Spring time

Rain: Grassy Look

Xinghua blossomed, apricot blossomed a little lonely, in the lonely corner of the village, like a lonely little woman, to do everything to spring. Xing and Mei are sisters, but they have different destinies. Mei walked far, marrying the smoky and rainy Jiangnan, walking through the alleys and walking the turbulent bluestone bridge, adding a little bit of homesickness; Apricot guarded, guarding the vast north, whenever the plum blossoms pass, from the wind A faint scent of scent came-oh! Suddenly surprised, it turned out to be a message from Plum Blossom.

The sheep in the sheepfold have been gnawing for a whole winter, watching enough of the lonely sky, eating enough hay without juice, and a twitch of spring in their bones. You can’t wait for Mu Genye to open the fence, back up, take off, and run out of the house like a hurdle. At this time, the old river beach river had just thawed, and the icy ice rushed to the distance. At this time, the grass had just broken through the ground, exposing the yellow bud tips. The sheep couldn’t bear it. Only we were looking for the gluttons scattered in the wind. “Guya Guya, cramping and peeling, come out this year, and return to you next year.” Guya is Mao Mao, “Spring buds, cloth like needles, commonly known as Mao needles, can also be crickets, very beneficial to children.” We are children running on the earth. After many years, we have forgotten the sights of that year and forgot the promises we made.

This is the rain and solar terms. The wheat seedlings in the field began to gradually turn green. After sleeping for one winter, their eyebrows were boring for one winter. Inch. Lord Mu Gen rushed the sheep, and the whip rang, leading the flock to the green wheat field. 啃 青, a vivid word, qing is the color of time, qing is the taste of spring, Yang Er bowed his head, pouting his ears of green wheat, chewing the spring that will be like a sea.

The rain at this time only represents solar terms, and the rain in the true sense has to wait. Song Yingjie in the weather forecast held a small stick in his hand and pointed at our small village: “The rain and solar terms should contain three meanings, one is melting, the other is increasing precipitation and the third is snowfall.” Spring rain is as expensive as oil, That’s about this time. The young Jie Xun was arguing, and accidentally fell in the expensive spring rain, which attracted the ridicule of passers-by: “Spring rain is as expensive as oil, and the street is full of people. Falling the Xie Bachelor and laughing to death Cow. “The child’s ingenuity can be seen, but it is a little narrowed. Whatever the spring breeze and rain do, he might as well face the spring of his own.

The Lantern Festival is here, and a full moon rises early. At this time, the village was hustle and bustle, and the eldest daughter and daughter-in-law went out of the house together. The town streets are not far or near. Some are riding bicycles in pairs, some walking together, walking and talking, laughing, moonlight and laughter dripping.

To pass the real Lantern Festival, you need to cross the millennium of light and shadow. During the Chongning reign of Huizong, the Elder Meng followed his father to Kaifeng, Kyoto at the time, and lived on the south side of the West Crossing of the Jinliang Bridge in the west of the old city of Jingjing. Before and after the winter solstice, Kaifeng Mansion began to build mountain sheds, and the erect purlins faced Xuande Building. From then on, people began to gather on the Royal Street, under the hatchway on the side of the street. On the day of the Lantern Festival, you see, Zhao Yeren performing juggling fastens his heroic belts, punches himself, stands at the cross street, and calmly eats a bowl of cold noodles; Zhang Jiuge performs an iron sword swallow, a long iron sword enters Throat, slowly down, scared the woman across the street to close her eyes; the most capable medicine called Li Waining, can change the shape of an adult with only the fireworks in his hands, the fireworks rise, and unreal characters The air fluttered with the wind, and then vanished …

This is the joy that has been passed down from ancient times, and it is loaded into the yellowed album by text. Sometimes I am confused, wondering if I am a former dynasty survivor who has lost the folk, dressed in a commoner’s clothing, and strayed into modern traffic. For many moments, I couldn’t find my own direction. Only at a certain moment when I looked back, could I wake up the inner spring breeze.

