Do you like fatty meat or lean meat?

For Chinese New Year as a child, adults always ask us to say auspicious words, but half of my life, I have to teach my children to say auspicious words one day, and then I suddenly realized that the good words in the world are real, inexhaustible, but not “Senior officials”, “get rich”, “Ting Ding”, what are the good things? On the night of winter night, from the fragrant fragrance of ginkgo, I remembered it without saying a word.

“Do you like fat or lean?”

The story-telling was a young maid named Ami. I was eight years old that year, and after listening to forgetfulness, she repeatedly told this story that she thought was very good, and it was boring. The story was like this:

There is someone who owes money to other people and has always owed it. He did not repay it until the New Year, because there is no money to pay it back. Later, the creditor was unhappy, and he was not reconciled, so when he ate New Year’s Eve, he secretly ran to the home where he owed money and hid in the doorway to eavesdrop. After hearing the dinner, the one who owed money said, “This year is Chinese New Year. Let ’s have a big meal. Do your children like fatty meat or lean meat?” (Incidentally, this is an old story. The lean meat is supremely delicious.)

The creditor stood outside the door and heard it clearly and angrily. He thought to himself that you owe me money, which made me inconvenient for Chinese New Year. You originally had fat and lean meat to pick and eat! As soon as he was angry, he rushed into the room and wanted to look at him face to face. When I ran to the table to see where there was meat, there was only one bowl of radishes and one bowl of sweet potatoes. People who owe money stand up and say, “There is no way. Chinese New Year, radish is fat, sweet potatoes are lean, children!”

It turned out that their fat was white radishes, and lean meat was red sweet potatoes. They are really poor, the creditors have relented, and the money is gone, and they ran home to the New Year.

Many years have passed, and this story will always come back to my ears whenever it is time to eat New Year’s Eve. It is obviously an anachronistic old story, but how good the poor father’s words are, it is difficult, the etiquette must be kept, and the money No, but as long as each other coexists, Caigen has its own fatty taste!

When the life banquet was extremely frugal, and when Guan Guan was extremely narrow and sad, I still had to rise up and say to myself, “Hey, do you like fatty meat or lean meat?”