Born in Berlin in 1933, Ms. Annette witnessed the history of suffering in her childhood. Although not Jewish, she was not thrown into a concentration camp, but as a non-German, her family also suffered a lot of crimes, and her parents did not live after the war. Later, she went through the establishment of the Berlin Wall, and it collapsed many years later … her fame in Germany is greater than in China-in fact, this statement is not accurate, because in China, she is rarely known. She wrote her experience into a novel, viewed the social changes in Germany in modern times from a Chinese perspective, and became a Chinese-German writer very rare in Germany.

In the 1990s, Annie came to her parents’ homeland, China, and never left. She has been employed as an honorary professor by several universities and is dedicated to the comparative study of Chinese and German contemporary literature. Her basic domestic income comes from this. But her life was not a little shabby, because her works are still being reprinted in Germany. With years of royalties, she has already become a rich woman. This makes Chinese writers envious. How many domestic writers can live on royalties?

It was not my task to interview her originally. The colleague responsible for interviewing her was temporarily unable to get away. I heard that when I was in school, I had studied German as a candidate and had read a few works by the old lady (original German version). My colleague told me that the old lady had a weird temper. He softly froze, but the old lady finally agreed to be interviewed. Please don’t mess it up.

The interview was messed up, although it has nothing to do with me …

When I came to the door, I saw Qiu Sheng and his subordinates, and I knew that something was bad. Qiu Sheng told me that the old lady was killed last night and was discovered by three adopted daughters who lived with her in the morning. The police inspected the door surveillance. No outsider came in and out of the villa all night, and the old lady died of a blunt blow and broke her head with a stone town ruler. Not surprisingly, the killer was one or all of the three adopted daughters.

Ms. Anne is never married and has no children. After coming to China, she adopted three daughters one after another. The eldest daughter is Ammanning, twenty-nine years old. She works as an old lady’s working secretary, assists the old lady in organizing information, arranging work schedules, and so on. The second daughter, An Yunchang, is 28 years old. She works as the life secretary of an old lady and takes care of her daily life. The third daughter is An Caien, 27 years old. Among the three daughters, she looks a little special because the old lady has not arranged any work for her. She is usually not responsible for anything. If she is responsible, she is also responsible for eating and drinking. Having fun and dressing herself up-I suspect that the old lady intends to realize in her dreams that she never realized when she was young.

None of the three daughters got married because the old lady set a rule that anyone who got married while she was alive would not be eligible to inherit her legacy. And the old lady’s legacy is very considerable. Except for the house and the deposit, the most important thing is the copyright of all her works. Although the three daughters denied that they were single for the old lady’s property, things are clear. The old lady has reached her old age and her body is not as good as it is day by day. The price is worth it.

Ms. Anni has a hobby, and she needs to play a few bridges every night before the break. There are four people in the family, which is just enough. There is also a rule for playing bridge. Only the daughter who won the match with her the night before is eligible to continue working with her the next day. Once she loses, she will be replaced the next day-I think the old lady This idea is very clever. In this way, you can prevent the two daughters who play against each other to lose the card intentionally to please the old lady. After all, only if you play against the old lady and win, can you win the old lady’s favor.

But last night’s game broke up. The old lady announced at the poker hand that she intends to donate the copyright of her work to the country’s cultural undertakings for free. Copyright is the largest piece of cake in the old lady’s property, and the three daughters sacrificed their youth and their marriage to accompany the old lady to such a boring day. Isn’t that why?

The three daughters’ answers to the death of the adoptive mother were similar. After the game broke up, they went back to their bedrooms to sleep, and didn’t hear anything all night. Early this morning, the old lady didn’t come out for breakfast. The second daughter called in the bedroom, but the bedroom was empty. The eldest daughter went to the study and found her adoptive mother lying prone at the table. The pokers she played last night were scattered on the table and on the ground. Obviously, the old lady never returned to the bedroom last night.

The police inspected the scene and turned the old lady’s body over, and found that the old lady was holding a piece of red peach 10 in her hand. Qiu Sheng speculated that after the three daughters returned to the room, the old lady was left alone in the study, and she might be playing cards in her hands. Perhaps the old lady was also disappointed with the three daughters. From the reactions of the three daughters, she saw It’s their righteousness. At this time, one of the three daughters returned, perhaps persuading the old lady to change her decision to no avail, and set off-the old lady’s decision has not yet been put into effect, killing the old lady, and still retaining the copyright. Before the old lady was dying, she left this red peach 10 in her hand in order to give clues to the police. She fell face down with her hands under her body, so the killer was not found.

So readers, what does this red peach 10 mean? Who is the killer?