Three Things in Life

  Reading or listening to books
  from small to large, we always hear people say, “to study hard, study hard ……” “book house of gold,” “reading break rolls, getting a God,” etc. if.
  Speaking of this, do you think listening to books is a good way to read? May wish to listen to my analysis.
  ”Reading” and “listening” are both forms of reading books, but when reading, you need to feel the beauty of every word, every word, every sentence in a relatively quiet environment, and go carefully Only by experiencing the author ’s emotions can you taste the deep meaning behind the words and expressions. At the same time, reading can also be accompanied by reading, appreciation, memory and other behaviors. A good book can only be tasted if you read it deeply. Only by immersing yourself in an article can you understand the author’s intention.
  Speaking of this, you may think that I am talking on paper and saying empty words and unrealistic words, so I will use my own example to demonstrate it.
  Last summer vacation, I saw a storytelling book “A Dream of Red Mansions” by Liu Lanfang, a well-known storyteller and performer, on the mobile app. The storytelling of Liu Lanfang was loud, full of energy, and full of vigor, and attracted me at once. I fell in love with the storytelling. Walking on the road, sitting in the car, I can’t help putting on the headphones, and it sounds with interest. After the summer vacation, one time my dad accidentally talked to me about the characters and storyline in “Dream of Red Mansions”, but I found out that there are many details that I can’t remember clearly. Then I realized that in the process of listening to the book, I didn’t take it seriously. To experience the psychology of the characters, instead of thinking about the relationship between the characters, I just listened to them. So, this summer, I read the book “Dream of Red Mansions” again, and I opened it in a flash. Last year, my dad asked me questions and found answers. I also learned many details that I didn’t know before. This is the difference between reading and listening.
  We can learn a lot of life principles from reading; listening to books is more suitable for pastimes. When studying, the answer to the question of choosing between reading and listening is already obvious. Therefore, the book must be read well, and the way must be taken on its own.
  Fast and slow
  Many people are sighing with the passing of time, with how much joy and how many partings converge in the long river of life. For example, Su Shi wrote in “Niannujiao Chibi Nostalgia”: “Life is like a dream, and one respect is still Jiangyue.” Another example is Lu Xun wrote in “A Talk Outside the Door”: “Time is life. Useless time for others, It’s tantamount to killing money. ”
  There are many people who think that when people grow up in the river, time is always flowing in the same direction. It never stops. There is no beginning or end. For example, Zhu Ziqing wrote in “Hurry”: “Swallows go, sometimes they come again; willows are dead, sometimes they are young …” Life is like this, some people think it has passed by, and some people think it is endless.
  Now is a rapidly developing information age, and many things have become convenient and fast. Both cultural exchanges and transportation have increased speed and saved a lot of time compared to the past. But I was thinking, what are people losing behind these “quick”?
  In today’s rapidly developing society, people are less calm and calm when dealing with problems, instead they are impetuous and eager to achieve success. Just like we don’t like to study a problem now, when we encounter a problem, we want to use the search software to find the answer, and then write down the solution method: people have less emphasis on the development process of one thing, and more only pursue the result. Just like today’s high-speed rail, its speed can reach more than 400 kilometers per hour, which greatly reduces people’s time spent on the journey, but we have lost the opportunity to watch the scenery along the way, and it also makes today no more “riding red dust concubine” The good news. While people have the efficiency of a fast-paced life, they have lost the emotions in the slow-paced life and lost the opportunity to perceive details and beauty. No one knows the gains and losses of this.
  There are always many contradictions in life, fast and slow, gain and loss, right and wrong … How to compose the music of your life, you choose. In today’s rapidly developing society, should we follow the flow and choose a fast-paced life, or should we choose a different path to choose a slow-paced life?
  Life is like this. There is no absolute fast or slow. At different stages, there should be different rhythms of life. The speed of time is like a small note, and life is like a staff. Time is fast, slow, and mixed in life in order to play a beautiful movement together.
  Moment of beauty
  Everyone loves beauty and loves beauty, but in the world of thousands, there are all kinds of wonders. I have repeatedly thought: what is beauty? Is beauty just the ugly opposite?
