If the heart is brave, everything is easy

When I first started working, I was selling at an education and training institution. One day, the head of the department notified me that the company would select two chairpersons of the annual meeting from within and let me also sign up.

I was eager to try, but I also thought that many customers would be invited to the annual meeting. If I messed up, I would not shame myself, and I would stigmatize the company’s image, so I wanted to push it out.

When the supervisor saw my inner contradiction, he persuaded me, “This is a good opportunity to exercise my ability, and it will be very useful for future work. Although you did not host the annual meeting, I remember you have experience in broadcasting and speaking.”

Indeed, I was a school announcer when I was in junior high school, and I participated in speech contests when I was in high school and college. I decided to take a challenge. Despite my heartache, I still braced myself to prepare materials and found relevant video simulation exercises.

Kung Fu is worthy of care. After several rounds of competition, I finally ran for the host of the annual meeting. The annual meeting was also successfully hosted, and received unanimous praise from company leaders and customers.

Looking back, the reason why I didn’t dare to do it was not because I was not strong enough, but because I was scared by my inner fear. Once we have the courage to try and take the first step boldly, we will find that many things are not as difficult as we think.

Last weekend, my friend A Yong sent two boxes of pears that he had just picked from his orchard.

Five years ago, the company he worked for closed down and was forced to lay off. Faced with the living expenses of an old and young family and the loan to be repaid each month, Ayong is under great pressure and often borrows wine to worry. Watching the news once said that making orchards to make money made him very tempted.

Ayong graduated from the Agricultural University with a major in agronomy. The corresponding theoretical knowledge is well-known, but he has never done related work after graduation. To this end, he went to several orchards to conduct field investigations and went to the provincial skill training center to study, but after all, he did not dare to take the step of contracting orchards.

His college teacher accidentally learned of his situation and called him back to school. The teacher told him that the school is currently doing research on the subject and has cultivated new varieties of pear saplings. It is necessary to find a base to conduct experiments, observe the yield and quality, and control methods of related pests. If Ayong contracts the orchard, he can apply to the school to become the experimental base for new varieties of pears, so that he can get the corresponding technical guidance from the school.

The words of the teacher let A Yong’s heart fall to the ground. After going back, I found a suitable mountain, signed a contract, purchased materials, and slowly made the orchard.

It is not difficult to do one thing when everything is ready. The hard part is to dare to break through and try when facing many unknown problems.