What happened during deep sleep


Seeing that Mano’s mood was too low, I turned to Da Shan.

Dashan is an external professor from the United Kingdom, but he speaks fluent Chinese and likes to keep supporting the eyeglass frame on the bridge of his nose. He said: “Gao Dan is our technology leader. Two years ago, Mano and I started to assist her and do memory photon transfer experiments again and again. If successful, Gao Dan can form a thesis and publish it in the impact factor. It ’s at least a publication of 8. This is a great achievement for us at S & P University, especially for Gao Dan. Police officer, do you need to describe the content of the experiment? ”

“Yes, but it’s simple,” I pointed at the sofa, “sit down and talk.”

Dashan heard the Order. I, Mano and the college leaders also took their seats. “Ok, police officer. This experiment was launched the day before yesterday, the purpose is to copy artificially compiled knowledge and memories to the brain. We have tried nearly a hundred times until about 10 o’clock last night, and finally successfully generated the memory photon collection. Next, we The photons in the collection will continuously activate the retinal light receiver with millions of emissions per minute, generate electrophysiological impulses, and then transmit them to the visual area of ​​the occipital lobe of the brain, start transcription of memory-related genes, and finally achieve memory replication. ”

Speaking of which, Dashan stopped, he put his hands on his belly, and looked at me reverently. I know Dashan is waiting for my question. To be honest, I am very interested in how to compile memory photons, but when it is not related to the clues of the case, I do not like to interrupt the storytelling of others, because that will affect my analysis and judgment. So I squeezed my lips and just swapped the raised Erlang legs.

Dashan knew, and continued: “However, the project is not implemented in mice, but in Gao Dan himself. After the experiment is completed, it will take at least four or five hours to generate new synapses between neurons and form long-term memories. I rested for a while. Alas, here it is. ”

This is a small lounge located in the innermost part of the laboratory. Light yellow carpet, six fabric single sofas. When Dashan spoke, I kept staring at the crystal electronic clock on the coffee table. The seconds digits continue to flash, which is quite concrete with the passage of time. It keeps my thinking highly active.

Da Shan held up another frame and said, “Soon, Mano and I went to sleep one after another …”

“Wait,” I raised my index finger conditionedly, “what are you talking about?”

“Oh, Mano fell asleep in five or six minutes. He has a snoring habit. It’s easy to judge.” Dashan asked Mano side by side, “Right?”

Mano snorted “um”. He was tall and thin, with small eyes, but clear eyes, and the whole man looked like a shy monkey.

“What about Gao Dan? You need to keep your brain active to promote new synapses as soon as possible,” said Da Shan stallant. “So instead of sleeping, she made a cup of coffee. She didn’t sit for long, and returned to the laboratory to sort out the data. I thought something would happen later. ”

Mano sighed. His mood should have stabilized a lot. At this moment, he took the conversation and said, “About 3:30 in the morning, we were awakened by the moaning of Teacher Gao Dan. At that time, her eyes were blurred, her breathing was short, her body There was also a spasm. According to biochemical knowledge, it should be cyanide poisoning. Dashan immediately reported 120, and I notified the doctor on duty at the university. During the waiting period, we took simple first-aid measures, but the effect was minimal. Teacher Gao Dan Before being carried on a stretcher, he had lost his vitality. ”

Two hours ago, around five in the morning, my assistant and I conducted a detailed site survey. I had an internship at the Institute of Criminal Science and Technology, and I’m no stranger to related biological experiments, but for six years as a criminal police officer, I personally witnessed the scene of the murder case in a biochemical laboratory. Under the shady fluorescent light, the laboratory seems to be particularly deadly. Shakers, PCR instruments, germs, nucleic acid electrophoresis, protein electrophoresis areas, and RNA chambers can not feel the slightest sense of life. A pile of data freezes on several computer screens, as if stagnant time. And my assistant and I didn’t find any valuable clues.

