Damaged by oak barrels

When traveling in Europe, guides will arrange guests to wineries that have been passed down for 5 generations and have been established for more than 150 years, so that tourists can taste wine on site. My travel companions and I stooped down and walked into the stone castle where wine was stored, and the cool air came from my ankles to my knees. The receptionist of the winery was a pot-bellied old man. He took out a large plate of iced wine glasses and poured out the aged wine from the oak barrels one by one for everyone to taste.

As our tourists praised the color, aroma and aftertaste of the wine, the old man’s eyes shone in the dark. He specially took us to look at the oak barrels deep in the storeroom. Some oak barrels also had traces of “patch” marked by the hoop maker-the wood on the same barrel, with a slightly different color.

The old man’s eyes gently rubbed the barrel, as if admiring his child. Through translation, he introduced aloud: “There is no soul without wine aged in oak barrels.” Carefully roasted oak barrels can make the color of wine as touching as amber, and make the wine have cedar, nuts, Cocoa, even the blurry aroma of a cigar box. Especially for the 2009 wines, the long and dry summers ensure the rich and juicy texture of the grapes, and the nights where the temperature drops sharply keep the fruits fresh and acidic. After 10 years of aging, the body is like a hermit, and the scent of black roses is stained on the robe sleeve. This is not only a gift of grapes, but also a gift of worship in oak barrels.

However, the old man paused, emphasizing that oak barrels do not necessarily have a positive effect on wine development. In France, brand new oak barrels must not be used to store good wines in good weather. Because the oak barrel is like the wine and mature communication circle and environment, which determines the direction of wine development. Freshly made oak barrels should be “raised” with wines of average quality for 3 years, allowing it to disperse the lingering vanillin breath in the new oak barrels, and then use it to age the wine. In this way, the wine will not be harmed by the oak barrel. The wine that has been hurt by the new barrel will make you feel that your tongue is taking a vanilla bath with the meal. This wine is usually bought back by housewives for cooking wine, beef stew with red wine or baked grape vanilla cake.

In order to ensure the quality of vintage wines, the winery values ​​the oak barrels that have been aged well. Use one less, and one less. This scarce product cultivated over time is like a town house treasure of a winery. The artisans who specialize in repairing old oak barrels know that in the case of decayed oak barrels, only the boards unloaded from the same age can be repaired.

The old man poured out the wine in different oak barrels, and poured only a shallow sip in the glass, let us taste and compare. Even a novice tasting, you can feel the different tastes of aging wines produced in the same year and in the same vineyard. A well-tested barrel, the wood texture of each barrel seems to accumulate the temperament of those good wines before. Most of the wines smoked out of this barrel can’t be worse. This is the same reason that the environment and close friends decide whether young fledgling young people have the development stamina.

The old man of the winery has a funny metaphor at last: “We French all say, just like Flaubert standing behind Maupassant and Robert Bresson standing behind film director Godard, behind every good bottle of wine An irreplaceable oak barrel. “Of course, if it is difficult to meet a good oak barrel, the freshly brewed wine is better than being hurt by immature oak barrels even if it is poured into a glass bottle alone.