Let children grow in reading

  When I stepped on the sacred three-foot podium for the first time, watching the glittering curiosity of 56 children in the class, I had the idea of ​​becoming a qualified teacher.
  After contacting the children in the class for a period of time, I found that their basics are uneven, and the situation of recognizing Pinyin is not the same. Therefore, after learning Pinyin, I only send extra-curricular books to the class. Many children, let them go to the office and read half-hour extracurricular books every afternoon after dinner, but I did n’t force them to come every day, because Yang Haodong said to me honestly one day: “Teacher, can I Come back for a few days because I feel tired of reading. ”
  At the end of the expiry period, only one girl—Zheng Yuting persisted. Although I was disappointed, I was also grateful for the child’s persistence and her gains in reading. I observed carefully. The most obvious performance of this child’s class is the expansion of the vocabulary. I remember once I asked a question in the class, there were many colors, and it was described by a four-character word. Say the word colorful because of the word we learned in the text, but she said an unexpected answer, “colorful”, I was then Surprised and joy.
  Therefore, in the teaching of the next semester, I have strengthened the importance of implementing extracurricular reading.
  Summarized the experience of the first semester last year, and also combined the nature of first-year children’s fun. I ca n’t let children read books after class, so I took the class time to read them. I used to do homework and revise homework in the evening. The boringness has also suppressed the children’s nature. I don’t want them to feel that learning Chinese is a painful thing before they can feel the beauty of books. So I decided to turn evening self-study into a platform for extracurricular reading. With this idea, I check the children’s homework every afternoon before school, and I can let them read extracurricular books at night. At first I just let them read by myself, but gradually found that some students’ interest in reading books gradually faded, and they began to talk because they didn’t know how to read. In order to improve this situation, for this reason, I took another story book and read it to them. This was really useful. The children listened to them quite well. The children who didn’t talk, and after reading a story, the children always wanted to Listen again, begging hard, but I always insist on reading only one, arousing their interest in reading stories, and then let the children read their own story books. I think the benefit of reading a story is that it allows children to feel the details of the tone of the characters in the story, the frustration of sentences, and the pause rhythm. Once when I was reading “Drunk Little Sparrow”, according to the needs of the plot, I performed animal conversations in different tones, and played the drunk little sparrow in an exaggerated tone. After reading the story, I laughed cheerfully from the children. I felt the children’s love of stories in the voice. At this time, I really realized that children really like stories. The key is to see how the teacher guides them.
  In order to cultivate the reading interest of the children in the class, so that the children can share their favorite stories with other small partners, I set up the second evening self-study as a sharing session to let the children go to the podium and read the stories they read. One is to exercise children’s courage to speak in front of others, the other is to allow children to read the pronunciation of words more carefully in reading, rather than sloppy reading, and also to cultivate their reading ability. This allows children to go to the podium to read stories, which children especially like. In fact, the idea was not that I built the car behind closed doors, but it was derived from the words of a little boy in the class. When I was reading the story, the little boy said, “Why don’t the teacher read my story? My story is very beautiful.” After several days of thinking, I added this link. The next fact proved that this link is the most loved by the children. In this link, I fully felt that the children were reading really happily.
  At the beginning, there were very few children raising their hands and they were very hesitant. They just looked around and did n’t raise their hands. They seemed to be afraid of going to the podium, and they did n’t feel confident enough to read their own stories. I looked a little worried, but I didn’t rush. Fortunately, at this moment, a small boy named Liang Minggui raised his hand, that is, the child who said why he didn’t read my story, he left generously. Come up, read a story, because he was not prepared well, a little flustered, he did not read fluently, but it was driven by other children, and then several children raised their hands one after another. There is a child named Zeng Yi who does not like to raise her hands in class, so I deliberately named her and asked her to read the story, because suddenly, she did n’t read well, but it actually stimulated her enthusiasm. It didn’t take long for her to raise her hands and take the stage to read the story. Overall, the start was smooth.
  After a few days of waiting, more and more children raised their hands and became more fluent on the stage to read the story, because they would read the story by themselves in the first evening. Children ’s expectations for storytelling are getting bigger and bigger, and students often ask me, “Teacher, is your evening self-study?” Whenever the answer is yes, the children will dance happily. There are a few children in the class who do not like reading extra-curricular books. Under the influence of other children’s emotions, in order to also show on the podium, they gradually need to read extra-curricular books. This change makes me very happy.
  Although it is not guaranteed that every child will fall in love with reading, it is always a good thing to develop the habit of reading actively. The growth of children is a slow process. I do n’t know how much reading affects them, but the ancients said: The book has its own golden house, and the book has its own face, such as Yanyuyu. I believe that the more books they read, the truth will naturally leave their mark on their hearts. There is a child named Wu Yuting in the class. She has a good foundation and loves to read extracurricular books. Sometimes, she has her own opinions like a little adult. One time when I was reading Strange Seeds, I asked the children near the end, “The seeds are blooming. What did this family get?” The children scrambled to answer that they were beautiful flowers. Only Wu Yuting said that the family would not argue It is love, and the children suddenly realized when they heard the answer. I do n’t expect all children to answer this question, but I hope that children will not only harvest thousands of stories and happiness in more and more reading, but also harvest correct attitudes and values, because language is not only To learn knowledge is to perceive the state of the world from the lives of others.
  I hope that these simple children can thrive under the guidance of books.