Next, I asked about Gao Dan. For example, her personality, living habits, and physical condition, especially whether she has encountered strangers or behaved abnormally during this time … Dashan and the leaders of the college have responded one after another, but still failed to give me new inspiration. After a long groan, I announced that I would bring Da Shan and Mano back to the police station and continue to cooperate with the investigation. I checked the intelligent security system called the Biotechnology Research Center before. All the laboratories did not have cameras for technical reasons. However, the monitoring of the corridor showed that during this experiment, no one else had entered or exited this floor. It was exclusively for Gao Dan’s three-person team. This means that Gao Dan’s death is most likely related to Mano and Dashan.

Sitting in the police car, Mano flinched, motionless. Da Shan leaned on the back seat and looked up at the roof of the car. After a while, I suddenly heard them mumbling in English. Out of professional sensitivity, I conditionedly reprimanded, “No one is allowed to whisper.” The carriage calmed down immediately. From the inside rearview mirror, I saw both of them bow their heads, as if in some kind of disturbed memory.

Outside the window, Chen Xi has penetrated the clouds and outlined the outline of the city. Between the skyscrapers, automatic slag removal vehicles are continually retiring. The intercity light rail in the distance is drawing an arc and galloping through the air.


The forensic doctor quickly submitted an autopsy report. Gao Danguo really died of sodium cyanide poisoning with a blood concentration of 23ug / ml. The capacity of the coffee cup is 200 ml, and the concentration of the residual liquid is 14 mg / ml. The follow-up information collected by my assistant shows that Gao Dan is a sunny and cheerful teacher loved by students. Da Shan and Mano are keen on academics, and there is nothing wrong with their conduct. This result makes me a bit frustrated. Seemingly uncomplicated cases, no breakthrough can be found.

I arranged for two police officers to interrogate Mano and Dashan separately. I planned to take a break, but I was confused and couldn’t sleep. I simply played a batting game on my mobile phone. The gameplay is very simple. Remember the points of each ball beforehand, and then all the balls enter a disorderly rotation. The network player and I are rushing to shoot. In the prescribed time, the player with the most points wins. I like this kind of thinking game that requires a high degree of concentration, especially when the investigation is deadlocked, it often sparks inspiration for me.

At nine hundred percent, the police officer questioning Mano came in.

“… Mano’s psychological defense was quickly breached. It turned out that he had been lying in the lab while he was resting in the laboratory. Before Gao Dan’s accident, she went to the bathroom. Gram of sodium cyanide powder, put it in Gao Dan’s coffee cup. By the way, Mano is the manager of hazardous chemicals and knows the unlock code. This kid is quite brain-wary, the coffee is slightly bitter. , Even those who are sensitive to taste and smell can hardly detect it. ”

“What about the motive?”

“According to Mano, the probability of the success of this experiment is almost 100%. Mano has fully mastered the technology and can be used as a subsidiary. He is not eligible to declare a technology patent, so Mano suddenly developed a strong Greed … that makes sense, at least to explain why he didn’t prepare sodium cyanide in advance. ”

“It’s also difficult to prepare in advance.” I support my jaw. “Because Gao Dan or Dashan can easily find problems in the intelligent system of the library management if the mobile phone meeting is not held for a short time.”

The office suddenly quieted down.

I leaned on the back of my chair, my head rolling around like a ball. There were no flashing time figures on the ceiling and the four white walls. I couldn’t find any phosphorescent light in my mind.

“The entire interrogation process was extremely frightening. As he recalled many details, he kept correcting himself.” The police officer said, “In view of this, I decided to leave him alone for a period of time and then resume the interrogation.”

I squinted, looking out the window, trying to find a physically illogical scenery.

About half an hour later, another police officer submitted Da Shan’s confession. It is said that during the inquiry, Dashan was emotionally stable. As I expected, he had nothing to do with Gao Dan’s death.

I didn’t give Mano a chance to breathe, and immediately brought him back to the scene.

I do n’t know if Mano was nervous or forgetful. During the process of identifying the crime—from the rest room to the front of the hazardous chemicals management library, he typed out the password, took out the reagent, and then poured it into the coffee cup. He was constantly adjusting the details. It’s like returning home after many years of absence, it’s hard to remember exactly where the disappeared houses, roads or woods are. Especially in the second opening, Mano actually entered the wrong password twice in a row.

I raised my index finger and said, “Give you another chance!”

