Some things wo n’t make a comeback

  of those pigeons supple body is the great-grandmother’s home. I thought firmly.
  Dongshan, which I can see when I look up, reaches the sky. Dongshan is the tail left when Liupan Mountain rushed away, and also left many of its plants. An apricot grove and a mountain peach forest that have grown for many years occupy almost half of the hillside. On the top of the mountain is a little water and barren land, covered with low sea buckthorn bushes and wild peach trees that will never grow. In the four seasons, except that the cold winter days are as ugly as balding, in the middle of spring, the hot summer, and the early autumn, if you ignore the differences in details, you will always be green.
  These common sights won’t catch my eye too much. In the summer evening, the adults are still working in the fields of the production team, and they have almost an hour to work casually. At this moment, a rushing sound rolled up a breeze and passed over the abdomen of heaven and earth. It was a group of grey pigeons foraging for food and returning home. After habitually hovering in the mid-air reflected in the sunset, they fell along the back of Dongshan’s backyard along Dongshan root. In the backyard of the Taipo’s house, leaning on Dongshan, when the yard was built, the roots of a dozen meters high were straightened, and two holes were dug in the straightened place. Above the cave, there are seven or eight small holes. I can guarantee that these small holes were not excavated manually, or they were washed away by rain, or they may be the nests of other animals. Finally, under the intervention of humans, the wild animals were removed and the pigeons close to humans lived.
  It’s nice to have a home, it’s like I have a small courtyard surrounded by low earth walls, and there are three dim houses in the small courtyard. Grey pigeons are wild. The official name is Turtle Dove, but many people call them “grey pigeons”. They are happy to say that they are “domestic pigeons”-they choose to live in the home of the common people and work together with their fathers at sunrise. The sunset, it seems hard and simple. From this we can be sure that the mother-in-law’s family is also kind. However, few people entered her house. Of course, this is not a fuss. If it is not a relative, no one will enter the door of others at will. For example, at night or at noon, the door of my house will be knocked. Often, I will call my mother by shouting “his puppet”. I will not come in, just open the door and borrow my house’s puppets and baskets. Like farm implements or table salt. Since everyone sticks to the rules, no one wants to destroy it. I can only go to Jiadao to see the gray pigeons on the cliff. Usually at dusk, the sky is gorgeous, and the giant hand of light divides east and west into two parts, light and dark. The pigeons will not rush into the nest to rest, but also gather at the mouth of the cave, honing each other, enjoying the last good time of the day, and issuing a series of “coo-gu-coo” sounds, as if summing up the difficulty of running around the day, discussing the future dream. However, in that short period of time, I haven’t seen many princes very often. Grandma seems too busy.
  In front of the courtyard of her house, there are two other courtyards built around them. These two courtyards just form a “clamping lane” for a trolley. It is rare to see the sun shining across the road. The east-west tilting the sun seems to be intentional, and always avoids it, leaving only a triangular shadow on the earth wall. The clip was right opposite the dovecote on the cliff. One evening, wearing a ragged vest and bare-footed, I stood on the Jiaodao and watched the cliffs come out. Someone stroked my smooth head and squeezed my ears. That’s the mother-in-law back. She was tall and erect, and looked stubborn. There was some firewood on her black partial dress and her hair was thick, but she was pale. I didn’t see her face clearly, she twisted her feet away, but I could see that she pinched a few dead branches on her left hand, and bent down from time to time, leaving the lane invisible Pick up firewood.
  The mother-in-law touched my head. This was a great event and a happy event for the young me. I must remember it in my heart. I must tell my mother when I go home. It was very late and my mother came back. After I told her the news, she did not show any surprise. The attitude seemed to me that I had encountered a tree or an ant on the road. But she sighed. I don’t understand the meaning behind this sigh, and I won’t ask why. And I can be sure that adults will not be interested in my encounter.
