Decent feast

At the gate of Binhe Residential District on Jiefang West Road, a man set up a stall for repairing bicycles. In the small doorway, the man put a broken wooden box on the ground and a wooden board hung on the wall, and the day’s work began.

The man wrote on the wooden board: 6 yuan for pedals, 0.8 yuan for tire repair, 0.1 yuan for pumping, 0.2 yuan for the valve core, and 1 yuan for strengthening the body. All are clearly priced.

The woman sat next to the man with a swollen belly, and while finishing the red, green, and green yarns, she asked the man, “A small stall, why are you so serious?”

The man replied, “I eat good food, I do fair business, and don’t do anything decent?”

The woman poked at his forehead, damaging him and said, “Look at this virtue, setting up a small stall is like running a big business, and I don’t know I thought I was married to the general manager.”

A little couple, happy like a fairy.

In fact, the lives of the two were very tight, and the woman made a sweater to earn more than ten yuan. Men do not earn much. People in the community buy more cars and motorcycles, and the bus station is just opposite the community, and there are not many cyclists. Therefore, the box where the man holds money in front of the stall is mostly coins.

On the second anniversary of the wedding, the man closed the stall early. He changed into clean clothes and came to a large hotel with the woman. The man kept holding the woman’s hand, took a seat and sat down. Low-back music flows behind them.

The waiter came, and the man did not take the price list, ordered the double-skinned milk, celery lily, Italian pizza, toasted banana and fruit platter. Pregnant people, when they see something they like, can’t hide their confusion. At that meal, the woman ate more roundly.

The waiter came over to check out. The man took out a brand new one hundred dollar bill from his pocket, and then, very gentleman, lifted the woman out of the hotel’s revolving door.

As soon as she went out, the woman couldn’t help but “giggled” and pulled the man to interrogate, “What the hell are you doing, come from the facts.”

The man had to confess: “Since the day of your pregnancy, I have been thinking of asking you to have a decent meal on the second anniversary of our wedding. Those things you mentioned to me the most and this area Only in this hotel with Chinese and Western food. The price is just under 100 yuan after the discount. I also checked it out a few days ago. The brand new one hundred dollar bill was a special note I brought yesterday. Change the coins in the plastic bag to the bank. ”

The woman smiled happily. Laughing and laughing, the woman cried in the arms of the man again.