Humans Challenge No Limit

“Human challenge has no limits.” It is precisely this motto that he stepped out of the slums, creating a legend comparable to the first human landing on the moon.

In November 1984, he was born in a backcountry in western Kenya, but only a few tens of kilometers away from the “home of the world’s long-distance race” Eldoret. Since childhood, he has enjoyed running called “land flying”. The feeling of running is very wonderful. During the running, breathing fresh air and beautiful natural scenery along the way are his most memorable childhood memories.

The poor family was destined to assume the heavy burden of supporting his family too soon. After finishing high school, he left the classroom and became a milkman. However, the dream of running has never been far away from him. Besides trivial and boring work, he will still come to the open field, take a deep breath, start running, and stop until he exhausts his whole body strength.

Two years later, he finally saved enough money and bought his first set of running shoes and equipment. After wearing it, he ran more vigorously. He quit his job and promoted running from hobby to profession.

With professional equipment, the next step is the careful guidance of professional coaches. He found the coach Sang and asked him to make a training plan for himself. He didn’t have any fame at the time, and the coach didn’t know him at all, but he gave an interesting answer: “I’m a neighbor living in a village with you.” The other party was still hesitant, and he couldn’t help talking about himself and running. story. In particular, without any supervision, the coach has been completely impressed by years of training. Maybe the coach has never seen someone who loves running and is so disciplined, so he promised to help him complete this plan.

He did, as he said, behave badly in training. With the coach’s guidance, his performance improved quickly. He gradually emerged in various competitions, then he ran to the World Championships, to the Olympic Games, and achieved great results in different stadiums. From sprinting to long-distance running, finally came to the marathon that challenged human limits.

Because of winning gold and silver in various competitions, his living standards have gradually improved, but he is unwilling to leave the difficult environment that gave birth to his dreams. Eldorette’s most ordinary training ground is still active in this thin figure. In his words: “There is the best atmosphere for running.”

One day, he accidentally turned over to the training notes of two years ago, “I think my marathon results can exceed 2 hours.” This is his rhetoric 2 years ago, and later busy with training, he gradually forgot the original oath. . He decided to honor the original words and started intensive training for up to six months.

Maybe many people want to run into the 2-hour mark for the marathon, without a very clear concept. If you want to accomplish this goal, it means maintaining a constant speed of 2 minutes and 50 seconds per kilometer, or running at a speed of 100 meters and 17 seconds. Converted into a 400-meter runway, the time to complete a lap must be controlled for 1 minute and 8 seconds and run more than 100 consecutive laps. At this speed, ordinary people may not catch up with the sprint. Prior to this, many people failed to sprint, showing how difficult it is to complete this goal.

On October 12, 2019, he started this seemingly impossible challenge with the attention of everyone. When the timer was set at the number of 1 hour 59 minutes 40 seconds, he burst into tears of excitement.

He is Erud Kipkog, the highest rating given by the American running media “Runners World”: “Destiny gave Kipcog a good hand, excellent physiological conditions, and every gram of body weight played To the extreme. But only at the end of the marathon, when he surged at a pace of 2 minutes and 47 seconds per kilometer, others could feel the incredible power. ”

Destiny really cared for him very much, but he constantly challenged his spirit and never forgot the courage of his original heart, which enabled him to realize this miracle enough to stand on the moon with humans. Human beings have no limits, and this phrase applies to warriors such as Erud Kipchog. They challenged themselves again and again, and they are a model for human beings not to submit to fate and dare to fight.