Talking well is the lowest cost kindness

During a college vacation, I went back to my hometown. When I think of chatting, many students say that I have never eaten the specialty of my hometown, and have never even heard of it. So when I came back, I brought some local souvenirs, as well as capers and sugar garlic marinated by my mother.

In the classroom, I distributed the special products to my classmates. Everyone tasted and joked. At this time, Guo Hua frowned and said, “In fact, the so-called specialty products are not as delicious as they are worthy of stigma. Especially the foods they pickled at home are neither hygienic nor healthy, so it is best to eat less …”

After listening to Guo Hua’s words, the classroom suddenly quieted down. I felt very embarrassed. The outstretched arm was also stiffened in the air. I don’t know if I should hand in the special product in Guo Hua. After hesitating for a few seconds, I retracted my arm and said to Guo Hua with a smile: “This way, I won’t give it to you.” Guo Hua spread his hands and made an indifferent look and said, “I just Let’s be honest. ”

I admit that Guo Hua may not be malicious, but his words made me uncomfortable. Sometimes, the “truth” that you self-proclaim may be just yawning and mean.


Brother Wang is a well-known “stricken wife” in the unit. He is slow and gentle, but his wife is just the opposite, hot and fierce. At an early morning meeting, Liu Li joked loudly, “Yo, Wang, today’s face is not very good. Is the sister-in-law showing power again?” Many people in the unit were there, including some leaders. Liu Li’s words made everyone focus on Wang, and saw two scratches on Wang’s cheek.

“Last night I was scratched by the cat accidentally.” Brother Wang explained with an awkward smile. However, Liu Li refused to give up, and laughed and said, “I think it was tortured by the big cat-tigress!” However, Liu Li’s “joke” has not been exchanged for the imaginary “laughing fruit”, Wang Brother looked dark, walked away quickly, and the crowd dispersed. Only Liu Li was left staggered to stay in place.

There are always people who think that we are humorous and funny, but humor makes people laugh happily, not embarrassing and ugly. Many times, your humor is in fact unobtrusive and indifferent.


Retired Aunt Li in the community is very keen on square dance. Aunt Li said that dancing the square dance can not only pass the time, but also exercise the body, and it is very happy to be with the like-minded sisters every day.

Once, Aunt Li and her sisters went to participate in the square dance competition. Early in the morning, they all wore uniform custom-made red dance skirts and carefully applied their makeup. When Jiaojiao and I passed by, they were infected by the enthusiasm and vitality of their bodies, and could not help praise: “Aunt Li, you are so beautiful.”

Aunt Li laughed happily, but Jiao Jiao said, “To be honest, the old humanized heavy makeup is not good-looking, and this red dress, don’t you think it’s very earthy …” Jiao Jiao’s words have not finished yet Aunt Li’s face had been red and white for a while, and I apologized and smiled at Aunt Li, and quickly took Jiaojiao and left.

I told Jiao Jiao that her words hurt Aunt Li, and it is not easy for the elderly to be happy all the time. Jiaojiao said aggrievedly: “I’m just more casual, quick-spoken, say what I think …”

You are not casual, nor is it the so-called uprightness. Behind the “quick mouth”, it is precisely the manifestation of no education. I said to Jiaojiao in my heart.


In life, being mean is not the same thing as telling the truth; being unobtrusive, indifferent, and humorous are two different things; being uneducated and being upright is two different things. Many people don’t figure it out and treat them as one thing.

The speaker may be unintentional, but the listener is very uncomfortable and even causes deep damage.

An unfriendly word may be the last straw that crushes a person; and a kind of encouragement and praise may be a rope handed to a drowning person.

Learn to speak well, it will make you more adorable and more popular. Moreover, talking well is a kind of kindness with the lowest cost.