See you again at first sight

The years that passed are short and long, but they are so clearly hidden in Zhang Ruifang’s heart. His name was Zheng Zengzheng, and he studied at the Peiping National Art College with Zhang Ruifang, and in the Western Painting Department. Zhang Ruifang’s studio is upstairs, and Zheng Zeng’s studio is downstairs. They dine together in the cafeteria and go home from school to school on a bicycle. Their home was not in the same direction. Zheng Zengzheng always took a large circle to send her home.

The Beihai, the Summer Palace, and Xiangshan during the holiday leave their presence. Boating, walking, painting, poetry, talking about art, talking about ideals, but just not talking about love. Sixteen or seventeen-year-old boys and girls, the relationship is so pure, at best it can only be a dim bud of love. However, one day, Zheng Zengzheng, who always played the role of a messenger beside Zhang Ruifang, was jealous and attacked by several boys. They vented their dissatisfaction by poking his tires, and even later received an anonymous threatening letter. : “Be careful of your brain and move.” However, all this did not scare Zheng Zengzheng’s pursuit of Zhang Ruifang. After a long time, Zhang Ruifang’s family also recognized him.

The days of relaxation and romance are so short, the mountains are full of rain. At that time, Japan was despised by China Tigers, and the peaceful learning environment for young people was completely disrupted. Influenced by her mother and sister, Zhang Ruifang dropped her paintbrush, quickly integrated into the anti-Japanese torrent, took to the streets to participate in sports, and joined the national revolutionary vanguard.

Later, Zhang Ruifang decided to go to Wuhan and go south to Chongqing, to devote herself completely to the embrace of the revolution. She did not forget Zheng Zengxi, and she mobilized him to go south with her. But they are different, and their choices are divided. Influenced by his dean’s father, Zheng Tsang-yue insisted that students should study hard or continue studying in Hong Kong. Not only did he not go with Zhang Ruifang, he also wanted to persuade Zhang Ruifang to study with him. But in the end they did not convince anyone and had to part ways.

On the eve of parting, the two had their last dinner. He didn’t eat a bite, but cried like tears. Zhang Ruifang didn’t wipe the tears and thought that he could get together again soon after driving away the devils, comforting him and saying, “You’re going to be out of school this year when I leave.” However, fate is fickle, this breakup, two people again No chance of renewal. A warm-blooded Zhang Ruifang arrived in Chongqing, immersed in the rapids of revolutionary literature and art, devoted himself to the art of drama, “Beijing Man”, “Flower of Tang Dynasty”, “Thunderstorm”, “Qu Yuan”, “Requiem” … She was dazzling on the stage and was hailed as one of the four great names by the media and audience. Her turbulent life also dilutes her thoughts on Zheng Zengdai.

But the infatuated Zheng Zengxi never forgot his lover Zhang Ruifang for a day. After years of suffering, he moved to Chongqing, but when they met again, the lover in his heart was already the wife of another. When Zhang Ruifang and Jinshan’s marriage changed, and he recovered his freedom, he was already a husband. Zheng Zengyi went to Taiwan, became a professor at Taiwan University, and later did business. Although he is a man, he also understands that there is no possibility of joining the frontier with Zhang Ruifang in this life, but this situation is difficult to give up. Zheng Zeng’s wife is an ordinary worker, but her appearance and behavior are exactly like Zhang Ruifang. Before marriage, he told her frankly: “I can never forget in my heart that there is a woman who is my first love.” At her home in Taiwan, There was a room dedicated to various photos of Zhang Ruifang, including stills and life photos, which he had tried to find from Hong Kong newspapers or entrusted friends.

In 1987, Taiwan residents opened up to visit relatives on the mainland. Zheng Zengzheng took the opportunity of academic exchanges abroad and switched to Beijing, a dream he had left for more than 30 years. He couldn’t wait to find his classmates through various channels and found Zhang Ruifang through them. Everyone met in Beijing. During the banquet, the old classmates laughed at the reunion of the two of them, and pushed them together for a photo. In his later years, Zhang Ruifang emotionally said to his friends around him: “This is the only photo in our lives.” Almost half a century ago, someone asked her: “Can you still find the feeling of that year?” Zhang Ruifang responded: “In the world There are too many yin and yang errors, but love is as long as life is. ”

Later, Zheng Zengzhen came to visit Zhang Ruifang and her third husband Yan Li again. He carefully and affectionately brought a large box of clothes to Zhang Ruifang and ordered two suits for Yan Li. All the clothes fit well. Good taste. The first sentence that Zheng Zengzhen saw when Yan Li first said: “Thank you for taking care of her for so many years, and making her happy.” And Yan Li laughed, invited him to drink coffee, and the two men talked. Very happy.

In 1999, Yan Li died of stomach cancer, only two years before their couple ’s golden wedding anniversary. This is a heavy blow to Zhang Ruifang. After a while, Zheng Zeng’s wife also died in Taiwan. From then on, every new year’s eve, Zhang Ruifang’s first call must be from Zheng Zengzheng. On another New Year’s Eve, the phone rang, but there was only a weeping cry on the other side of the phone. It turned out that he had a stroke and could no longer greet her: “How are you?” Later, he also left.

In the vicissitudes of the sea, things are right and wrong. Only the concern that I have in my heart has never changed. The most precious gift on earth is time and love.