Really fierce

Branch Interpol Team. Half past nine in the morning.

The woman opened the door of the Criminal Investigation Division on the second floor and went straight to the desk of Deputy Captain Yan Ming. She wore a cheongsam like a sack on her body, loose and slack, her eyes a little dull and her face pale. Regardless of Yan Ming being on the phone, she said word by word, “Captain Yan, I’m here to commit the crime, Yu Feng killed me!”

Yan Ming hung up the phone and was surprised: “Yu Feng’s wife Hong Yan? Your husband’s case has already ended, and the murderer has been arrested!”

Hong Yan got up early and spent an hour in the bathroom, not only washing her body, but also shaving her underarm and private hair a little. She put on the red velvet cheongsam glittering with glitters when she got married fifteen years ago, carefully painted her makeup, and went out.

Her home is ten stops away from the city’s Interpol. She has travelled this road many times in a year, but she is driving but today is on foot. Yesterday, she called her father and said she was going to go far away. The car was left for him. She could drive or sell it. His father asked her where to go? Did something happen? She said that she would go to Tibet and it would take at least two years to return.

Today is really good weather, the sky blue is clear and transparent. What’s the weather like today last year? Think about it, I really didn’t think about it, but it must not be as good today, or why there is no starlight or moonlight at night, but it didn’t rain. It was cloudy! She settled her mind.

Pedestrians on the road looked like photos. They swayed in front of her eyes, and the shops that had not been noticed before all swarmed into her field of vision. Hongji Law Firm, Wangji Big Bones, Ashan Modeling, AUB Touring Car, Ancestral Pedicure, and more.

Hong Yan looked at him and laughed out loud.

In this year, how many nights, Yu Feng covered with blood appeared to her, she could not remember. For many nights, blood had blurred her eyes, and she knelt and begged him for forgiveness, but he didn’t say a word.

This year, she can’t tell how many people are sympathized with, and how gloating it is in sympathy. Before that, she secretly thought more than once, if Yu Feng died, it would be better. But he was really dead, and the body was lying under the bright ice glass, and she found that she loved him!

This year, she remembered her husband’s best. Now, when no one goes out, tell her the weather. After going home from work, she wanted to cry when she saw the cold stove.

This year, she suddenly believed that God must exist. He formulated the law of dense netting, and life, like a loophole, will be torn apart by the law indefinitely without attention, and eventually vanished.

When the introducer introduced them, Hong Yan didn’t feel Feng. But I think the introducer said, Yu Feng is honest, there is an inner show, he will live, if you will be good to you in the future, let Yu Feng send her home.

Yu Feng really loved her, she called her every day, gave her various small gifts, and did not leave her in one step when she was undergoing appendicitis surgery. At that time, she thought, maybe love is like this.

Two years after marriage, Hong Yan was told by the doctor that she had difficulty conceiving because her fallopian tubes were narrower than normal people. She knew that her parents-in-law wanted her grandson in particular, and she was afraid of divorcing Yu Feng after being at home. But Yu Feng said, Yan, it’s okay, Ding Ke is so good, we have a lot of free time. At that time, Hong Yan felt that it was worth his life to find such a man.

Hong Yan has read Madame Bovary more than once. For some reason, she always lies on the peak and sees the shadow of Bovary. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with Mrs. Bovary. Shouldn’t she be pursuing her love? It’s just that she’s so stupid, why should she lose her house for a man?

Was he destined to meet him? If it weren’t for meeting him, how could there be today! She curses him, this life, the next life!

He is the director of their unit. As soon as he arrived at the Economic Management Bureau the year before, he sharply grasped discipline, economy, and rewarded talents. Because she was very good at writing official documents, he was promoted to be the deputy director of the office. During that time, it was tiring, but I felt motivated. Once, he took the middle-level cadres in the bureau to a house in his suburbs, where it was a courtyard with a large acre. When she saw chickens and ducks, white rabbits, cows and sheep, and captive wild geese running in the garden, her heart instantly turned into a pot of water, wasn’t this what her dream home looked like!

It doesn’t matter who seduce, it is important that she finds the love she dreams of! Since then, the more she looks at the peak, the less satisfying. At noon the day Yu Feng was killed, they also rested in a hotel.

After Yu Feng was killed, he only politely consoled him, and never answered her phone again, and soon transferred her away from the bureau.

The day before yesterday, she smashed into his office and heard the crackling sound of glass fragments, she was extremely happy.

After listening to Yan Ming, Hong Yan shook her head vigorously: “No, I killed Yu Feng, it’s me! I’m the real murderer!”

Yan Ming thought secretly, it seemed that this woman had a mental problem. Yu Feng’s case was an iron case. The criminal confessed and found the murder weapon.

Hong Yan looked like Yan Ming thought, “I’m not crazy!”

She took a sip of water poured from her by the police, and her voice was as calm as a dead person: “On the day of the accident, Yu Feng didn’t bring the key to the house, drank home and knocked on the door for a long time. I didn’t want him to come in and kick him He should be back again. I heard his footsteps going upstairs, and then hurriedly downstairs. Later I heard you say that the murderer was behind him when he went upstairs, and I realized that he found someone behind him. Followed him, because I was in danger of opening the door, so I went downstairs … ”

A picture of the confession of the criminal appeared in Yan Ming’s mind: “I didn’t want to kill someone. Really, I just wanted to steal something. Who knew that person suddenly came downstairs, I turned around and wanted to run, he chased me behind me, I Frightened, he turned around and struck him … “