  Farming and solar terms are repeated day after year. In the fall, wheat came on, and even my simple clothes were wrapped in the fragrant wheat which was in sight. Around the evening, when I went to play in Wayaoping, I met my wife again.
  Wayaoping is located in the abdomen of the village. It was originally a site where green tiles were piled for semi-finished products. It was flat and wide. The tile kiln was probably abandoned when I was not born because of obstruction to traffic. However, the venue was fortunately reserved, and it was useful to show movies and hold conferences. Here is an apricot tree, tall and big, I do not know what year it was planted. In this season, there are many green fruits hanging on it, which is naturally a favorite of children. I picked up the lumps and threw them into the tree. I expected to see the prince when I was laying down the green apricot. Three or four militiamen with pistols were obviously not from the village. They pushed her down from Jiadao to Wayaoping. I saw the princes go fast, and tried to avoid them shoving from behind.
  I was timid by nature, hiding behind the apricot tree, watching in amazement as they disappeared down the road to the west.
  I have learned the importance of experience. Since the adults are not interested in the grandmother, I will not tell them about it. However, I still remember a word that was not fully understood at the time: “sport”.
  Also, the adults must know what happened in the village and outside the village, as well as the Taipo’s house, but they didn’t say anything.
  I walked into the yard of the home grandmother is a snow-covered days of the year.
  Unfortunately, the yard became a sheepfold for the production team.
  In the late autumn of this year, the weeds withered and the leaves of the trees fell out, and the first frost fell on the ground as before. The next day, someone who got up early in order to complete the task of delivering manure to the production team, passed the gate of her home and found that the wooden door on the soil wall was not closed as usual, but opened inward. Opening up everything secretly. The man looked inward for a few moments, quiet, very quiet, so quiet that he could hear the sound of the pigeons moving on the cliff. Feeling abnormal, he walked into the door and saw several earthen houses were dark with no lights. There is still heat in the stove in the kitchen. The door of the main house was hidden, and the door was pushed in. The room was looted and generally clean.
  Their family is gone. As for whether to stay or not, they must have gone through some intense consideration and discussion. At this late night, when people were asleep after a tiring day, their family got up from the soil, packed up their simple belongings, ate some leftover soup with hot steam, gently opened the door, held each other’s hands, and helped each other Then, quietly walked towards the village. The cold wind must know their body temperature, and the stars must have seen their difficult and nervous figure.
  The sky was bright and most people knew about it. The mother said, “Well, you’re good, you won’t be guilty of that.” Perhaps a lot of people are thinking about it and leaving. Why no one is saddened by their departure? I vaguely know that although their family belongs to us with the same surname as Li, she should only be my cousin’s distant cousin. At that time, my grandfather had passed away. On the relationship, the family of Li surnamed had too many branches. Her family was not so close to our family of blood. In terms of seniority, not only did I have to call her a wife, there were many people in the village. You have to call her like me.
  It is not easy for their family to live. It is said that before liberation, Grand Master Yuanfang lived in another village behind the mountain and did some small business. After the death of her grandfather, because of the relationship between their brothers, she was so excluded that they had no choice but to join the Li family and become a new member of the Li family. In the early days of liberation, those people who owned a large amount of land began to sell and sell land cheaply. However, in order to gain a foothold in the village, and because they did not understand the policy, they spent a small amount of savings and confusedly purchased other people’s land. They The composition of home is self-evident.

  The mother-in-law has two sons. By age, her two sons are naturally my grandfathers. We usually call them “big brother” and “second little brother”. The grandfather and the second grandfather were married at that time. One of the grandfather’s children was three or two years younger than me. He was three or four years old and his name was Dajiang. The name is full of hope and hope.
  Running away should be the most helpless and best option. The mother-in-law is an old man in the village. After the family left, there was no vocalization, no discussion and inquiries. Everyone knew that they maintained a high degree of tacit understanding. This is the rare tolerance and kindness of a group of people in an era.
