Dorothy and I decided to have a second child. Unexpectedly, in 2016, we gave birth to a pair of lovely twins. Now our three sons are growing up healthily and happily, and as children’s father and mother, Dorocia and I give them the most basic guarantee of life and enjoy the infinite happiness and joy they bring us.