Best work

Many times, there is a destiny in the underworld. Such as your occupation, your love, your marriage, and your children …

Thoughts often return to their original place-where they lived as a child. The canvas of memories flipped, his eyes fixed on a small stone road. It’s a common road in the country. A stone paved the road under people’s feet. On both sides of the road are typical ancient Minnan ancient magpies. When we were young, we were always curious about the grandma who lived in guoli. My heart was small. There must be many secrets hidden, so I especially like to go down this path. The Stone Road has not been known for many years, shining blue in the sun. Various villagers walked by from here: toddlers, fast-moving youths, slow-moving old people … In the batch of crowds, I saw the younger I was humming with small pigtails and singing to the children I came.

Sometimes, I often think, if my parents would send my children to various interest classes as we are now, would I also be versatile? Was that lost a lot of loitering time?

Loitering is something I often do in my youth. Every day at noon, our children do not take a lunch break. We always walk around this house together, even if it ’s hot, it’s against the sun, even on cold days, it’s barefoot. Many years later, I recalled the scene at that time, I was nostalgic, nostalgic for the sunshine, and the mood at that time was also worry-free.

The favorite thing is the “hot” moment in the village. The village in memory has festivals almost every month, and the grandest festival is the “尪” birthday in the village. It was on the tenth day of February after the second dragon rose in February. A few days before the festival, the village was lively. Every family has killed pigs, chickens and ducks, milled rice, made cakes and made rice dumplings … a stage has been set up in front of the temple in the village, and the theater has long been stationed in our village. The children curiously looked east and west.

At this time, I am keen to help my grandma print cakes and cakes at home. At that time, every household had tools for printing cakes and cakes, and my house was no exception. One morning before the holiday, grandma had to ask them out from under the box. The rice mortar in the barley was filled with water, and my grandmother asked me to rinse the cake’s stamp under the faucet and then soak it in the stone mortar. The sun was shining in the noon. Grandma set up a ladder and asked her sister to put the cakes and cakes on the roof for drying. She said that the cakes and cakes with the smell of sunlight can print better cakes and cakes. I stood on the yard and looked at the roof. I saw the brownish-yellow cakes shining golden light in the sun, and a desire arose in my heart, and I was eager to make my own beautiful cakes with delicious taste.

It’s near, it’s near, the birthday of the “尪” devoted to the village, Zhu Shengniang, has finally arrived. The day before, grandma and mother prepared rice bran and rice milk. I have prepared a small stool and a small spoon, put on a sleeve, and am ready to print my works, which are beautiful and delicious. Seeing me being so cautious, my sisters laughed at me. The little friends next door are here for fun. Grandma brought out the large tub filled with rice bran, and we scrambled around. Grandma smiled and said, “Hurry, you have to print it.” The light yellow rice bran glowed a faint brown sugar color, and a sweet aroma came out. The greedy partner couldn’t help but stick out his fingers and stained it a little. Immediately lick with your mouth. I chose one of my favorite cakes. The narcissus pattern on it was beautiful. Maybe my hobby for art originates from these elements at home. In addition to these folk utensils, there are new year pictures on the wall of my home. I like the wall chart of “A Dream of Red Mansions” hanging in my grandma’s room. The text on the wall chart also attracted me. I often pointed the text under the lamp and told the story of Baoyu and Daiyu to my grandmother. These experiences made me familiar with the stories of the four famous books from a young age, and laid the foundation for my love of literary creation. Foreshadowed. The pattern on Mi Mi’s seal is simple, but the lines stretch smoothly. I used a spoon to fill the rice bran into the gaps of the rice paddle, and then I used the thumb to sturdy them with the palm of my hand. Then tap the stamp on the plate, and the pieces of pastry fell down. The pattern on the plate was clear and generous, and it looked great. We often use our favorite seals to print, and then whoever prints well, chooses beautiful patterns. Looking at my work, I can’t bear to eat it. Every time I print, I feel that it is my best work. Many years later, when I became an art teacher and taught children how to print leaves, prints, and other print courses, I saw the works printed by the children. When I was a kid, I printed cakes like a movie Playing in my head, isn’t that also my first art work for life? It was also the best work that rural life gave me as a child.

When I was young, I left school and went to school to become a kite, but the thread was dragged in the hands of my hometown. I will not forget the footprints that I left in my hometown: the works of the second grade for the first time participated in the composition competition; the first year of the third grade, holding a writing brush, the words; the fifth grade for the field to pick wild chrysanthemums, text with pictures The written text; the pen drawing accidentally drawn in the sixth grade was selected for the school to participate in the exhibition … and the small production competition, I made a tumbler doll and won the second prize. These are my best works in the eyes of my mother.

Hometown has since become the image in my article and the best protagonist in my work.

Slowly, people reach middle age, have a family, and my daughter becomes my best work. Her smile, her hobbies, and her performance projected my mother’s devotion to her. I feel more and more deeply the joy of my daughter’s work!

No matter which work, as long as you pay your spring-like enthusiasm, then you will definitely harvest the whole autumn.