“Post-90s” Become the Core Force of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Wang Ruixu’s mobile phone won a moment’s peace only when the plane rushed 10,000 meters high. His brain is still running at high speed to ensure that he can come up with the next perfect plan before landing. With the rapid expansion of the entrepreneurial landscape, he has to fly at least one or two places a week, online 24 hours a day, to deal with one problem after another that he needs to resolve.
Wang Ruixu, born in 1990, still maintains a thin student face, wears a pair of black glasses, and is diligent and modest. The part-time recruitment platform for college students, part-time cat, which he founded by himself, is not the young appearance of the college students’ entrepreneurship project. Catch up with the “double-hit” east wind that blows across the great rivers of China. In a few short years, the part-time cat has 26 million users, covering 283 cities, with an average annual number of matching workers exceeding 100 million and an estimated value of nearly 1 billion yuan.
This is an era of innovation and entrepreneurship that gives wings to young people’s dreams. The mobile Internet is surging forward. With the emergence of a large number of fast-growing new companies, “post-90s” are rapidly growing into the backbone of innovation and entrepreneurship.
The age of starting a business for the first time is getting younger and younger.

Wang Ruixu’s entrepreneurial genes show the shrewdness of Chaoshan people in doing business. When he first entered the university, he keenly noticed that the campus advertising field was a “big cake” for businesses. He found several like-minded classmates and founded the “magic lantern” team, earning the first bucket of gold in his life.
He is good at capturing business opportunities in things that people are used to. For a long time, the part-time job market for college students is in chaos. Wang Ruixu wants to try Internet technology to solve the pain points of the part-time job market and make the industry transparent and standardized.
While studying, he developed part-time cat App. with this pioneering project, he began to make his mark in various college students’ pioneering competitions. In his third year of college, he got a million-dollar angel investment.
Before the national “two sessions” in 2014, premier Li Keqiang of the state Council invited people from all walks of life and grass-roots representatives to have a discussion to make suggestions for the government work report. Wang Ruixu, as a pioneering college student, became the youngest of the invited representatives. He was less than 22 years old that year.
Li Guochen, born in 1994, also has a restless heart. He acted earlier. In his first year of high school, he made his first fortune by selling electronic products by using the asymmetric information of goods sold online and offline. In the same year, he tried to join hands with the local Red Cross to launch a charity donation for the disabled students in the class, and then he put all the donations into public welfare undertakings. The two events he experienced when he was 16 years old gave him more ideas about his future life and began to look forward to starting a business.
After entering the university, he couldn’t wait to turn his ideas into reality. He founded “School Music”, aiming at the life field of college students, integrating food, housing, transportation and entertainment inside and outside the school, with an annual turnover of over 12 million yuan.
Not long ago, 36 krypton and Baidu mobile phone assistants jointly conducted an online survey of “post-90s” mobile internet entrepreneurs. the results showed that 45.16% of “post-90s” mobile internet entrepreneurs were under 22 years old when they started their first business.
The company teams of these “post-90s” CEOs are also young. According to the survey, 70.97% of the “post-90s” entrepreneurial team employees are aged between 18 and 25, while only 3.23% are over 30. These start-up companies are often “small and sophisticated”, with 96.77% of the companies with less than 100 teams and 54.84% of the companies with less than 10 teams. First-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen are most favored by post-90s entrepreneurs.
At the same time, more and more “post-90s” start-up companies in the Internet have begun to join the “post-80s” and become the mainstay of the company’s technology and management. According to media reports, all the heads of Didi’s business units are young people between 20 and 30 years old, and the core executives are only in their early 30s. The average age of the part-time cat team is 27.
The Internet Talent Ecology Report released by Liepin.com shows that among the Internet industry practitioners, those aged 25-30 account for 43.74% of the total number of the industry, while those aged 30-35 account for 29.9%. The post-85 and post-90 have become the main force of the Internet.
Entrepreneurs Pay Attention to Digging Individual Needs

The reporter interviewed many investors with more than 10 years of venture capital experience. In their view, the “post-80s” venture projects started from solving the problems of actual production, while the “post-90s” paid more attention to the needs of personality. They grew up under superior material conditions and did not carry much burden of life. The choice of venture projects was more in line with their hearts.
The survey shows that most of the “post-90s” mobile internet start-up projects take the “small and beautiful” route.
After the success of campus entrepreneurship, Li Guochen led the team to create the city business card GO Yongzhou App and won many awards in domestic entrepreneurship competitions. He became a shining star of entrepreneurship and was given the opportunity to study in Silicon Valley, Stanford University and Hass Business School.
When he returned to his hometown with his skills and team, the party’s 19th national congress report put forward the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and the regional coordinated development strategy. Li Guochen found his own way forward in the national grand strategy. He returned to his hometown of Yimeng in Shandong Province, aiming at education informatization and rural revitalization in the field of entrepreneurship. According to the design of Li Guochen’s team, the use of digital technology can comprehensively analyze the impact of multi-dimensional data such as family, society and school on the psychological growth of students, helping each student to grow up better. At present, there are 152 schools and 110,000 users across the country using the SaaS platform known as point cloud.
Wang Ruixu’s inspiration for starting a business came from his own experience of being trapped in a part-time job in university. “It is a great achievement to provide users with safe and reliable employment information and solve employment problems.” Now, part-time cat has completed round c financing of 160 million yuan.
He is a master of science and technology, but his ability to resist pressure is not strong.

Among the “post-90s” entrepreneurs, the proportion of students who study hard is increasing. They began to try to explore “no man’s land” with cutting-edge technologies, to empower traditional industries with technologies, and even to become remoulders of traditional industries.
Xu Chiheng, co-founder and chief engineer of Shang Tang Technology, born in 1990, has been in contact with robots since junior high school. He escorted Tsinghua University to the laboratory of the Chinese University of Hong Kong after graduating from his undergraduate course. He became an employee of Shang Tang Technology 001 after becoming acquainted with Professor Tang Xiaoyou. For the first time, the accuracy of face recognition technology developed by them surpasses that of human eyes. Today, the company has raised 620 million US dollars.
Like him, 8 people with overseas study or work backgrounds were included in the list of “New Entrepreneurs under 30” launched by Pioneer State in 2019. Under the severe situation of capital winter, 18 have obtained financing through innovative and subversive technologies, products and business models, of which 10 have obtained financing of 100 million yuan or more. Entrepreneurial projects focus on AI, Internet education, enterprise services, financial technology, new retail, cultural entertainment and other hot areas.
This group of young entrepreneurs, mostly with high-quality academic background, have become the darling of capital due to their rapid popularity and huge traffic appeal under the help of the Internet era.
However, there are also many young entrepreneurs who became popular overnight and quickly fell and disappeared after appearing in a high-profile and unconventional image. Therefore, many people expressed doubts about the endurance and stress resistance of “post-90s” entrepreneurs.
At the beginning of the establishment of part-time cat, Wang Ruixu experienced the bitter days of borrowing money to live. He insisted that he was sticking to this direction, but some of his peers chose to leave. “Many post-90s lack tribulations and setbacks and are not able to resist pressure.” Wang Ruixu concluded that the ability to resist pressure is an essential factor for success in starting a business, or needs to be honed in failure and adversity. The rapid development of enterprises drives young founders to grow faster every day. Wang Ruixu said: “Fortunately, when we are young, we have plenty of opportunities and courage to face failure and embrace the future.”