He hesitated for a few seconds, hesitantly pressed a string of numbers, and Cummon popped open. He then looked around, removed the rag from the wall rack, and wiped the password pad to remove fingerprints. This action was not present in previous demos. He cast me a timid look, like a child doing wrong.

“Are you sure there is this link?” I asked, holding my arms. The sound is not loud, but the core is very hard.

Seeing my anger, Mano explained aggrievedly: “Yes, there should be. Sorry, I didn’t mean it, I tried my best.

Sitting on the sofa, I stared at the electronic clock on the coffee table again, and struck the armrest with my fingers uneasily, as if transmitting cipher text with Morse code. After a while, my cell phone sounded an alarm, which was set for a work lunch break. I lifted my head subconsciously, and the electronic clock just jumped a little.


The mountain was released the next day.

Before leaving, I asked him: “Do you know the password for the dangerous chemical storeroom?”

He nodded and said, “I know. I, Mano, and Gao Dan all have the management authority for hazardous chemicals warehouses, but we will strictly abide by the people’s warehouse registration system.”

Perhaps because of professional instincts, I have never been solid. In addition to Mano, I also checked Dashan’s information in detail. Ph.D., studying in physics and biology. He started genetic research at the age of 35, but did not achieve breakthrough results. Gao Dan’s memory project was proposed by Dashan to take part in it, after all, it was closely related to his research. I have also read an unpublished short paper about the study of DNA transfer technology, which involves a lot of biochemical knowledge, which is far more profound than my understanding. I was attracted by several concepts that appeared many times in the paper: “epigenes”, “neurons” and “memory”.

This has left me thinking for a long time.

I plan to ask Dashan related technical questions. Just after dialing the number, I suddenly changed my mind and hung up again. Dashan did not reply.

In the afternoon, I went to the Criminal Science and Technology Institute. After knowing where I came from and looking at Dashan’s thesis, my colleagues took me to the laboratory and gave me the following simulation: two measuring cylinders, each filled with a slightly viscous light blue liquid. Experts told me that this is hydrogen oxide, but right now it works as a DNA solution. Then the other party was playing magic, shaking his hands slowly towards the measuring cylinder, feeling like he was performing hypnosis. “Well, the DNA on the left passed through the graduated cylinder and ran to the right, and the epigenetic gene achieved a miraculous migration and modification.”

“Epigene? Oh, it records a series of chemical changes in DNA and histones, right?”

“That’s it. However, Da Shan’s thesis is very partial and studies the possibility of epigenes moving or replicating in different systems. In short, unlike underlying genes, epigenes can be dynamically changed by environmental factors. ”

“What kind of environmental factors?” I asked.

“Oh, did you read the thesis? The low-frequency electric field mentioned here is the quantum field formed by the movement of electric particles.”

I searched hard for memory, “No wonder the quantum equations are mentioned in the article. Yeah, and neurons, what’s going on?”

“The neuronal circuits in the brain will be accompanied by large-scale reorganization of the epigenome. This process has accumulation of methylation. It is considered to be related to memory … well, it is very complicated. If you want to thoroughly understand these contents, you really need to ask Yamamoto. ”

I shrugged, undecided. For the rest of the time, I kept listening quietly and watching them play with the experimental equipment. At the end, he asked, “What does Dashan want to do eventually?”

They told me the answer I wanted in four words and added: “However, this is just a hypothetical paper. To be precise, it cannot be called a real paper, so it cannot be published. As for that What exactly is the quantum field equations like? Sorry, we are limited in this respect and we are really helpless. ”

“It’s okay, I heard that there is a sequence, and the surgery industry has a specialization.” I rushed to the people present. “You are already great! For me, I am more concerned about the practicality of the imaginary technology. Oh, very contradictory Is that right? This requires a divergent imagination beyond the technical level. ”

In fact, although I generally understand Dashan’s hypothetical technology, there is no evidence that this has anything to do with Gao Dan’s case.


In subsequent interrogations, Mano’s memories of all the details at the time of the crime slowly became clear, and the police station eventually formed a complete and logical record. His crime was stubborn, waiting for another trial.

As for the professional terms in Dashan’s dissertation, like memory photons, they irresistibly dived into my brain, began to beat badly and playfully, and formed a weird array. As a result, my appetite for deconfusion has almost reached the point of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Every time after work, I can’t help running into bookstores of all sizes, hungering through biological and chemical books, until the shopping guide reminds me politely, hey, this is not a library.

