No one takes dating seriously anymore.

Do you remember when the last official date was? I tried to recall that it was six or seven years ago. The man started to call a week ago to ask when he was free. Then he officially confirmed the time and took a taxi to pick it up. In a western restaurant with a good environment and excellent reputation, I regretted that I had not dressed formally and should at least wear a skirt. The waiter came up enthusiastically and lit the candle, then presented the compliment of “Miss looks a bit like such and such a star”. It was really a great dinner. Everything was just right. From time to time I was asked if I needed anything else. The woman really felt that she was the one who was valued and deserved the leading role that night.
Then, the good days are gone forever. The boundaries of dating have become more and more blurred. I heard that many girls dressed in newly bought skirts and painted with full makeup were taken to self-help hot pot and regretted that they were too serious when they entered. In a domestic movie describing the struggle experience of modern youth, the male lead took a woman in a small dress with half of her chest exposed to a barbecue on the street. The girl looked very happy and said that I hadn’t been here for a long time. Any girl in real life must feel rather awkward, eating a kebab while watching the drunk young suspension spring at the next table staring at his chest.
Not only is it a place to eat, everything about the relationship between men and women has become blurred and uncertain. People no longer use phones or even text messages, but only use microblogs, WeChat and various social apps to hook up. If you hear that a friend recently met a new man, don’t be too busy to get excited. She probably just paid attention to each other on her microblog, and then had a hot talk about her ideal on a long, sleepless night. If she was free, she could have a meal together.
Of course, this is not a formal date, but many women regard it as a friendly olive branch, which means they have finally met a man, who is alive and whose personal homepage looks good in taste and can continue to develop. Unfortunately, some women soon learn by their keen sense of smell that the other party is married.
Even if I finally met, I was usually careless. A friend was attracted by the charm of a male ID on the Internet. The male ID often posted on a website forum and said that he wanted to invite people to eat at the Bund X Western Restaurant. However, the reality is that the girl was called by the male ID to go to a small exhibition on a rainy day that did not even require tickets. From the beginning to the end, the man did not even ask if he wanted a glass of water. The girl angrily left, then began to think angrily, could it be because she is not beautiful enough, so she had to get this humble treatment.
According to an article in the new york Times, dating is becoming cheap and casual in the Internet age. Many people have an idea called “fear of missing”, so they choose to walk around with a lot of people quickly. The friend above met a man at the exhibition and probably went to an online gathering in the afternoon and met another group of people in the evening. She can get to know 3 to 5 men with a little intention in a day. These men will probably not call her in their whole life. They will only send an unclear “what to do today” message via WeChat. If you say no, he will say whether to go to a movie or not, or if he is also nearby in the afternoon, and can meet for a drink.
Everything is because of fear of your refusal, but also because of fear that women will take it seriously and immediately treat it as a love rush toward marriage.
So don’t say that Chinese men are stingy and under great pressure. The new york Times told us that refusing to formally date women is a global phenomenon in suspension spring. Even if he finds the purest white man, he may have asked you vaguely, slept vaguely and said goodbye vaguely.
Love is no longer a solemn promise, but just like the pink foam floating in the air, it only provides some light pleasure and cannot find more on it. It’s up to you, my friends.