There is no wind, the moonlight sprinkles the village and the fields. The thin me was mixed with joyful crowds and rushed to joyous streets. The circus performance with the Anhui accent started, and a sheep walked along the trembling rope. It could not find the grass that belonged to spring, and had to run back and forth, silent in the joy of everyone. In front of the supply and marketing agency, there was almost no water flow, fireworks began to emit, and the moonlight sky suddenly bloomed with illusive flowers. Such a happy scene usually lasts three or two hours, and people on the streets of the town almost forget the usual distress. At this time, the street was a river of crowds, a river of fireworks, a river of laughter; but I turned and walked to a quiet and uninhabited place, where the moonlight fell over my head.

It’s better to return to my village, or to the old river beach where the grass is far away and close. In the eyes of the ancients, there are three phenology of rain: a otter sacrifices fish, the east wind thaws the river surface, and the otter drills out of an underground cave. All it has to do is to fish just from the beginning of the spring, when the “fish shovel bears ice.” Caught up, lined up on the shore, like praying to the mountains and rivers to give life and food. The two geese returned to the north, and after a long journey, all the geese flew neatly from the south again. They synchronized with the time and walked with time. Under the wings was a mighty spring breeze. When three days arrived, the lonely apricot tree in the village shook the colorful petals. Even the most beautiful face will grow old. Instead of getting old, it is better to finally wait for the first rain of early spring to turn into mud under your feet. At this time is suitable for walking in the drizzle, the willow on the old river beach has scooped out the first green.

Twenty-six flowers trade wind, roughly speaking, is the “spring” of flowers. From Xiaohan to Guyu, it is divided into eight breaths. Every hundred and twenty days, each breath is fifteen days. There are three waiting periods for one breath, one waiting period for five days, and twenty-four waiting periods for eight breaths. Each period corresponds to a flower. This is recorded in “Jing Chu Sui Shi Ji”, corresponding to the north and south of the river. In the north, it can only start from the rain. Peach blossoms, apricot blossoms fail, and pear blossoms come.

I need to follow the steps of the season and press the map to awaken certain sections of the memory one by one. I also need to collect the scattered descriptions of folks like the “otter festival” and restore the spring in the memory. I will not hesitate to stop when searching for the origin of the village, just like facing the way home, what should be done to return the time that originally belonged to the village to the village.

On rainy days, the married daughter will go home to visit her parents, a piece of red silk and a pot of meat, and thank the parents for their kindness. The original meaning of Wang Xing Zhan Yu is to look at the blossom of apricot, watch the Yuqian fall, and the opening and the fall indicate the sprout of vegetation, but the real meaning is to remind people to farm on time and not miss the agricultural time.

Lord Mu Gen has begun to polish the farm tools. Looking at the grass from a distance, through the hazy drizzle, there seems to be a wave of green waves. The next days, for the village, will gradually enter the busy season. Spring ploughing, fertilizing, planting the first seed, looking forward to the coming days of jointing and harvesting.

Spring Equinox: Planting a Spring

The swallows returned, and the swallows flew from a light scroll of ink and scroll, flying over the courtyard of my house. I do not know how many years have passed, the nests under the eaves are still there, one after another, lined up. The construction of a new nest by the swallow was a bit of a waste of mind. From the old river beach to the soft new mud, the stalks were broken, and there was a home under the roof.

Around March 20, it is the vernal equinox and solar solstice. The characteristics of the winter and summer solstice are extreme and extreme, and the day and day are shortened and prolonged. The characteristics of the spring and autumn equinox are equal and equal. The egalitarianism in the solar terms. “For the vernal equinox, the yin and yang are also half a day, so the day and night are cold and the summer is flat.” The father again made a heavy stroke on the plum blossom cold map, and the expression seemed as if he had dyed the spring. Then, after smoking a bag of cigarettes, he took me to the old river beach to plant trees.

Former people planted trees and others enjoyed the cold. In the countryside, the role of the tree is not only to cool, a tree places too many emotions, but also places more hope. My father was walking in front. At this time, the light and shadow of spring were faint. In addition to the yellow bud tips of the willows, and the purple poplar dogs hanging from the poplars, more trees were still accumulating strength and conspiring to riot someday. The beach is covered in green. My father put down the poplar sapling and measured it on the land belonging to my family. Father’s foot staggered, half of the body suffering from hemiplegia stiffly attached to the other half. I came to dig. The thin body didn’t have more power. “Deep enough?” I gasped. “Early, be older, don’t let the roots get wronged,” said his father. I then dug a little deeper into the tree pit, and again and again, dug the first tree pit.