Gao Dan’s death has spread on the streets. I often slow down and even stop to listen. I tried to find more reasonable conjectures in the ubiquitous discussion, but found nothing. What I feel is just an event with dreamlike qualities, or another aspect of the event constructed by people’s rich imagination. In the meantime, my consciousness is far away.

Every day at noon, I still play batting games.

I was so sleepy that I couldn’t open my eyelids. I was about to give up and the phone alarm went off again. I was so impressed that the timer on the game interface jumped to “13:00:01”. Thinking briefly, a faint phosphorouse flashed in my head. Last time in the rest room of the laboratory, the same situation was encountered. The electronic clock showed “13:00: 00”. No, ringtones pass through the eardrum, the subconscious responds, and the retina receives time information, which takes a short process. Looking at Dashan’s dissertation again, the phosphorous fire started to jump. Yes, it’s very likely that the electronic clock is slow, one second or half a second, maybe less.

I called Mano immediately. During this time he rarely saw the sun and his face paled. He looked more timid at my eyes.

“That electronic clock, do you pay attention to its accuracy?” I raised my index finger, “I mean, focus on the seconds number.”

“This is really not intentional.” Mano looked up. “But many experiments have high time accuracy requirements, such as rubber hardness testing … well, this is especially true for memory photon transfer experiments. There are rules for how many photons are transmitted per second. .Any timer in the laboratory should be accurate. ”

“That electronic clock is in the rest room, shouldn’t it be used for experiments?”

“Yes. For example, a portable scientific calculator may make some calculations temporarily in the rest room and use them at will. Of course, it may be put back in place when possible.”

Immediately tired, I rushed to the scene of the crime again, followed by the head of the department and a few students. The electronic clock is still on the coffee table. I immediately opened the stopwatch program on my mobile phone, and looked alternately between the electronic clock and the stopwatch, over and over again, as if I was looking at someone’s fortune. Nothing wrong, the electronic clock is about 500 milliseconds slower. I started moving sofas, coffee tables, and air conditioners, inspected the dispenser’s cupboard bin, and even opened up the patchwork of carpets. I finally found the anomaly-it is not ruled out that it is my subjective assertion. Compared to other places, the adhesion of the carpet on the coffee table to the tile is very low. In other words, someone should have moved here not long ago. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, and my thoughts floated freely. The flow of time diverges somewhere, converges and stirs up the waves.

The people present were like a cautious penguin, moving closer to me. I don’t know when Dashan appeared. Between the ripples of my thoughts, sparks flickered again.

“Okayama!” I said, “Remember when you were at the police station last time, you and Mano talked in the car for two sentences. I want to know the details.”

“Okay. I asked him at that time …” Dashannu glared at his eyelids and paused as if he had left the article blank. “Is there any unusualsound that wakes us upduring our sleep?” Have any other abnormal sounds awakened us?)

I nodded and smiled at him. He also smiled back, like a dog’s expression in the sun. I think that my own speculation might just be marginal delusions.

The time to leave court is getting closer. I submitted an analysis of the other possibilities of the truth of the case. To enhance persuasion, I have consulted and quoted a lot of knowledge in biology and quantum science. But colleagues and experts from the research institute said that any possibility requires strict evidence, especially scientific knowledge. I can only accept this answer humblely, but my doubts have not disappeared. Mano’s confession showed that he was suddenly greedy. Such a rash impulse is not very logical to a rational researcher. Secondly, not long after Mano committed the crime, his memory became ambiguous, which is difficult to give a reasonable explanation.

My doubts often turned into anxiety, and the cold and unrelenting emerged, just like the dark and ominous reef suddenly emerged from the sea after the ebb.


The afternoon before Mano’s trial, I decided to visit Dashan.

We will meet at the bar opposite the college. Dashan deplored Mano’s crime, and also told me that he was going to redo the experiments of Gao Dan before his death, because the photons in the memory set had decayed and failed the next day.

