New Year’s Day

In order to welcome the arrival of 2020, many countries around the world have resigned from their old ways and welcomed new ones: Despite the Brexit, the new British government has announced an increase in the minimum wage for employees; Sydney, Australia, greets the New Year with brilliant fireworks, but it has been impossible to extinguish The wildfire has caused the whole country to worry; some Indian protesters used a characteristic New Year’s Eve party to vent their dissatisfaction with the Citizenship Amendment Act; residents of the Indonesian capital Jakarta and surrounding areas can only be reached on the first day of 2020 Spending during the flood relief …

Britain raises wages, but everyone does not appreciate it

Reuters said on the 1st that on December 31 last year, the British government announced that from April 1, 2020, the national minimum wage would be increased by about 6.2%, which is a minimum of 8.74 pounds per hour. The minimum wage for workers over 25 is 8.21 pounds per hour; the minimum wage for workers under 25 will also increase by 4.6% to 6.5%. Nearly 3 million people will benefit from this.

The British “Guardian” said on the 1st that Prime Minister Johnson said in a statement announcing a wage increase, “Diligent work should always be rewarded, but for a long time, the British people have not seen the wage increase as it should be.” After the Conservatives won the election early last month, the Johnson administration stated that the campaign promise to raise the minimum wage to £ 10.5 per hour by 2024 may only be fulfilled if economic conditions permit. This statement was immediately criticized by many parties. The latest announced minimum wage is lower than the British Living Wage Foundation’s forecast of 9.3 pounds per hour, and even lower than the Conservative’s previous 2020 target of 9 pounds per hour.

Opposition Labor has criticized the Johnson administration’s approach. Labour’s shadow cabinet work and pensions secretary Margaret Greenwood said that raising the minimum wage is difficult to solve the actual problems of workers, and the background of the increase is that the Conservative government has put millions of people in the past few years. In an environment where wages are low and jobs are not guaranteed. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) quoted Ogredi, secretary general of the United Labour Conference on the 1st, saying that workers now need a minimum wage of 10 pounds per hour instead of waiting 4 years later.

The British Chamber of Commerce also warned on December 31, 2019 that the UK’s inflation rate in 2019 will be 1.5%, and the minimum wage increase will almost double the inflation rate, which will put pressure on cash flow and training and investment budgets. The Guardian said that wage growth in the UK has been slow due to uncertainty over Brexit and the slowdown in the world economy. Cominetti, an economist at the British Think Tank Resolutions Foundation, believes that because the minimum wage increase has been lower than previously predicted, this shows how disappointing the wage increase over the past five years. However, he also acknowledged that increasing the minimum wage while maintaining a high employment rate is a welcome policy.

Australian fire still burning

“Putting fireworks on while guarding against wildfires—Australia enters 2020 in the midst of burning.” Sydney Broadcasting Corporation said on the 1st that the worst mountain fire crisis in the Commonwealth nation’s history continued. Despite calls for the cancellation of fireworks displays and celebrations to show respect for the people affected by the fire, most Australian cities still held celebrations on December 31, 2019, as originally planned. An estimated 1 million people watched a $ 6.5 million firework show along Sydney Harbour.

On the day of the fireworks display, wildfires raging in Victoria and New South Wales killed three people and many were missing. Wildfires in eastern Victoria quickly traversed evacuated towns and residential areas, razing buildings to the ground. In the early morning of the 1st, there were still 112 fires burning in NSW. Two of them were classified as emergency.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation said on the 1st that Canberra, the capital, ushered in the New Year, but the air quality was more than 15 times the dangerous level, and the whole city was shrouded in smoke from the fire off the southern coast of NSW all night. So far, the mountain fire has killed 18 people and destroyed 200 houses. The area burned by the mountain fire exceeded the combined area of ​​Belgium and Luxembourg, and more than 500,000 animals disappeared.

Many Australians say that this year

The atmosphere in Asia is more gloomy than in previous years. Someone tweeted: “I want to say a happy New Year, but there is nothing to be happy. Our beautiful country is suffering the destruction of wildfires caused by climate change. Climate change action is imminent, time is counting down, but it is not The countdown to the new year. “Another said,” I hope you all have a happy new year. Tonight my heart is with the Australians affected by the mountain fire. ”

Indian people party to vent grievances

Another Commonwealth country, India, also had a difficult New Year. The “human disaster” made Indian Prime Minister Modi very scratching his head. Indian anti-Citizenship Amendment demonstrations have continued for days, and demonstrators plan to use the New Year’s Eve holiday to party on the street to protest the amendment.

Activists and students in New Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata have convened people on social media to join their New Year’s Eve party, according to Bloomberg News on December 31, 2019. They held solo comedies, music performances, poetry recitals and other activities during the rally. The organizer asked people to prepare placards and candles for the party.

Earlier last month, the Indian Parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill allegedly discriminating against Muslims, allowing refugees who fled to India from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries to India to obtain Indian citizenship by 2015, except Muslims, This has led to large-scale demonstrations across India. The protest has been going on for almost three weeks.

Unlike man-made riots in India, Indonesia is fighting natural disasters. According to Indonesian media reports on the 1st, continuous heavy rainfall from the evening of December 31, 2019 to the first morning of the New Year caused severe floods in the capital Jakarta and surrounding areas. Many vehicles were immersed in water, many buildings such as government offices were flooded on the first floor, and many low-rise houses were flooded. Multiple trains to and from Jakarta’s city centre and surrounding areas have been temporarily cancelled, but no casualties have been reported for the time being.