Read, get out of the island

On the ground, high-rise buildings stand up, row after row. The small unit is like an exquisite matchbox, confining people in a closed space, and the situation of door-to-door households gradually disappears at the end of memory.

The dense unit has solved the living problem of urban people, but isolated the relationship between the neighbors. Looking out of the window, the brightly lit unit room, the people’s shadows rise and fall, suddenly creating a feeling of people in an isolated island.

In the era of the snail house, I kept on reading and used reading to build a bridge to the outside world and break through isolated islands.

A collection of books, a book creates the world. The classic lines of the American text are infused with the author’s rich emotions, quizzical imagination, vigorous spirit, and deep philosophies. The mysteries of classics are endless. They can lead the reader’s soul through time and space in the square-shaped fighting room, so as not to be trapped in the fighting room and closed as an island.

Wenyou meets with long feelings. Among co-workers, roommates, meal friends, wine friends and many other friends, the slowest feeling is only book friends. Reading a book carefully alone is enough to brush down a large group of “pseudo-book friends”. If you want to “sense some insights”, you must brush out a small group of “pseudo-thinkers”, so book friends are rare. But meeting three or two book friends must be a blessing. One sentence in the text, the book friends can quote the classics for a long time, although not seeing the cup to change a cup, not seeing the spicy and fresh, but the taste is wonderful, not outsiders can know. Reading, let me gather good friends, and pursue full spirit in elegant communication.

In the industrial age with a high degree of division of labor, professional barriers are very deep, and intersecting conditions such as mountains are very serious. Many people have actually become professional “isolated islands”. Reading makes people break the spiritual and physical islands, and also breaks the professional islands. As educators, in addition to being proficient in the knowledge and skills of our profession, we should also be proficient in psychology, management, sociology, etc. in order to do a good job of education and lead students to become the best of themselves. Interdisciplinary reading made me understand the students and made my class management more efficient and effective.

Reading makes people out of the island, faces life more enthusiastically, faces education, and faces life.