Which exercise method is right for you

Many people are likely to feel confused when facing a variety of fitness programs while exercising. In fact, exercise should be different from person to person, from time to time, and according to age, gender, personality, health status, professional characteristics, etc., choose different sports.

Different fitness items for different jobs

The fitness program you choose should be closely related to your work and study.

Mental workers This type of worker is usually sitting mainly, because the neck bends forward for a long time, the blood flow to the brain is restricted, and it is easy to dizzy and bloated. In addition, people who use computers for a long time are susceptible to neurasthenia.

The physical exercise of mental workers is active rest. Therefore, it is best for mental workers to exercise outdoors and make full use of the health effects of sunlight and fresh air. They can choose to walk, jog, swim, broadcast gymnastics, Tai Chi, and Qigong.

Manual labor Generally speaking, manual labor has the effect of physical training, but it cannot replace physical exercise. Because many types of work need to maintain a certain fixed posture for a long time, or only certain muscle groups of the body are moving, it is prone to local fatigue, strain and even occupational diseases.

Physical workers need whole-body activities, and it is recommended that such people participate in long-distance running, playing basketball, swimming, martial arts, gymnastics and other sports to achieve the purpose of whole-body exercise.

Different fitness items

Psychological research shows that different sports have different effects on psychology. Through targeted fitness exercises, you can correct personality defects and improve your mental and mental state.

Timid, shy, shy person This type of person should participate in swimming, ice skating and more. These activities can cultivate the spirit of overcoming timidity and overcoming difficulties.

The lonely person is best to avoid exercise alone. It is recommended to choose more team projects such as football, basketball, volleyball and tug of war. Persisting in participating in collective projects can enhance one’s vitality and gradually change the lonely character.

Those who are anxious easily can choose table tennis, tennis, badminton and other items. These projects require athletes to be calm-headed, quick-thinking, and accurate judgement, which can change people’s doubts and hesitation.

Impulsive people can choose chess, tai chi, qigong, long walks, swimming and other items. Most of these activities are static and need to be completed separately, which will not cause excessive emotional fluctuations, help to regulate nerves and enhance self-control ability.

Items vary by health status

Choosing an item also depends on your physical condition. Depending on your level of fitness, the appropriate exercise program is also different.

Those with weak constitutions can choose Taijiquan, Qigong, Baduanjin and Freehand Exercise.

It is best for people who are sick to choose the right item under the guidance of a doctor.

You can choose to take a walk in the early stages of recovery, and gradually increase your pace as your condition improves. After the body basically recovers, choose other items to exercise, and gradually increase the exercise density and load.