That afternoon, the weather was very hot, and my daughter, who had just risen to grade six, and I were on the same side of the hall. I sat on the sofa reading while holding a book. She sat at the table doing her homework.
I felt thirsty and shouted, “Kejun!”
She looked up at me: “hmm?”
I said, “Pour me a glass of ice water, will you?”
She put down her pen and went into the kitchen without saying anything. Later on, she came out with a large glass of ice water.
I took it, took a few gulps, “gurgling” and put the cup on the small table. then I wandered into the book again. However, after reading two or three lines, I found my daughter standing like a fossil, motionless. I looked up at her suspiciously, and she said unambiguously: “mom, you always teach us to be polite, say thank you for big things and say thank you for small things.” But now, why do you not even say a thank you when I pour you water? ”
The water I drank was obviously cold, but it changed like magic in my body, burning my whole body so hot that even my face was burned red.
Ah, I only do what I say but not what I do. My words and deeds are different. When asked face to face by children, they really want to turn into a wind and fly away.
I am deeply ashamed of my double standards.
I will never forget to thank outsiders for their help, such as opening the door conveniently, answering the phone on my behalf, etc. but for my own children, I take everything for granted. the word “thank” is just like gold and is not easy to export. The daughter may have been “forbearing” for a long time, but when she could no longer bear it and refused to bear it again, she asked “questions”.
As a matter of fact, the most easily overlooked part for adults is that children also need respect. Subconsciously, we regard ourselves as their “rice team leader”. We always command them to run around and do things. Now, listen to these words:

“Hey, wash the dishes!”
“The floor is so dirty, it won’t be wiped!”
“Help me to buy ten eggs!”
“Move the old newspaper to the door!”
“What is the telephone number of that restaurant?”
“Change the battery for the wall clock!”
The child obediently cleaned the dishes, wiped the floor clean, bought no less than ten eggs, tied up the old newspaper and sent it back and forth to the gate several times, checked out the telephone number accurately and accurately, and made the old wall clock vigorous after changing the battery.
However, how many fathers or mothers will take the initiative to say “thank you” to their children sincerely?
The word “thank you” is actually the lubricant of life, which can make the relationship between family members better and more harmonious. It is also a fragrance in the living room, which can make life more fragrant.
In addition, there is another lubricant in life, which can turn war into peace and hostility into peace. The name of this lubricant is called “Sorry”.
I remember once, our family and in-laws went out for dinner together and filled a table with excitement. My daughter happily talked with her cousin about everything. I told my in-laws in detail as a gossip because I was not satisfied with something she did. Unexpectedly, in the noisy environment, the daughter with extremely sharp hearing listened to everything in her ears. She left the table quietly and did not come back for a long time. Later, I found her in the toilet. She said with rain, “This is our family business. Why do you want to tell others? Don’t you have to make it clear to me in person? ”
I knew I was wrong and immediately hugged her and said sorry to her.
While we are educating our children, they are also educating us.