The president sometimes pees his pants.

Children attending kindergarten will be embarrassed if they urinate, for fear that other children will laugh. What if such a thing happened to the president of a country? The degree of embarrassment is predictable.
Santos, 62, is the current Colombian president. 2014 is Colombia’s election year and Santos is seeking re-election. On March 16, Santos delivered a speech to supporters in the Colombian port city of barranquilla, which kicked off his election campaign. While he was making an impassioned speech, the audience was surprised to find a small wet mark on the crotch of the president’s beige trousers, but Santos did not notice it. As the speech continued, the wet marks became more and more obvious. The people present were embarrassed to find that the president peed his pants.
At the time of the incident, Santos’ assistant found it but did not immediately come forward to remind it. Some people have analyzed that it may be because the sudden scene left them at a loss and did not know how to speak at the moment, or it may be that they were afraid that doing so would even make the president unable to get off the stage. Fortunately, Santos did not become angry from embarrassment afterwards, but generously responded that he had just undergone prostate surgery and hoped that this minor accident would not affect the election.