Desert Rose

Seeing this scene, Zhang Yan’s eyes standing on the side of the stage gradually filled with tears. Through the hazy tears, those unforgettable memories are reflected in the brain like a movie.

I first met Xie Yi at the college students’ sophomore society. He is a fine arts student. She is good at music and is a rock prince on the university campus. She is a dumb “study” in the Chinese department. She travels daily to the classroom, dormitory and school books. The library is living a monotonous life of “three points and one line”. If she is not a good friend Lin Nala, she may choose to go to the library to pass the time that afternoon.

It was that afternoon that her heart was “captured” by Xie Xun … After watching the previous dance and recitation programs for a while, I felt a drowsy feeling. Suddenly, a burst of passionate music sounded. A singer wearing a gold suit and a black bowler hat appeared, and at the same time, the singing sounded the drum of her heart.

“My enthusiasm is like a fire that burns the entire desert. When the sun sees me, it will hide from me, and it will be afraid of the fire of love. With the desert in me, I will never be lonely and full of youth. Flowers. I sing aloud, you are soft and soft, intoxicated by the small love river in the desert. You give me a little raindrop, nourish my heart, I give you a small breeze, blow away your flowers, small flowers in love, belong to you and Me. The love between us is like a passionate desert … “The magnetic voice, the wide singing voice, the infectious passion and smile made Zhang Yan firmly remember the name of this campus singer-Xie Yan . But at the time, she did not expect that Xie Ye would come into her life one day.

Near graduation, the chairman of the Student Union mobilized the backbone of the school’s literature and art to write, direct, and perform the play. Zhang Yan, then the deputy editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, received a task from the school to assist the art department to write the love story “Desert Rose” and starred in the first female number. The script is about a pair of art-loving college students who followed the social workers to Dunhuang to participate in the mural protection activities. From acquaintance to acquaintance, they finally came together and left their youth in the love story of Dunhuang … Unexpectedly, it was Xie who played the male number one. Alas, the two have a lot of rival play. Nearly half a year of editing and running, Xie Yan also had feelings for Zhang Yan.

I thought life could be like Xie Tiao ’s song and Zhang Yan ’s poems, always sunny and poetic, but unexpectedly, on a rainy day in the fourth year after marriage, Xie Ting was driving to Xi’an to participate in commercial performances in order to avoid An electric car that suddenly entered the main road on the side road, collided heavily with the oncoming truck …

The accident caused Xie Yang to accidentally lose her left leg. After that, the cheerful and sunny man became inferior and depressed. During the period before being fitted with a prosthetic limb, because he couldn’t go out to work to make money to support his family, he felt that he was a wasteful person who was a drag on the family, and he wanted to kill him again and again. Zhang Yan enlightened him with tears. His wages could be saved by one province, and he could support a family of three. Besides, the child must not have a father. Even if he could n’t do anything, live well, it was also a contribution to the family …

Zhang Yan used all her savings and accident compensation to buy Xie Yi a good-looking artificial limb. With prosthetic limbs, although Xie Yan could walk without relying on a cane, he still couldn’t get out of the huge shadow brought to his soul by his disability. He no longer sings, and does n’t even want to go out, because he ’s afraid to hear someone talking behind his back: Look, that poor guy, one leg is fake. …

That night, Zhang Yan coaxed the child to sleep and wanted to talk to Xie Xie, but Xie Xie was not in a high mood, staring numbly at the variety show on the TV screen and didn’t want to talk, Zhang Yan had no choice but to shake the sound. Suddenly, her eyes lit up: a middle-aged man in a sports suit on the top, holding his hands on his chest, standing under the Huashan sign stone, smiling proudly, his two pants legs rolled up and bare Two metal prostheses emerged, and the sun shone on his pair of metal legs, causing a trembling in his heart. The camera slowly turned to the opposite side, and the healthy people and tourists on the opposite side praised him with their thumbs. Then the camera turned around, and he appeared again in a large lecture venue, giving a positive speech with motivation. When he was finished, thousands of audiences stood up excitedly and reported thunderous applause … in front of Zhang Yan’s eyes Yi Liang, holding a mobile phone and let Xie Ye watch the video. She found, looking at it, Xie Yan’s eyes had light.

Zhang Yan searched the WeChat public account of Legless Brothers from the Internet. Xie Min added WeChat of Legless Brothers. He also met a group of friends with limbs who are as inspirational as Legless Brothers and saw them hurt more than themselves They are still severe, but they do not avoid the physical defects. They travel, perform, and lecture like healthy people. When they go out, each of them will bravely expose their artificial limbs, and smile and face their various eyes. This trivial detail that defeated him made Xie Xi infected, and inspired him to expose prosthetic limbs, and go to Beijing to see the Forbidden City with other handicapped persons, Hangzhou to enjoy the West Lake, Wuzhen to enjoy the night, and Baiyun Mountain to watch the sunrise … When he went out, he discovered that his biggest problem was not his legs, but his heart.

In May of the Rose Incense Courtyard, Xie Yi carried her backpack and Zhang Yan’s dream when she went to Dunhuang to find a university. Walking in the open desert, Zhang Yan was pleasantly surprised to find that Xie Yan was like a sportsman, walking in the desert, and that metal prosthesis had already merged with his stump to become a stronger leg. . What surprised Zhang Yan even more tears was that day, facing the dry and warm wind in the desert, Xie Yan sang the song that had touched Zhang Yan’s heart countless times: “My passion is like a fire, Burned the entire desert. When the sun sees me, it will hide from me, and it will be afraid of my love fire … ”

“Papapa … Xieyou, you are the best … Xieyou, Xieyou … We love you …” The applause and the enthusiastic shouts of the fans around him brought Zhang Yan’s thoughts back to the scene. Eyes returned to the stage, Xie Yan holding a bunch of roses sent by fans is turning his head to find her figure.

Zhang Yan quickly wiped away her tears with her hands, walked onto the stage with a smile, took the rose that Xie Yi delivered, and sang a song with him, “With the desert in me, I will never be lonely and full of youthful flowers. .I sing aloud, you are softly, intoxicated by the small love river in the desert. You give me a little rain, to nourish my heart, I give you a small breeze, blow your flowers … “Yes, it is her, to accompany Beside him, it lasted for three years, and witnessed his arduous trek out of the spiritual desert, and saw the most beautiful desert rose with him.