  I once saw such a video on the Internet: In the subway in Shenzhen, a woman originally leaned on the railing of a train and was playing with her mobile phone. Suddenly, the woman’s expression changed greatly, her lips became white, and she bent down before long. Holding on to the handrail next to the place, he vomited the vomit on the ground. The passenger sitting next to him immediately stood up and covered his nose with his hand and walked far away. After the woman finished vomiting, the train passed a few more stops. She As if nothing had happened, he got off the subway, and the passengers behind him avoided the vomit with disgust. After a few more stops on the train, a college boy appeared on the subway from this platform. Instead of deliberately avoiding vomit, he took out a workbook from his backpack and tore a few from the back of the workbook. Sheets of paper, leaned down, wrapped up the vomit with work paper, and wiped the floor with a clean sheet of paper. The surrounding passengers were all amazed and praised the boy. Some passengers quickly I took out my phone and filmed the scene. After a few more stops, the young man got out of the car.
  I think this is the moment of beauty. The quality reflected in the moment when the college student bent down, the civilization manifested at the moment he wiped the floor with paper, and the back of his far away was always remembered in my mind, letting me feel the beauty of others , Can not forget for a long time.
  There are also beautiful moments in various sports competitions and competitions. In the 2017 NBA playoffs, the Cavaliers and the Warriors were extremely exciting and fierce in the battle for the championship and runner-up: on the one hand, the Cavaliers with James, who is “the first in the league,” and the Warriors, who have the “Big Four,” The match was very fierce, and the audience watched with excitement. At the end of the game, the Cavaliers’ Love was stolen by Curry of the Warriors because of a mistake. At the critical moment, such a mistake was fatal. Curry randomly attacked, passed and entered the three-point line. While he was preparing for a three-step layup, James quickly chased and gave Curry a big pursuit hat with his physical advantage, but Curry fell to the ground due to the unstable center of gravity. Seeing this, James immediately stepped forward to ask the situation, reached out and pulled Curry up from the ground, and hugged him and said “Sorry!”
  I think this is also the moment of beauty. Even though the two sides are currently opponents, they still stretch out their hands to pull him. This is the style of Zhan Huang’s general. That excuse me let me see the moment of beauty on the sports field.
  Dear friends, the beauty in life is often hidden in an inadvertent act or sentence. As long as we observe and experience with our heart, you will discover the beauty of this world and the moment of beauty.

  It was late at night, looking at the watch, it was dark at three in the morning.
  It was dawn, and I did not sleep all night, but I was a little refreshed. I wonder if I had entered your dreamland and looked at the willows downstairs.
  Your life is like a willow, full of life, my world, you have gone, everything is as usual. Just a little sad.
  There is only half money to be sad.
  Don’t worry, I’m no longer sad, no longer worried.
  Stone in mind different
  from the literary world over, often sigh courtesy of a gentleman, envy of the first article, Fei-wu this older generation head of the junior can, only to awe ultra-by-day, more than the reward Liu Yongzhou Ba Ji, times I felt a lot and benefited a lot. After that, I was slightly defeated, so I combined the book, and Shi Shi (yiyi) was walking in the north of the city, sitting in front of the stream, and the stream was like blue Shengqing, swimming in fish and lotus leaves. Looking at this scene, the sunset is unforgettable, and you are free to take your time.
  The heavens and the earth are based on everything, the heavens and the earth are in harmony with each other, and the life of the stone is like this, the stone is a hundred years old, and it runs through ancient and modern times. Underwater, tassel surplus gold, fish stop on it, shadows on the stone, lively, there are poems: Rizhao dragon scale million points of gold, the way of stone, the way of I, tenacious, not afraid of wind and rain Fighting can accommodate the flow of the hundred rivers, but it can add the size of Mount Tai, but the different stones are even more uneven, with uneven convexity, ditch gully, and no sharp edges appearing. It is not easy to be calm and admired.
  To the stone, its tenacity, aspiration is in the sea of ​​clouds, Yu thought that Yu should learn from the stone, adversity and never retreat, hard work and not hesitate, aspirations in all directions, only higher than the sky!