“It must be successful, and then apply for a patent, publish a paper, congratulations, Dashan.” I glanced at the wall clock on the wall and said, “I have a question to ask. Under the low frequency electric field, the electronic clock will be slowed down by the fluctuation of the field. Right? But it must be so slow that it’s hard to notice. ”

Dashan nodded. In his eyes, a vortex of light was swirling.

“However, today I do not intend to discuss the electronic clock. What I want to say is that according to your research, under a low-frequency electric field, through a specific set of quantum equations, two sets of DNA can be transmitted like quantum tunneling. The epigenome Forming a theory can explain the biological basis of memory. Imagine, using your method, that the epigenome of the brain may be transferred between different human brains. “I snapped,” Simply put, achieve memory replication. ”

Yes, memory copy! These four words are the final conclusions I reached in scientific research.

The mountains remained motionless, like a woody crow.

“I reasoned this way. The murderer of Gao Dan was you, and it was a long-cherished plan. You put a low-frequency electric field generator under the carpet in the rest room in advance-nothing more than a coil and an oscillator. The key is that the generator must Equipped with your carefully designed quantum equation chip. After poisoning in the coffee cup, you continue to sleep, but take the opportunity to copy the short-term memory in the hippocampus to Mano. However, the memory is wonderful, if there is no relevant prompt, it does not Will be called. Just as now, you wo n’t think about squatting in the bathroom yesterday. But after I say this, there must be a scene related to it in your brain, right? So when you say in the car After that suggestive English, the memory copied to Mano was activated. Moreover, the memory transferred in the quantum field environment is like an electron cloud-it is not bad to call the memory cloud, it is in an uncertain state. This can be Explain why Mano repeatedly corrects the details as he recalls … “I said for ten minutes at a stretch,” Hi, Dashan, are you listening? ”

Dashan’s narrow eyes popped open. “I’m capturing the loophole in your story.”

Next, Dashan eloquently talked about quantum theory, from double-slit interference experiments to Schrodinger equations, and then to wave functions. He said: “In the real world, knowing the mass, force, and direction of an object can accurately calculate its state of motion. But for the quantum world, this cannot be done because Newton’s formula is invalid. Particles seem to have avatars, which can appear on any possible trajectory at the same time. Scientists can only rely on wave functions to predict the probability of particles at a certain time and place. But when we ‘observe particles’ from the outside through various means At that time, the wave function collapsed, and it immediately showed a certain state of motion. It was very brain-burning and wonderful, wasn’t it? And neuronal cells, as well as synaptic transmission, also existed in the micro-world … ”

This part of quantum physics knowledge is relatively familiar to me. But as usual, I will never intervene. I always listened carefully, observed every expression and action of Dashan, and nodded from time to time, as if his students.

Dashan abruptly put his index finger on the desktop and said, “If the copied memory is an electronic cloud, once Mano mobilizes it, that is, ‘observation, the wave function will immediately collapse to a specific state. At this time, Mano should be able to accurately answer the crime All the details, Yes or No? ”

With my mouth half open, I cannot argue. Da Shan leaned on the back of his chair, a subtle smile exuded from the corner of his mouth. There were piano songs flowing in the hall, and the music became countless small and hard clouds, stuffed into my heart.

On the way back, the sunset has turned blue. It was like an old pumice stone that was thrown into the air. I kept thinking about Dashan’s last sentence before leaving: “So, your imaginary memory cloud does not conform to the theory of quantum world.”


In court, Mano confessed to the facts of the crime. The lawyer argued that Mano initially recalled the details of the crime and repeatedly changed it, which is likely to be self-repairing, tampering, or even fiction of memory. He suggested that the judge verify the “suspects” and carefully consider the admissibility of the evidence. But such arguments were pale, and Mano received the death penalty in the second instance.

And I had to deny my imagination.

Mano suddenly called me the day before the shooting. He said: “I have always believed the crimes I committed. But this is a fact. I can only accept that God will not give me a chance to be born again. However, these days, I have sorted out the memory photon transfer experiments in prison. Core technology. I want to ask you to give it to Dashan, and let him help Teacher Gao Dan complete his wish in life … ”

I can clearly feel that Mano is honest and sincere, and knows how to feel gracious. But unfortunately, Dashan has already completed this work in advance, and he has made improvements and improvements to the experiment. After the one-way photon transmission is successful, the technology of replicating memories from the brain is also implemented. This huge achievement has caused a sensation before it is confirmed by academics. Soon, Dashan filed a patent application. In view of the effect of public opinion, the expert group decided to publicly review and verify the project.

