Valuable compliance

Two thousand years ago, Confucius summed up his own lesson: “Beginning with others, listen to their words and believe in their deeds; today, I am with others, listen to their words and observe their deeds.” The lessons learned by Confucius are still valuable today . Since ancient times, words and deeds have been different. It is normal for some people to say one thing and do another. Because of this, those who agree with their words and deeds are very rare. It is even more valuable to obey their own rules when no one supervises and no one can see.

One day in the middle of the spring and autumn period, Wei Linggong and Nanzi were sitting in a chat, and heard that the carriage outside the palace was fast and fast. Horseshoes made a gurgling noise on the stone road. Well, it seems that there is something urgent. Hurrying to catch the car very quickly. From the sound of the wheels contacting the road, it can be inferred that there may be only one person in the car. The carriage quickly drove outside the gate of the palace. It paused again and sounded. The hoof sound was not as rapid as it was just now. The people on the carriage had obviously got out of the carriage and walked slowly. After the carriage passed the gate of the palace, the deeper sound of the past was restored again. It was thought that the owner of the carriage returned to the carriage and drove away. Wei Linggong told Nanzi that the person sitting in the car must be Xi Boyu. Ask someone the next day, and it was really good. Nanzi asked Wei Linggong how to know. According to regulations, people who took a car had to get off the bus and walk outside the gate of the palace. It was late at night, and there was no pedestrian on the road. Will you obey this rule? Only gentlemen like Xi Boyu will do this.

When investigating a person, you must listen to what they say, and more importantly, what they do, especially when others cannot see it. When Pi Boyu passed the gate of the palace at night, he still obeyed the existing rules when others couldn’t see it. This consciousness of not deceiving the darkroom is indeed valuable. Such a person is a true gentleman!

The “Hou Han Book” records such a story: “Ba Ba is the history of Yangzhou assassination, drinking secretly with guests, and not burning official candles.” In a similar way, the song “Zhupo Poetry” by Zhou Zizhi of Song Dynasty recorded such a story: There is a Li The surname is Jing Zhaoyin, who is clean and honest. The papers were reviewed under the light of a day, and the servant sent home letters. He blew out the common candles and lit his own candles. After reading the family letter, I lit the public candle and continued to work. In the eyes of ordinary people, reading the letter of the family under the candlelight of the public is really harmless and uncorrupted, and it is even less harmful to the public and private. However, the Beijing official simply refused to “communicate” a little because he knew how to obey.

It’s also about lighting a candle. Huangfu Wuyi of the Tang Dynasty once served as the governor of the governorate of Yizhou. Once, he went down for inspections and stayed at ordinary people’s houses at night. As soon as the wick was about to run out, the owner was ready to replace one for Huangfu Wuyi. At this time, Huangfu Wuyi even took out his sword and cut off his own belt as a wick.

“Three Kingdoms” records: Shi Miao’s life is innocent, scrupulous in his wealth, and evil is like hatred. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, he served as county magistrate in Shouchun. When he was in office, he came by his ox cart. When returning home from retirement, the cow-drawn cart gave birth to a calf. Before leaving, he tied the calf in front of the county yamen. The officials said, “The six animals do not know their father, so they should follow their mother.” The calf was taken away, and Shi Miao was reluctant to give it to the local people. He said, “I came with only one cow, no calf. This calf eats the grass of Shouchun and drinks it. When water grows up, it should belong to you, and let it do something for the people. This is my heart. ”

History is often surprisingly similar. In the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty official Hai Rui came back to visit a friend by the way after finishing his official duties. When he reached a fork in the road, he took off his official clothes and put on his clothes. meet friends. There was only half a mile from the fork to the friend’s house, and Hai Rui refused to take the official car.

Hu Shi went to Britain on the anniversary of the armistice of the First World War. The commemorative method is to hit the bell, and the person who hears the bell should stop working at hand and be silent for one minute. Hu Shi saw a painter carrying the paint on the ladder to the wall. The clock sounded. The painter held the ladder in one hand and the paint bucket in the middle of the ladder and bowed his head in silent prayer. It took a minute for him to carry the paint and continue working. This consciousness of not bullying the room shocked Hu Shi.

In 1886, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of American independence, the French gave the United States a precious gift: the Statue of Liberty. One day after the statue was completed more than 40 years ago, an American playwright saw the whole picture of the “Goddess” by helicopter. He clearly saw the beautifully carved statue of Goddess, and even the workmanship of her tiara was very fine without any flaws. When constructing the Statue of Liberty, the sculptor would not have thought that humans would invent helicopters decades later, but they did not ignore the sculpture on the head of the Statue of Liberty because people at the time could not see it. This method of not deceiving the world because of the limitations of the conditions at the time also shocked the playwright.

In the eyes of those smooth people, these adherents are fools who do not know how to be flexible. However, have you ever thought about it, refusing to adapt and not to be appropriate? Only then can you ensure the reliability of the system, the fairness and justice, and the authority of credibility. Regardless of being a person or an official, advancing with the times is important, but there should always be something that persists. According to Shi Jianjin, it is the adherents who stand up and stand up and make use of their constant communication to support the backbone of the Chinese nation.