I remember the two poplar trees, the slope of which is a floodplain of my family, planting ramie, sorghum, or cotton, and occasionally my mother will order a few watermelon seeds in the summer. The two poplars were growing side by side. One year, the cultivated land was re-divided, and the slope was distributed to Tian Er’s house. Brother Tian is honest and can be regarded as the son-in-law of the second eldest daughter’s family in the redundant village; the second eldest daughter saw two trees in my family and consulted with her mother. It is a pity that the two tree cubs were destroyed. Her home.

The spring equinox has a spring festival, a custom that has been around for a long time. After the son-in-law, I do n’t know how many years later, the Emperor Sun Yan appeared. It is said that Emperor Yan, who is also the sun god and the god of agriculture, was born in Jiuyan Well. The water in the well communicated with each other. The water in the Bayan well will flow. Yandi taught people to plant grains, and many grains were dropped in the air, so there was living food. Many customs in the village have faded since I was born. When his father talked about his teenager, there was light flowing in his eyes. Beginning of the spring equinox day, the village began to grave to ancestors, sacrifice peasants, kill pigs and sheep, invited drummers, and stood on the high river embankment to play the bright suona. The elders in the village chanted sacrifice and led worshippers to worship and worship. At the beginning of the tomb sweep, all the people of the entire family and the village were dispatched. Such days often lasted until Qingming, only to come to an end.

This is the piety of the peasants, greeting spring in their own way and comforting the gods. On this endless old river beach, there is no shortage of gods between heaven and earth. God is in Siyu, God is in charge of the wind, God is in the care of this thin land of spring and winter, and God is in Under the bed to care for the young baby, God leads the way in the middle of the night, and God blesses one side in the water. If not, this is the season when Thor appears. Volume 4 of the “Book of Ancient Immortals” calls the emperor “the nine-day Yingyuan thunder and popularization of the true king …. When the thunder strikes, the real king strikes the thunder drum of the headquarters, and the thundermaster thunders thunder. The suona sound of the Spring Festival passed through the clouds, and the sky gradually darkened. With the left-hand stone axe and the right-hand copper hammer, Thor stood on top of the old river beach and began to carry cloud mines.

“One black bird arrives; the second one is thunder; the third one starts electricity.” This is the phenology of the spring equinox. It begins with a flying swallow. There is a thunderous sound in the distance. The curtain has begun, flowers on the old river beach are coming, and flourishing.

The basics of planting trees can be traced back to Qi Min Yao Shu of the Northern Wei Dynasty. Thirty-second planting tree clearly records: “Every tree planted, want to remember its yin and yang, do not make it easy.” “The big tree gnaws it, the small one does not.” “First, the deep pit, the inner tree cricket, water It ’s fertile, the order is as thin as mud, the east-west shakes for a long time, and then it is built down. ”This corresponds to the memory. His father must not have read Qi Min Yao Shu, but his life experience made him unusual. Cooked. The saplings were a bit large and moved from another piece of land in my house. My father asked me to cut off the horizontal branches. I was puzzled and thought that it would hurt the bones of the tree. From this point of view, it is the same as Jia Sizhi’s “Big Tree Puppet”, which is cut to better maintain the vitality and moisture in the body. The yin and yang can be seen from above and below. The side with slightly thick branches and slightly thick root nodes is yang, otherwise it is yin. My father supported the trunk and asked me to fill the pit first, shake it, and make the soil fully contact the roots; then fill the soil, and use the spade to gently pound the soil to make the soil firm; You’re done.

Many years later, it was fully proved that his father’s policy was correct and the line was correct. My elder brothers and sisters grew up. They needed beams and wooden rafters to build a house. When they got married, they needed to build tables, chairs, and cabinets. Until they built a house for me, they still used poplars and sycamore trees that my father had planted. The father was lying on the bed. The tree he planted was on the roof. In the fine texture, there must be a record of the country road that the father walked. In the solid bone joint, there must be a figure of his father’s restraint.

