Taste the old in “Old Paris”

On the island of Xi’an, the place of origin of the history of Paris, those who want to experience the charm of Notre Dame in Paris are somewhat disappointed. The long wall has circled the Notre Dame after the fire and is forbidden to visit. So she turned into the Nun’s Road, less than 50 meters away from Notre Dame. No. 24 Nunlu Road, a house (pictured) whose entire wall was almost covered with wisteria flowers attracted my attention. A green iron fence decorated with golden grapes, purple iron round tables lying in the sun and green plants swaying in the wind show the style from Nanfa under a huge wisteria trellis. For a moment, I was a little hesitant, and felt that I had crossed the downtown of Paris to the Provence countryside. On closer inspection, the signboard of the ancient house reads “Old Paris”. I didn’t expect that I would run into this old Paris restaurant that was very popular online.

When you walk into the restaurant, from the perspective of decoration, you have to admit that “Old Paris” is really old. Narrow staircases, old paintings, exquisite fireplaces, Catholic vanity cabinets, silver hunting sculptures and countless small ornaments are more like an antique shop than ordinary restaurants. Finely patterned fabric chairs, vintage round tables with wood carvings, traditional colored porcelain plates and crystal goblet with grain, let time pass back between the golden chandelier and the surrounding burgundy wall cloth. A hundred years ago. “The baroque ‘Old Paris lets diners walk into the old opera house”, commented on the French food website.

Outside the window on the second floor, the stately and beautiful Notre Dame stands quietly on the banks of the Seine. After the dishes are served, whether it is onion cheese soup, rabbit meat with mustard sauce, duck legs with garlic, garlic potatoes, or porcini fried foie gras, all are the most traditional and authentic French national dishes. At a time when many restaurants are striving to create new ideas and break through tradition, “Old Paris” is particularly special about this old era. “Do you focus on nostalgia, traditional decorations and dishes for the reason you named the restaurant” Old Paris? “On this question, the owner of the” Old Paris “restaurant said with a smile:” Do you know that Paris originated from Xiqiao Island, and ‘The house where Old Paris is located is currently the oldest building outside the Notre Dame on the island? We are real’ Old Paris. ‘

It turned out that the house where “Old Paris” is located has been over 500 years old since its completion in 1512. It used to be the dormitory of Notre Dame de Paris and the “dormitory” of Pope Clement VIII, and since 1594 also operated a small hotel. It was sold by the Bishop of Paris as a bar in 1723. Since then, the “Old Paris” has been selling wine and cooking for more than 400 years. The city of Paris has always had strict requirements for the image of the building’s facade, but the Wisteria exterior wall in front of “Old Paris” has been designated as “extraordinary tourist landscape”. In addition to the title of “Historic Building”, the former green iron fence that symbolizes the history of its bar in “Old Paris” was also named “Special Artwork of Xijiao Island” by Paris in 1984. “Old” not only did not become the weakness of this restaurant, but helped it win a lot of glorious honors. If you are a “nostalgic” looking for memories or flavors of ancient Paris, don’t miss “Old Paris” when visiting Paris.