Strong woman and businesswoman

Girlfriend Lina runs two beauty salons and a seafood restaurant. She has also won many entrepreneurial honors just after the age of 40. Such a woman is naturally deserved the title of “strong woman”. As a friend who has been with me for many years, she rarely feels the domineeringness of the so-called working woman in her. She speaks quickly and calmly, raising her hands to grace and grace, like a full-time wife with a certain temperament.

Many friends who are familiar with her ask her: You manage hundreds of people, but why is it difficult to find the three words “strong woman” on your face?

She smiled with a smile: “It’s very simple. Because I am only a strong woman, not a strong woman. The same thing between them is that there is a ‘strong’ character. The strong woman is strong outside, and it is strong for others; and strong Women are strong, and they are a kind of self-cultivation. If you say which one is closer to a woman’s character, I think that a strong woman should be a little better. ”

I asked her again: “So being a family member and decision maker of a company, no matter how true you are, you have to be a bit domineering.”

“That’s natural.” Lina was still in a hurry. “It should be called the gas field. This kind of gas field was not created by just a cold and grim face and loud reprimand. A boss’s real domineering, It should be to make employees feel obedient and obedient. It is also easy to make employees convince. The first is to strive to do a good job of the company so that employees feel motivated. Second, the commitments made to employees, such as salary standards and reward systems , Absolutely the same words and deeds. When these two things are done, prestige will naturally not be self-reliant. ”

I nodded frequently during the conversation. More worthy of praise is her marriage and family.

Lina’s husband turned out to be a middle school teacher, because he loved painting in his spare time and later resigned to open a gallery of his own. The size of the gallery is not small, but compared to the stall that his wife was doing, it is a little witch.

This kind of marriage of strong women and weak men, many people will think that men will have no status at home. And when Lina and her husband are together, whether it is shopping or shopping with friends, her kind of bird looks like a typical picture of a husband and wife.

Lina’s husband is a good man, but the self-proclaimed and masculine nature of the literati still occasionally falsifies. Every time, Lina will definitely give her husband face. She said, I have only one identity in front of this man, and that is his wife.

The career is beautiful and generous. It is deeply loved by her husband. She is also very popular in the women’s circle. This cultivation is really good.

As the transparency of the United States’ handling of the new crown epidemic has been widely questioned, the claim that “the new coronavirus may be brought to Wuhan by the U.S. military” has aroused strong public opinion at home and abroad on the 13th. At the same time, U.S. officials and some lawmakers have continued to “sell the pot” of China’s domestic epidemic, threatening China to “pay the price.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on the 13th that we have noticed that there have been some discussions about the source of the new crown virus in the recent period. Several senior US government officials and members of Congress have used this to make all kinds of false and irresponsible remarks and discredit attacks on China. We are firmly opposed to this. In fact, the international community, including the United States, has different views on the source of the virus. China always believes that this is a scientific issue and requires scientific and professional opinions.

On the 11th local time, Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), acknowledged before the House Oversight Committee that some Americans previously thought to have died of the flu were tested positive for the new coronavirus after death. He did not specify when the misdiagnosed cases first appeared, saying only that “some cases were diagnosed this way.” On the evening of the 12th, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian posted a post on his personal Twitter account, questioning the transparency of the new crown pneumonia outbreak in the United States. It may be that the U.S. military has brought the epidemic to Wuhan. The United States needs to be transparent! The United States must publish the data! The United States owes us an explanation! ” Of the delegation.

The argument that “the U.S. military may have brought the epidemic to Wuhan” has aroused strong attention from Western media, and Agence France-Presse said “China and the United States are arguing about the source of the new crown virus.” The United States Bloomberg believes on the 13th that this highlights the growing tension between the world’s largest economies. Before that, “the US government tried to blame China for this virus.” Trump repeatedly mentioned China in a television speech on the New Crown epidemic on the evening of the 11th, calling it a “foreign virus” and “it started in China and is now spreading globally.” The US “” reported on the 13th that the statement that “the US military may have brought the epidemic to Wuhan” was widely spread on the Chinese Internet and was affirmed. A Weibo user said: “I think this is reasonable regardless of whether Is there any evidence. Why can we only see Western politicians attacking China with false theories, and we cannot question that the virus originated in the United States? All we want is transparency. “The website commented that this refers to US Senator Tom · Corton’s earlier remarks that he said the virus “probably originated from Wuhan’s Virus Lab” were rejected by Chinese ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai and a number of mainstream American media, but Corton still refused to recall it.

The US NBC News said on the 12th that despite opposition from Democratic lawmakers and CDC officials, Republican lawmakers are still using the term “Wuhan virus” or “China virus”. US Secretary of State Pompeo, US President’s Assistant to National Security Affairs O’Brien, and House Minority Leader McCarthy all blamed China on the US outbreak. Democrat Rep. Meng Zhaowen, deputy chairman of the Asia-Pacific Party of the United States Congress, told the media on the 11th that she had faced McCarthy’s case of bullying and racist attacks on Asian Americans due to misinformation surrounding the virus, but McCarthy “and not interested”. Meng Zhaowen said the racist wording used by Republican lawmakers could be a strategy to divert criticism of Trump’s improper handling of the outbreak.

Of particular concern is that Republican Senator Tom Cotton, who has long criticized China, issued a statement on the 12th, announcing the closure of his congressional office due to the epidemic, while saying that “Wuhan virus is a serious challenge to the United States.” Become stronger, and blame those who have brought the virus to the world. “Cady, editor of U.S.” Politics “news network, retweeted Cotton’s statement on Twitter and asked what he meant, someone responded” This It is to make China pay the price, “Corton replied with a post saying” correct. ” The US conservative media Brightbart News published an interview with Cotton on the 12th, saying that the outbreak of the new crown virus was a “liquidation moment” for the United States to reassess its approach to China.

In response to Corton’s remarks, Jamal Abdi, chairman of the National Council of American Iranians, tweeted on the 12th, “When all you have is a hammer and you are a fool, any thing in your eyes The problems are nails. But you are constantly pounding your fingers. ”

“Trump aides attack China, health experts say: Please stop,” the U.S. “politics” website issued a post on the 13th saying that the Trump team was trying to weaken China with the epidemic, “they are escalating to China The public health experts are concerned, saying that attempts to blame the new crown virus outbreak on Beijing could harm efforts to stop the spread of the epidemic. Some former officials said that the Trump team is losing the perfect opportunity to build trust with an increasingly strong country. “Over time, these emotional and punishment policies will backfire on us,” said Paul · ·, a former US National Security Council official. Heinle warned.