The world suddenly seemed particularly quiet, and there was no major event on the Internet that deserved people’s attention, as if everyone was looking forward to the days when Dashan became famous. At the end of autumn, the weather was slightly overcast every day, occasionally strong winds, the river surged briefly, and the waves collapsed like a wave function. The willow branches on the shore hang low, as if immersed in endless meditation. During this period, I have not received any difficult cases, and I have no need to take care of them myself. When I was bored, I also played batting games. Not looking for inspiration. At noon that day, just after playing 2000 points, the 5G network was suddenly cut off and the game was in a stand-alone state. No matter which ball I hit, the sphere does not explode and does not accumulate points. The full screen of the ball, spinning endlessly, looks like an electronic cloud, dazzling.

When it was silent, the phosphorous fire lit up again!

Dashan’s second appointment was two days before he was about to undergo patent review.

“I suddenly thought of one thing. The movement of memory is nothing more than the activity between neurons in the brain. It’s like the observation of electrons in a closed system of an atom, which only happens inside the quantum world. Rather than outside intervention, this naturally does not cause the wave function to collapse. “I straightened my back.” So, no matter how Mano searches every detail in the case, or details in the details, they always only show probability. The state of the cloud, not the specific state, makes Mano’s memories fluctuate. In the end, he has to choose a statement that conforms to his thinking habits and is appropriate to the scene environment. This is a new memory formed by constantly tinkering with details. ”

Dashan looked at me as if looking at a cloud of electrons.

“Before you marred Mano, you must know that this immature technology has flaws, but this will not affect the final effect. It has also proven that Mano has become your scapegoat. And I believe that your recent experiments in Gao Dan He got new inspiration and solved this flaw, so he realized two-way replication of memory. ”

“It is not necessary to discuss this topic in depth, it is too abstract and speculative.” Da Shan suddenly lifted a pair of glasses and said, “Sir, even as you said, the wave function did not collapse. Can you prove that I am the murderer? Can you prove that Mano Was my memory copied by me … or someone else? ”

“Yes, just guessing. Besides, Mano is dead, and there is no possibility of reversing the case. I want to mention it again to make you understand–” My volume suddenly increased by eight degrees. And, I know your secret, no, it’s your heinous crime. ”

Dashan twisted his face, and his lips trembled a few times. “Sir, your weird thoughts are incredible. I hope I will never meet you again!” After finishing, he got up and left, his footsteps were as tough as a blacksmith hitting iron. .

I decided not to disturb Dashan anymore. However, a few days later, I received an alarm from Xip University again, rushed to the scene, and met Dashan again. I ca n’t believe this time. In the laboratory, I saw Da Shan’s body. Prospecting, sampling, testing, and comprehensive analysis, we quickly reached exact conclusions. Everything comes to an end, all that remains is the afterimage of the event and the infinite aftertaste.

The third time I went to the bar, I was alone. Making a pot of cappuccino, fragrant coffee, with bitterness and sweetness, just like a slight smile seeping from the corner of my mouth. City lights at night. At the same time, night expands his territory uncompromisingly.

Within two days, the media announced the death of Dashan. It is reported that during the technical review of the patent review team, Dashan was put into a deep sleep state in order to copy the memory photons passed to his brain. The experiment was successful, but the photon set was incremented. The expert decided to take the test in person in order to clarify the original. The results were surprising, and the incremental content was actually Dashan’s murder of Gao Dan. Experts explain that this is because Dashan has always had a shadow in his heart even though he successfully framed Mano. Thinking day by day and dreaming at night, which led him to dream of the scene of his crime in the sleep of the greatest significance in his life. This memory was naturally added to the photon collection of the hippocampus. After the truth was revealed, Dashan committed suicide, dying of sodium cyanide poisoning. There is no consensus in the academic circles about the advantages and disadvantages of memory replication technology. However, before the death of Dashan, all the materials of the experimental project were destroyed.

By the way, the title of this report is “What Happened While Sleeping”.