Do the most important thing every day

Lloyd Wright was one of the greatest architects of the 20th century.

In the winter when Wright was 9 years old, he once walked a long way with his uncle on the snow. On the way, my uncle asked him to look back at the two trails they left, saying, “Your footprints are too purposeless. For a while, you are leaning towards those trees and then folding to the fence again. It seems that you have completely forgotten that you have to hurry. You see How straight my footprints are, do you know why? Because I never forget to do important things. I hope you will never forget my words in my life! ”

“I never dared to forget. From then on, I made up my mind that no matter what I do in the future, I do n’t forget to do the most important thing every day. Then I set a goal—architectural design, which is what I do every day in my life. The most important thing. “Wright said about his life.

In fact, Wright has encountered many bumps in his long career. In 1914, a mentally ill man set fire to his carefully designed building in Wisconsin; in 1925, his redesigned building was burned again due to electricity leakage. He knew, however, that he was too late, because there was always the most important thing to do-he had made 1,100 designs in his lifetime, and created countless amazing architectural masterpieces for the world. Even in the year before Wright’s death, there were 166 items on the design table waiting for him over 90 years old to do.

As an architect, Wright was successful. The wealth he left for future generations is: do the most important thing every day, don’t waste time in boring trivialities.