  No one knows where they went, but they must go where they should go, remote and desolate. But we all know that at that time, there were not many places to go. Maybe their family was on the road. I could often meet begging crowds, knocking on the courtyard door in the evening or noon. The sound was as heavy as the backyard. Plate of stone mill. When they said “Grandpa and grandma, give a bite” outside the door, the mother would not pretend not to hear, and I would not ignore it. My family doesn’t have much food, but my mother always finds a way to send them away. When I delivered the washed carrots to their hands many times, it seemed like a big deal.
  I hope that my beloved family is safe on the way of begging.
  However, the courtyard of the mother-in-law’s house must not be left empty, although no one had the idea of ​​possession, nor did the production team. Sheep pens for the production team are on the north side of the mountain. Building on a hill has its advantages. For example, after the sheep have eaten grass on the hillside, they can return to the pen. However, many problems were exposed. For example, Lu Yuan did not say that it was mainly unsafe. There were frequent cases of wild wolves biting and biting sheep, but that was public property. As a result, the sheep pen on the mountainside moved down. It was such a good place, the eyes of the big cave and the two large rooms were all packed with sheep, warm and safe. In those years, the gangway was strewn with black pea dung, which was pea-sized, and the children scrambled to sweep it home to fill the soil.
  The weather is getting colder every day. The production team distributes cow dung to each household. Let’s pick it back and dry it in front of the courtyard. In order to prevent someone from stealing it, we must quickly pack it into a dry corner of the courtyard for filling and heating after snow. . Although we still go up the hill to sweep some thatch and leaves, the problem is that there is too little cow dung and withered grass accumulated, the cold time is too long, the northwest wind seems to have unstoppable penetration, and the doors and windows of the yard cannot withstand their impact. Every family is still like an ice cellar. Sheep pens are not the same. In addition to the cow dung allocated by the production team, there are many sheep dung collected privately by the watchman, and the withered grass and leaves that he swept back when he released the sheep. Therefore, the uncle’s hut is the warmest place to watch sheep.
  The uncle who watched the sheep would not refuse people to come to the sheepfolds to chat and keep warm. If he was an adult, he would offer the dry tobacco he planted. If there were many children, he would have an old story that he could never tell. His hut was north of the courtyard door, and used to be the kitchen of his mother-in-law. I stepped on the “squeak, squeak” sound made by the snow, and walked along the path toward the sheepfold, and I could see the dirt smoke flue outside the courtyard wall emitting green smoke, and I could smell the cattle and sheep. The smell of grass when feces burn. The door didn’t close from the inside, and opened with a push. Upon entering the yard, the smell of sheep’s clams was coming out, of course, a warm breath followed.
  I still care about the grey pigeons living on the cliff. The grey pigeons that seem to be scratching their heads are not stupid. They seem to know that their owner is no longer there, but they are the oldest indigenous people living here. They do not know and are unwilling to migrate. They will only carefully head out of the cave. Big Dou’s eyes gazed at the sheep and people in and out of the yard. They never understood what was happening in this yard and what happened to its original owner.
  However, the pigeons did not know that the threat was approaching. They settled their home on a cliff. Although it was a clever decision, safety is only an appearance. Climbers and snakes that are good at climbing are still their natural enemies. After the mother-in-law’s family left, the yard where people used to dread was suddenly a lively place. The people chatting, even if they were not driven by hunger at the time, began to look at the cliff. It is said that the broth of pigeons is delicious. At midnight, after the vigilant dog fell asleep, several people secretly lifted the ladder to the edge of the cliff and reached into the dovecote.
  Before dawn, there was only a small mess of feathers in a corner of the sheepfold, and there were no tiny bones left.
  No one knows what happened at night, including pigeons. But in the face of a declining number of members, they still have no intention of moving. As usual, they flew over the hillside and fluttered.
  They may be waiting for the owner to return.
  This is a temporary shortage of early summer 1981. Hot, dry and tired.
