Why “Men and women match, work is not tired”

In the process of work or study, there is often a situation of “men and women are matched and work is not tired”. Is it really tiring to do things after matching men and women?

In the relationship between men and women, the way in which men and women are paired with each other can generate mutually attractive and exciting forces, which will positively promote people’s work or study. Psychologists call this phenomenon the opposite sex effect, that is, the “magnet effect”, which means “same sex repulsion and opposite sex attraction”.

When an American medical professor surveyed astronauts on the spaceship, he found that 60% of astronauts would experience headaches, nausea, insomnia, and depression in space flight. The reason was that they did not follow the “gender match, work “Not tired” rules of doing things.

On the spacecraft, almost all men are homogeneous, and no woman can mobilize their visual organs, which is also a kind of “torture” for male astronauts.

Later, NASA adopted the psychologist’s suggestion, and in the principle of benefiting male astronauts, deliberately selected a female to join in the space mission. As a result, the previous discomfort symptoms of male astronauts gradually disappeared, greatly improving work efficiency.

Why is there a situation of “men and women matching, not working hard”? For men, studying or working with women makes them feel more pleasing and more fulfilling. Biologically, men are inherently “interested” in women, which is derived from primitive genes.

The excitement point of men first is to obtain information about the opposite sex, such as the appearance, figure, and hairstyle of the opposite sex. This information can stimulate the excitement of men, thereby bringing psychological pleasure. In addition, men have a very strong desire to perform, and they want to be appreciated by the opposite sex. These psychological factors will make men work harder and study harder.

Women’s minds are generally more delicate, and if they are always with the same sex, they will feel “tired.” When women work with men, they do not have to worry about trivial matters, so they are more relaxed and happy.

From the perspective of women, men are more responsible, so when they encounter difficulties, they tend to turn to men for help. In addition, women’s subconscious desire to compare and compete, if they ask for help from the same sex, they will feel “faceless”. In addition, women can make them feel better when they receive the attention or appreciation of their male colleagues.

In daily work and study, the opposite sex effect always brings unexpected positive effects, especially the combination of “male and female appearance” can achieve satisfactory results.