A generation of fear and love

The most true emotional resonance may be the blood relationship that everyone is immersed in. With the birth of her daughter Yili and a thrilling illness during her growing up, Liang Xiaoyang set up an emotional sharing channel in her essay. The immersive experience will bring out the feelings and feelings for the son and father. The narrative content of his prose is very in line with Zhou Zuoren’s concept of “beautiful text”, which was emphasized in narrative and lyricism. What is even more commendable is that Liang Xiaoyang’s emphasis on “the channel of emotional sharing” is not only a central topic in the text, but also on the other level, that is, outside the article, and the reader, Liang Xiaoyang has also completed the construction of this emotional sharing channel. His article is an open space, centered on the blood relationship, he established a discourse field that readers can resonate with. In similar situations, he urges readers to return to their own emotional experience and constantly produce emotions with the text. communicate with. In this interactive relationship, Liang Xiaoyang completed the writing of “True Love”.

In 1926, Hu Huameng said in “Xu Yu Prose”: “This kind of prose is not a long-form, logical or comprehensible essay, but it is a homely slogan and a piecemeal sentimental article written in a clean and cold manner. “Piercing Stories” is exactly the style of this “spoken language”. Liang Xiaoyang’s writing is usually light, not deliberately showing off his skills, not even playing with his writing. In a tone like a chat, he tells his own personal experience, I hope a child’s piety, rejoicing after Yili, distressed child’s anxiety in the face of illness, helpless panic in the face of the disease, and solidity after the illness is healed. Through the text, the reader is presented with a fixed and touching picture. At the same time, in the small talk, Liang Xiaoyang did not give up the depth of thinking. Fragmented feelings existed as an invisible narrative in the article and became an important content for understanding the article. Therefore, in the article, except for the central writing content of Yili’s puncture experience, the article also has the freedom to trace back to the previous generation vertically and spread horizontally to the surrounding environment. In the parents-in-law, parents, me and his wife, Yili Between these three generations, the flexibility of the narrative has been extended in the discussions of rural colleagues and urban colleagues in their hometown. Discuss how the secular recognition and evaluation standards are squeezing and depriving each living individual, which in turn leads to the deprivation of individual rights and the alienation of individuals and groups. Reproduction and reproduction are indeed the purpose of survival, but in rural areas, this cognition is magnified infinitely. Whether or not having a male becomes a recognition of the significance of human existence in real society, or even a way of dividing groups, with children. Yes, no children, no sons, no sons. The birth control beyond human power has become the standard for forcible division. Liang Xiaoyang was once discriminated against in such a discourse system. The evasion of his hometown in the New Year’s Day can not be said to be a helpless choice. Even if he escaped from the countryside and entered the town, or even became a party and government cadre, the author still cannot escape the huge control of the countryside. The villagers’ sarcastic taunts on the ground have become spiritual repression or even a bad victory. However, Liang Xiaoyang’s narrative of these contents has no resentment. He puts pressure from the entire external world on himself, earns it all in his own world, and continues to rumour. The gossip of others as a narrative “landscape”, he writes more carefully The reason is that because he does not have the resentment in his male father ’s heart, unwillingness or even his final death, and the psychological pressure he suffered, he connected the topic of “born children” with the thinking of life itself, frequently talked with his own mind, and tried to understand his father. Sorrow and anxiety are different from writing about fate and life in a general way. The author uses his real experience and the person he cherishes to enter the life

Although Liang Xiaoyang conceals his thoughts in his narrative, his feelings are exposed, and his creation is in line with the creative tradition of Chinese prose: Feelings and feelings, working for things. It should be said that prose creation is a literary style that focuses on expressing inner experiences and expressing inner emotions. It believes that creation is the presentation of “soul desire to confess”, and impresses readers with the true feelings that emanate from the heart. “True” Always exists as the center of prose. It can be seen that the true feelings in “The Puncture” are the most core things. The article exudes a strong feeling. Liang Xiaoyang’s love for his daughter Yili, and the care of his parents-in-law to his granddaughter are really moving. And the “fellow male complex” of the old father’s unforgettable feelings also made people sigh with understanding sympathy. The author writes articles based on life experience, and touches the hearts of the people with literature. His writing can effectively stimulate the inner nature of prose. Based on establishing the writer’s subjectivity, his article confirms that prose is expected to penetrate the experience in a way that sinks into the inner world. The world presents despair and sorrow triggered by specific situations, which in turn enables writers and readers to gain courage in the spiritual dimension.