  After school in the afternoon, I returned to Waiyaoping along the narrow path and noticed that the atmosphere was different from the past. In terms of time, the sun is still on the top of the Xishan Mountain, and people who work in the field should not work casually, but many adults have rushed back from the field, and even the agricultural tools were too late to leave, all the way to Jiadao. I didn’t go home. Out of curiosity, I brought a schoolbag made up of pieces of cloth and walked towards the folder. I certainly know that if something happens, adults usually don’t like children to come to the scene. Afraid of being scolded and obstructed by adults, I don’t dare to go fast, but fortunately no one will not let me go.
  Mother-in-law’s family-there were several adults standing outside the sheepfold, looking anxious, talking to each other, looking out from the courtyard from time to time. I can’t listen to adults, that’s also to be scolded. The courtyard door was open, and no one blocked it. I got in. Many people were surrounded by the cottage where the sheepmen stayed near the door. I squeezed to the door again to look around, and I was taken aback: Oh my god, isn’t that the grandfather and grandma? They came back. I saw that the grandfather and grandfather stood aside, the grandmother and grandmother sat on the side of the cymbal, holding a six- or seven-year-old boy in his arms. The child seemed to be asleep, with his head tilted back. He has been gone for more than ten years, and the old man has aged a lot. His beard is stubbornly stuck to his face and there are a few white wrinkles on his forehead.
  I didn’t see the second master, nor did I see Dajiang. There was a strange little boy in the yard, bare-backed, ignoring anyone, and playing with a few girls as big as him, pinching a few dried sheep dung eggs in the corner. I walked in and saw the second elder and Dajiang and they were packing up the original main house with a few people in the team. They shoveled the sheep dung and spread the loess dug from the cliff in the backyard. The windows were all open, and the smell of mutton filled the dry air. I hope Oe can see me and recognize me. But he looked indifferent, as if he hadn’t seen me. In fact, the flood of time has diluted our impression. I remember it quite well. At that time, because of his family composition, he always kept his head low, and rarely played and talked with his companions.
  From this day on, the sheep did not return, and they returned to the old sheep pen on the north side of the mountain.
  I have been staying in the yard. Because of experience, the tension in the air is neglected. A short while later, the captain came, carrying a medicine box with a red cross on the barefoot doctor’s back, and he was followed by the doctor on the brigade. No one does not know the doctor. He has pulsed and injected many people, and I am no exception. Some stubborn bugs may have penetrated into my right ear a few years ago, or they may have been pulled out with a small stick. It is because the middle ear is inflamed and pus has been removed. This team doctor has overwhelmed me with the help of an adult many times On the soil, I used a lot of penicillin and berberine. I hate him, so when I saw him, I avoided it.

  I saw it nearby, they all shrugged their faces and entered the cabin seriously. I followed and lay at the window watching the movement in the room. The doctor clamped the thermometer to the child’s armpit and listened to the child’s chest with a stethoscope. He didn’t speak, many people expected him to speak, but when he didn’t speak, no one spoke. The doctor gave the child another shot, took off the thermometer, looked at it, shook it, and put it in the medicine box. The doctor was about to leave, and he finally spoke. I vaguely heard a few key words he said, “pneumonia”, “the fever in the middle of the night is not over, I’m afraid it can’t be saved.” When he left, he also left a small bottle and a cotton ball, and said, “Wipe it well.”
  Grandpa and Grandma took the small bottle and cotton ball as a life-saving baby. The child was still held by Grandma and Grandpa. The ball was dipped in the medicine in the small bottle, starting from the child’s head and rubbing all the way to his feet, for fear of missing somewhere. Once, twice, repeatedly, without speaking. I smelled the strong smell of alcohol, and I saw the tears streaming down from my grandma. Tears pooled on her chin, and finally fell on the child’s delicate body.
  It is said that applying alcohol when you have a high fever can make your illness worse. Whether he can smear or not, the child has miraculously survived. His name is the sea. And the child I saw in the yard was a second-young man’s child, called Dabao. That little girl is the only daughter of the grandfather’s family, called Yu. Although they are all a few years younger, they are still older than me. Excluding seniority, they were all my good friends later.
