Be inseparable

Mencius said: “Poverty is not unreasonable, and it cannot be separated from the Tao.” It means that when people are poor, they do not lose their righteousness, and when they are manifest, they do not deviate from morality. As a virtuous person, you should hold on to your noble aspirations and pure heart, and to hold on to the moral bottom line of life.

Shijie, a statesman and thinker in the early Northern Song Dynasty, was shy in his pockets and very frugal. Some people admired him and gave him a lot of food. He shook his head and said, “Early morning meals, distasteful and rough, that’s how rich people eat.” He declined other people’s kindness. He devoted all his energies to research and knowledge, and after hard study, he finally achieved results. Later, he served as the National Supervisor and spoke directly. Many people followed him, and he enjoyed a very high reputation. Once, a friend wanted to ask Shi Jie to write a couplet, and before he said it, someone stopped saying, “Shi Jie would not agree, and he was not good at doing this kind of thing when he was young. Would you agree? “But unexpectedly, Shi Jie agreed without hesitation when he heard the request of a friend. Facing the doubts of everyone, Shi Jie explained: “If it is small money, it is a trivial matter; if it is friendship, it is a big thing. Although I have been in a high position, I cannot lose the kindness between friends.”

During the Warring States Period, Yang Zhu was a great official in the Wei Kingdom, and returned to Aishan to visit his teacher. He was proud of himself, exaggerated, and hugged. The teacher went down to pick him up and sighed: “I thought you could teach, but now you know you can’t teach.” Yang Zhu asked why, and the teacher said, “You are arrogant and proud, who wants to be with you?” Yang Zhu was ashamed. . Getting along with people is not about power, but in harmony. When the money and money are over, the friendship ends. Harmony is kind and charming.

After Zuo Zongtang started, he went back to his hometown in Hunan to visit the teacher, stopped the sedan around the corner, changed the official uniform and put on casual clothes, and the follower asked inexplicably: “Why do adults want to change casual clothes?” Zuo Zongtang said: “I am wearing In an official uniform, the teacher saw a sense of inferiority, so he wouldn’t speak to the heart and tell the truth. Sure enough, when Zuo Zongtang appeared in front of the teacher, the teacher saw an image of an ordinary person, relaxed a lot, Make tea and drink, tell a lot of truth. The teacher and student remained in contact until the teacher died.

Whether the relationship between people is harmonious and sincere is sometimes really a distance. This distance is not only different in appearance and speech, but also different in thinking, understanding and behavior. After communication, even smart people will be much closer in distance. After Wang Anshi retreated, Su Dongpo went to visit. During this visit, the two talents found that they had too much to communicate with each other. They got to know each other again, and got a real understanding of each other’s talents and character. Wang Anshi sighed: “I don’t know that talents like Su Dongpo will be out again after hundreds of years.” Of course, Su Dongpo also thinks that the truly talented person in the world is Wang Anshi. The distance between people is not only expressed in the understanding of art, but also in thought and communication. Through the exchange of Wang Su and the two, friendship and understanding were enhanced, and original misunderstandings in ideology were eliminated. After Sima Guang came to power, Su Dongpo repeatedly proposed that Wang Anshi’s reforms should be made with reasonable choices, rather than being completely negative. It can be seen that it was not easy to speak for Wang Anshi in the “one-sided” environment.

When talking about friendship and feelings, I am most afraid of encountering two kinds of people, one is a person who is unemotional, and the other is a person who has a bad heart. Those who are unemotional have no feelings in their hearts; those who do not have the right mindset will use your feelings to achieve their goals. Whether talking about feelings or friendship, you need to distinguish whether this person is a kind person. As a teacher, Zeng Guofan taught Li Hongzhang about credit. Why talk about this principle? Li Hongzhang is too clever. Smart people are easy to be ingenious and changeable. If they have benefits, they can take advantage of it. If you are not as strong as people, you have to be more credible, not because you are weak, you are more reasonable, but the weak are more reasonable. The weak are unreasonable, telling lies, the credit loss is greater, and it is difficult to stand up.

There are a lot of people who can’t do justice to poverty but can’t do it. It’s not just money and officials, but because it lacks the necessary integrity. In his heart, integrity has never been established. It is just a simple understanding of friends, and even equates with wine and meat. Once he was in danger, he ran faster than anyone else.

Mencius said: “The poor is alone, and the world is good.” Being alone is a moral, emotional, and integrity culture. Without such cultivation, it is impossible to be good by itself. Because any kind of kindness is a kind of restraint and learning, without restraint and learning, it can’t be brought from the mother’s womb. The important thing is that learning is easy to know but difficult to know. The so-called “knowledge” refers to being able to understand what others are saying and also to make clear judgments. “Mencius” says: “When you hear inappropriate words, you know that the other party is blinded by private thoughts; when you hear debauchery, you know that the other party has evil thoughts; when you hear evil words, you know that the other party is doing something wrong ; When you hear the flickering, you know that the other party has been hindered. “In other words, with this clear judgment, you will not be fooled by trivial matters, and you will not shake your beliefs. This is the so-called Tao, which contains words and deeds of people, words and deeds.