Well, spring is really here. The greenness of the old river beach was revealed layer by layer. The water passed through the reed beach, and the reed buds that emerged from the ground were sharp and pierced the water surface overnight. The thatch on the slope changed to the old Xiaose, and the green was lit with yellow. In the floodplain of my family, the rape planted by my mother has a flamboyant green bone blossom, and maybe tomorrow will be a golden overflow.

As the farming season comes, people in the village finally take off their thick cotton clothes. Someone is watering the ground. A “bursting” tractor is set up in the field, and a long water pipe is vaguely immersed in the wheat field. , Flowing into a thirsty wheat field. You seem to hear the sound of dirt sucking, the sound of wheat sucking, those tangible water will flow deep into the grains of grain, and then nurture us on the earth. Someone returned home, “You must not shelter from the wind and dust in spring, summer heat in autumn, rain or rain in autumn, and cold in winter. There is no day off between four o’clock.” , Write the peasant’s hard work with concise brushwork. In this way, it is still unavoidable to be “struck by floods and droughts, tyrannical government, and converged from time to time, and changed by orders”.

Can’t complain, spring will still come on time. Living in the village, walking on the ground, and at least spring as a comfort, sprout hope and dream among thousands of plants. My father didn’t know. After many years of his leaving, I became a writer, and the spring he planted often appeared in the ink.

Qingming: Liu Di

My memory of Qingming was a bit vague. My father took a roll of yellow paper and walked in front. I dragged a shovel that did not fit my body and followed. My family’s ancestral tomb is behind the village. A thin willow grows on the head of the tomb. I often pass by when I go to school. The small mound cannot cover a piece of windy wood. My father ignited the yellow sheet, and he was chanting in his mouth. It was probably the Ching Ming Festival. Father and mother, I will give you money. Do n’t be willing to spend money. You should eat and drink. I looked around blankly, except for nothing in the sky.

Cold food and Qingming are different. “Tokyo Dream Hualu” has a record, usually in Kaifeng city, the 105th day after the winter solstice as a big cold food. The day before the big cold food was called “cooking”, people steamed white flour to make jujube cakes in the shape of flying swallows. Everyone in the family who has a fifteen-year-old girl will have her hair tied up on this day to make her younger. The third day of the Cold Food Festival is the Qingming Festival in the true sense.

When the Ching Ming Festival arrives, there are women with new bereaved relatives crying along the way, it is difficult to hide their grief, and shouting all the way: “My mother who has no blessing, I expected you to be old when you are old Tian Qingfu, I want to eat sesame cakes to buy on the market, I want to wear clothes and pull a few feet of good cloth, I want to come to my house and close your door, I want to eat noodles, I roll them out, and if you are tired, you go to the village entrance and turn around Lying on the sofa, whoever knows you will just let go and you will leave …. “Those who are far away from home, dragged down by work babies, can only be at the crossroads of the city. Zhang gave a few pieces of paper money, and said in his mouth, “Daddy, the unfilial child cannot go to the grave in person, your old man will take a few more steps to save money in his waist; bless your grandson to be admitted to a good school Bless our family’s business and prosperity. ”

All sacrifices hide a sense of guilt and selfishness, and all sacrifices are in the name of the deceased to express the inner desires of the born. The story of Meson Push is a little thoughtful and terrifying, but it is still passed down in a festive way.

During the Spring and Autumn Period, Jin Gongzi escaped all the way and came in an uninhabited place, looking at the vast mountains and mountains in the distance. Hungry, the people who used to eat jade clothes did not even have a piece of sweet potato; tired, every day in the drunk palace was desolate. Following the push by Chen Jiezi, he walked out of an abandoned farmhouse, and walked out with a bowl of soup in his hand. After heavy ears drank the soup, it became clear that the meat in the soup had been cut from his own legs by pushing mesons. The plot advances further. Nineteen years later, Chong Er Salted Fish turned over and became the Jin Wengong in history. He rewarded the minister who accompanied the exile in the past, but forgot about Meson Push. Zi Tu was speechless, packed some good clothes, and took his elderly mother to retreat to Mianshan. The next plot is a bit dog-blooded, Mianshan Mountain is thick and dense, and it is a bit hard to find meson push, so there is a fire in Mianshan. The flames went out, only to find that Meson pushed back the old mother and burned to death under an old willow tree with a crooked neck. There was a placket hidden in the hole of the tree. Its heart is clear, and you can learn the sun and the moon.

