Beauty is a long run

Beauty is a process that runs through life. After attending the University for the Elderly, I joined a class group. Recently, some people in the group learned the tone of young people and joked that “time is the feed of pigs, and it makes people grow old”, which was echoed by all. Indeed, time is a ruthless carving knife, changing our young appearance.
As the saying goes, time and tide wait for no man. In order to delay aging, every summer and winter vacation, I am freed from my usual “career” with my grandchildren, and walk around with my heart, hoping to win this beautiful chase. I know, the smile on the face is more charming than crow’s feet. The energetic spirit full of positive energy can make people rejuvenate and rejuvenate, and the healthy and vigorous state can also make people ignore the flabby skin. Besides, it is not my style to wait for death, so I signed up for a tour group and started my own life.
During the trip, I ate and lived with a brother who was several years older than me, because the others were all in groups, leaving us to walk together. At the end of half a month, I was deeply moved by my brother’s words and deeds: every time he went out, he walked in front of the door in high spirits. he opened the door first and pushed the door back to its original place only after all the people in the same trade went out. He is a talkative brother, but he doesn’t nag and annoy people. Every time he held up his camera to take pictures of his colleagues, he would always say “excuse me”; He was patient with street children chasing after begging. He gave me the donkey-hide gelatin he carried with him. Before going to bed at night, he used hot water from a basin to divide it into two parts and told me to wash my face and feet. Small things see spirit, and under his ordinary appearance is a beautiful soul.
My return from the trip coincided with my best friend’s 80th birthday party. I went to congratulate him happily. During the dinner, everyone held a round of applause. After a few glasses of wine came down, I felt a little overwhelmed. In the dim light, I heard him talk about “the 20-year plan of life”, and I woke up with a thrill. “20 years? At that time he was already a serious centenarian! ” This is my heartfelt shock. Only heard him slowly say, “Life is not long in a hundred years. Besides, the doctor said that my heart is equivalent to that of ordinary people in their sixties and fifties, so I can’t live up to the good times and my heart.” His short words won everlasting applause. My 67-year-old physical condition may be better than his 80-year-old, but my mental state is not as good as it should be. He harbors hope and gives life value. Years have changed his appearance, but not his ambition. The beauty of his life is from the inside out, and the years cannot disappear.
Beauty is a long run. Beauty is not exclusive to a certain age group, but belongs to the whole life and belongs to everyone with ups and downs in his heart. I have thoughts in my heart and actions at my feet. I stretch my inner ups and downs with my feet. When I feel excited, I splash ink and paint my hair to add to the picture of life. Live easily and be old and beautiful. Even if you are white-haired and have a late appearance, you should keep the original impulse and beauty in your soul. May all the old people lead a natural and unrestrained life and live a beautiful life.