Skinny and fatty liver?

 It’s the annual physical examination season, and thin people are also detected fatty liver? Fatty liver has a chance to occur whether it is obese or thin, it only occurs more often in obese people. So why do thin people get fatty liver disease?
  First of all, the formation of obesity and fatty liver are inseparable, but the poor habits of thin people still make it impossible to escape the magic claws.
  1. Alcoholism: Daily intake of 40g of alcohol for more than 5 consecutive years, or daily intake of more than 80g of alcohol for 5 consecutive days is likely to cause fatty liver.
  2. Bad habits: such as overeating, eating sweets, eating fast, staying up late, etc. are also prone to fatty liver. Fatty liver and steatohepatitis can also occur in some patients who are not overweight, sedentary, lack of exercise, and concentric obesity (abdominal fat accumulation).
  3. Excessive weight loss and nutritional deficiencies: If a person loses weight excessively and loses body shape, the body will automatically adjust the fat stored in the body to convert protein into energy, leading to a large amount of fatty acids entering the liver. Lipoprotein, which affects the outward transport of fat in the liver, continues to accumulate in the liver and also forms fatty liver.
  4. Poisoning of certain drugs and chemicals: suffering from metabolic syndrome, viral hepatitis, and long-term use of certain drugs (overdose or close contact with tetracycline, barbitur, aflatoxin, etc.) may cause fat liver. At the same time, some lipid-lowering drugs also form fatty liver by interfering with the metabolism of lipoproteins.
  Most fatty livers are reversible, and the key lies in lifestyle conditioning. Therefore, we should eat a reasonable diet in our lives, to avoid the lack of protein in the body, and pay attention to medication. In addition, do not lose weight quickly, or you will cause liver damage.