This is the origin of the Qingming Festival or the Cold Food Festival in the legend, which continues along the smoke of history. In my opinion, it was nothing more than a history official’s fabrication, which gave a simple folk festival a serious enlightenment meaning, and lost the vividness of the earth ethics.

Literally speaking, Qingming has the spirit of being clear and clear, just like a young girl who has been in her old age finally opens into a gorgeous flower. As soon as Tong Shihua was in bloom, the tung flowers in my wheat field were in full bloom, and the wheat seedlings were growing. The purple sycamore flowers and oil-green wheat fields are easy to make people dream. When I stepped on the soft soil in my dreams, people soared upward, higher than the eaves, and saw Wasong lying on the old tile, higher than the treetops, and saw the home on the old river beach, higher than the clouds, In my ear is the howling wind. The second field vole became a tadpole, but it was just the poetry of the ancients. All unexplainable phenomena were summarized as the transformation and alienation of things. The astounding “Eagle turned into a dove”, Dashu’s “rotten grass for firefly”, Han Lu’s “sparrow into the water into a clam”, and Li Dong’s “crack into the water into a puppet” looked weird, but it was a kind of romantic expression. I saw Hong three times. After a spring rain, a colorful rainbow bridge ran across the sky. From here to there, it was my simple home.

Lived together, there is that dense mulberry forest, in the memory there is the test field of the brigade, raising silkworms. Brother Zhu Zi is very old, and there is a girl named Chunhua. Spring silkworms are like ants. They wake up on silkworm plaques and put in freshly picked mulberry leaves. There is a drizzle as follows. They are chewing their own springs and brewing a white dream. In that dream, there may be endless country love that Sangma has said, or maybe even more sadness. Later, Brother Zhuzi left the army, and Sister Chunhua married afar away, and the mulberry forest fell into loneliness.

The elm money on the elm tree was opened, and a string swaying like a jade in the wind. Cen Shen in “Ask at the Huamen Restaurant Weng” was very upset, “The old man still sells wine at the age of seventy, and the pot of flowers is worth a thousand. The roadside elm pods are still like money, and it is true if they are picked to sell wine.” I think your old people are drinking too much. Think of the elm tree as a cash cow. Take your elm money for your own house. If the elm money can be changed, I will give you a spring for my youth.

The twilight was getting stronger, and my father worked hard to shovel a few shovels on the small grave. My grandfather, grandma, great-grandfather, and great-grandmother lived in it. Are they safe and have they received the paper money sent by their father To live safely in another world? When my father went home, I went to Laohe Beach to fold willows. For decades, the old willow with a crooked neck is still there, the tree leans, and the hanging wicker shakes the water. Willows have good virtues: They are born in a jerk, and everywhere a puddle of mud willows fall, they will produce soft branches. Er Yi breeds and grows, “Warring States Policy” has a record: “Fu Liu, upside down trees are born.” San Xian spring, the first one to wake up in the old beach. Four deep winters began to wither, and the last one fell golden leaves. Five qualities are straight. Six toughness can be made. Horse chestnut leaves can heal. Eight can be used as wood for cooking and good wood for utensils.

The Goddess of Mercy in “Journey to the West”, holding the willow and the clear bottle in hand, is to reduce human suffering, and the willow branches flick to let the village live on the earth. “Taking the willow branches to the house, the hundred ghosts will not go home”, this is the saying in “Qi Min Yao Shu”, using a metaphysical action to wear us amulets. In addition to that, I still believe in the flower grandfather’s saying that he will not become a willow in Qingming, and he will become a little flower dog when he dies. Who wants to be a stray dog, wandering in the wind, can’t find a warm home.

It is clear and clear. A field of flowers blooms on the old river beach, replacing the long openness and desolation. The flute flutes are a long-standing ballad. I still need to wander in the solar terms, looking for clues of memory in the depths of time, what is happening, who is calling me through the misty rain.