Paradise Library

Whenever I go to a city, I always like to go to the museum first, and then go to the library. The museum is a place to record the context of human civilization, witness the great changes in history, and it is the soul and memory of a city. The library is a carrier for recording the progress of human civilization, spreading and cultivating the spiritual core, and is the cultural skeleton of a city. If you are empty, go to the museum, and then go to the library, you can feel the nature and temper of a city, and you can experience the culture and temperature of a city.

I like the library.

On sunny days, I like to go to the library for an afternoon. The large and empty space, the quiet and cozy atmosphere, the abundant bright light, lingering in front of the rows of tall bookshelves, there is a feeling of going back in time. Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, the history of the sub-collection, those books that radiate wisdom, those books and paper fragrance, let people put it down. Whether it is the profoundness of the novel, the prosperousness of the prose, the beauty of the poetry, or the coldness of the historical facts, it will lead us to go deep and move forward without hesitation.

Every time you go to the library, you will get different results. Reading a book is actually talking with a book, talking with the characters in the book, and talking with the animals and plants in the book. Those words, or romantic sadness, or warm sensibility, or indifference and rationality, no matter which way of communication, is a conversation of the soul.

Reading is actually talking with the author behind the book, whether it is elegant and magnificent, or magnificent; whether it is soft and soft, or strong, no matter what posture I take, I will look for wisdom in the book with a pious heart Light, nourish the soul, let the soul rest for a while. I have a long-loved book, as if I knew it from a foreign country, and it is both exciting and embarrassing. Carefully, turning page by page, whether it is the gentle and gentle rain, or the preaching with a face, it is memorable.

The huge library is like an ocean of books. The Indian poet Tagore said: “The library is also surrounded by rivers of thoughts that can flow away at any time.” So many books, like the river of thoughts, can’t be read in a lifetime. Each book is like a cheerful fish swimming around the library. And I, parked at the pier, picking a book I like, I’ve been happily scoring from east to west.

Mr. Little Glasses also liked reading very much when he was a kid. I gave him a library card near his home. At that time, the library was a small two-story building in a downtown area. It was dilapidated, the place was small, and the street was full of vocal and car sounds. It crossed the street flyover. Fortunately, there are two tall sycamore trees in the small courtyard, and there are several rose flowers in the corner. Every spring, the flowers are crowded with branches.

Mr. Xiao glasses and I go there every week to borrow books, return books, and read books. The narrow and dilapidated small library has become a paradise and paradise for Mr. Xiao glasses when he was young. Later, moved. Later, Mr. Xiao glasses went to the island country, the library also moved away from that place, and a large and beautiful library was built in the suburbs. Unfortunately, Mr. Xiao glasses never rushed to come and go every time.

When it comes to reading, few people can compare with Mr. Qian Zhongshu. Mr. Qian Zhongshu has been called “the genius who has never forgotten his memory”. It is said that there are very few books in his family and he is called the “mobile library” of learning Chinese and Western. Ordinary people move, and most of them are box-by-box books. Mr. Qian Zhongshu moved, one box by one box of reading notes, in the words of Mr. Yang Yan: “His habit of taking notes was developed while studying in the Oxford University Library.” So in their home, “there are It’s just notes, not a lot of books. ”

I remember watching a micro-movie “Paradise Library” on the Internet, telling a warm story of the ancestors and guardians of the library. They experienced reconciliation with the library, grew up together, and finally returned and arrived. This reminds me of a friend who was also guarding the library. He never changed his heart at the beginning of his life. He was a company with books every day.

I went to the library a few days ago and saw many elderly people reading newspapers here, and many children completing their homework here. The library was quiet and silent, only the wind was passing through the large space, rustling. I remembered what the famous Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges said: “God gave me a vast sea of ​​books and a pair of invisible eyes. Even so, I still secretly imagine that heaven should be a library. appearance.”

What does heaven look like? I think it should be a space of equality, freedom, quietness, peace and happiness. Each book has its own soul, and each library is a good place to be worrying. One person hides in the corner, reads a book while reading, and one afternoon passes away, and then he looks up, It’s almost dusk. If there is a paradise, paradise must look like a library.