Awe occupation

Every morning when I walked to work for the company, a traffic association police officer caught my attention as I crossed a road. In the execution of his official duties, he originally had to stand by the road to direct traffic. In order to prevent him from enduring rain and sun, the relevant authorities have set up a big umbrella for him on the roadside, so that he can be in the summer Or, in the rainy days, there is a place to stay. At this time, instead of standing under the sun umbrella, he was standing under a thick tree that was dozens of meters away from the sun umbrella. In the hot summer, the leaves as big as an umbrella covered a shade for him. He was wearing a uniform, standing here, facing the shuttle traffic of the vehicle in front of him, indifferent, just picking up one on the floor when he was thirsty. Jug of water, open the lid and take a few sips.

Every time I pass by him, I am worried for him. I really want to remind him that the congested vehicles need his command; the pedestrians who cross the road need his guidance … I hope he can do his duty Work, worthy of the uniform on him, worthy of his own salary. However, several words came to my lips, after all, I still could not hold back. I seem to be waiting for something.

Every day passed, every time I passed by him, sometimes watching him in a daze, sometimes watching him chatting with sanitation workers under the shade of trees, day after day.

In life, not only he treats work with a game attitude. I once heard a friend talk about their company’s situation. Because the company does not have a strict assessment mechanism, everyone behaves well when the boss is there, commutes on time, the boss is away or goes on a business trip, everyone arrives late, leaves early, or leaves He deliberately skipped the class under various excuses … He just joined the company and did his duty with due diligence. He was never late and didn’t leave early. Even if there were personal matters to deal with, he also asked for leave from the boss. He said, seeing the status quo, he was very depressed and felt that everyone was playing with cleverness, except that he was stupid and honest. He often asks himself, is he too stupid?

Not long after my friend talked to me, he called me one day and said that his performance was recognized by the boss. He said that at a regular meeting, the boss talked about the company and praised him. The boss promoted him to middle-level leadership. Give him a raise. I thought the boss didn’t know these things. I didn’t expect the boss to be the boss. He is very fortunate that he has not failed his time, and has not failed his enthusiasm for work. He can stay awake and authentic in a negative environment.

The words of my friends relieved me, and I lament that this society is still fair.

After some time, walking on the way to work, I found that the traffic assistant on the roadside changed. The original one was obese. Now this one is half smaller. The coordinator stood under the sun umbrella, blowing a whistle from time to time, actively guiding vehicles and pedestrians, his eyes were sharp and his actions were standard. I’m a little curious. Where did the coordinator go? When the coordinator was free, I stepped forward to ask what was going on. He said that during the random inspection, the superior found that the coordinator was lazy and transferred him. He was assigned to the door of a government department to be on duty, so that he could not be lazy.

At first I thought that the coordinator was fired, but fortunately not, maybe this is the best ending. I think he should reflect on this lesson, right?