Admire the blooming roses in front of your window

Kant said: “The so-called freedom is not freewheeling, but self-dominance.” The biggest tragedy in human nature is to dream about being a master of a garden that is impossible to own in the future, instead of admiring the roses blooming in front of his window.

Why can’t you count this life away? There are many answers. However, I think that if you have helped others, even with a small amount of help, even if you meet a heavy truck uphill, you push a few. When you reach old age, look back on your life. This has helped you do it many times, and you can comfort yourself: you don’t waste your life.

Generally, people think that outstanding people are high-intelligence groups with excellent intelligence and quick thinking. Of course, there are such people. However, most of the outstanding successful people are not superior in intelligence quotient. They are just people who know how to make life simple and hard-working, persevering, persevering, focusing on their goals all their lives and believing in their dreams. In fact, they are a group of people who have proven their pride throughout their lives.

Of course, we must be aggressive and make a difference, but for those who are too deeply involved in the world, we must also have a bit of meditation, and keep a little transcendent for ourselves in order to calmly chew all the flavors of life. It must not float on the surface of life, it looks very glorious, but in the end it is nothing but drifting with the current. You must devote yourself to the cause you love, be lonely, and never look back. Admire the epitaph of a mountaineer: “It is not the mountains that climbers climb, but their ideals.” In the heart of a teenager, if the seeds of faith are planted, it will inevitably grow into a towering tree in the years to come. tree.

Who is your most important person in your life? This “other” refers to someone other than your family. I thought of a few people who were neither my assistants nor my colleagues, but they were working together with me and walking in the years leading to the future. They all warmed their faces and smiled and flashed in front of me, because of them, my life is so warm and vast. Open your heart to the world, and the world will give you a vast sky.

When I speak, I often talk about a concept of time: if a person takes three hours a day to do the same thing, 10 years later, he will become an outstanding figure in that field. This is what the successful scientist calls the 10,000-hour law, which is the same as the ancient Chinese saying “ten years to sharpen a sword”. In fact, a person’s lifetime, in addition to sleeping, is about 20,000 days, the time required for success, but only half an hour a day. There is never any knowledge that can be enjoyed once and for all in the world. Only by continuously learning can we ensure the profoundness of our knowledge so that we can continuously surpass ourselves, surpass others, and make great achievements. Any outstanding literary artist must be drinking the bitterness of life silently for a long time, and finally singing the joyous song of life with the world.

When I was very young, I wrote this Goethe sentence on the front page of the diary: “As long as you tirelessly, the road will naturally unfold in front of you.” Since then I no longer believe in hardships. Time is our greatest enemy and our greatest friend. He was willing to face the wall for ten years, and the person who sat on the bench for ten years became the master of time. Suffering will ultimately make life deeper. After suffering, but still full of hope for life, the power of this belief will be unstoppable. Suffering will allow you to win the depth of life, but you cannot become worldly and indifferent.

The years make us farther and farther from childhood, but childlike heart cannot completely disappear from your life, because childlike heart is the cradle of human nature and feelings. You must not believe that there will be someone in this world who will help you escape the sea of ​​misery and save yourself, only you. In fact, the world is full of precious resources and minerals, as long as you have a pair of eyes and hard-working hands.

I believe that when a person’s hard work finally bears fruitful fruits and enjoys a lofty social prestige, this meaning and value will go far beyond his own pursuit of life and will become a model for countless young people, and Let the whole society spring. Ever since I was a teenager, I have been struggling to find shortcuts and passwords for success. Now, I often tell young people during lectures: the shortcuts and passwords for success are on my pen and on my desk. Take Heaven’s Reward as your motto. When you will go back and forth, you will find that all your sweat is transformed into crystal clear pearls.