  I was a little negligent and didn’t see my aunt. Where’s Taipo? From the mouths and sighs of adults, I only knew vaguely that year, the Taipo’s family wandered to the foot of Guanshan, where the mountain ditch was deep and the sparse population was settled there. Although the fields are thin and thin, some beans and spring wheat can maintain the belly after cultivation. About sparse and simple courtyards here were built by fugitives, and no one has traced their origins. Since they arrived, the people who lived there early have been sympathetic to the disease, so they accepted them, and the local people’s commune and production brigade also opened With one eye closed and one eye closed, they handed their fate to the sky. Two years later, the second elder married his wife and had a son. Soon after, the mother-in-law died, and they buried her in Guanshan.
  Now it seems that Guanshan, given by nature, is indeed a good place. Although the arable land is as scarce as the hair on bald heads, a variety of trees, bamboos, and weeds are strong and intergrowth on the rocks. forever Young. But the climate is changeable and unsuitable for human habitation. I went in a few times in the spring and autumn season at the beginning of the century, and learned the rain and fog and the steepness of Guanshan, and almost fell off the cliff because of slippery roads. The scenery here is beautiful, but it shouldn’t be stayed for a long time. Presumably, they live in a different place in a different place, and they always care about the homeland courtyard. Therefore, according to the command of the mother-in-law, “you have to go back.” When will they be able to go back? It has always been unknown in their hearts, and it has also been a struggle for many years. Time always erases something and gives something. Finally, the little family was able to return to their hometown.
  His hometown is honest and kind, and he will not forget and abandon any of his villagers. After the Xiaoye family settled in the old courtyard, the second year ushered in land contracting. The Xiaoye family, like everyone else, also got land, farm tools and livestock. At this time, people have more free time to gather together, and there is no fun in the courtyard of Xiao Ye ’s family.
  I don’t know at all that they will sing the Qinqiang we call “old opera”. These things that had “poison” in the past flourished again. If it ’s rainy or snowy, especially during the lunar month, every night, there ’s a lot of people in my family ’s house. In the smoky surroundings, everyone listened to the little master talking about that time out, and booing, the children listened to the legend. After I got off the ground in Guanshan, there were not many people there. Sometimes I went to the market outside the mountain to buy kerosene, salt, and agricultural supplies. They got to know each other and they got close to each other. His sympathy is profound. When you are farming, your house is there, and his house is here. People will sing “flowers”. After a long time, they will sing along with others. Finally, they can shout a few words. This thing does not require accompaniment and sings casually. But it can solve the problem. After the crops were harvested, they were packed in bags and returned to the warehouse. After the land was plowed, everyone had more time, and they sang the Qin Qiang in private. In the past few years, the grandfathers, who have been playing hard, have memorized many local opera essays, and the second grandfather is not only good at singing, but also can handle erhu.
  As far as dozens of grandfathers and two little brothers are concerned, it is an unforgettable time to return to the old yard and start a new life. In the happy delivery, their family is not afraid of wasting kerosene until the last talent is sent out and the lights are turned off. The grandfather and the grandfather leaned on the quilt on the earthen floor. The two younger grandfathers sat on a bench. The grandfather was full of people, and the ground was full of people. No one felt the smell of dry smoke. The grandfather hummed those Qinqiang, and the people in the village took the book to write down all the plays, there are “Three Drops of Blood”, “Three Opposites”, “Xiahedong”, “Tiger Pass”, “Huating Pavilion Meet”, “Chung Zhong Yuan” and many more. Whenever you are interested, your grandfather will dance and “step on” two steps. However, he could not “step on” happily. During the construction of the terraces under Guanshan, the frozen ground hurt his right foot. Since then, he has fallen into an incurable problem. Fortunately, he is not serious enough to interfere with normality. labor. The second master will also take advantage of a Qinqiang brand song. These things, at least I have not been exposed to. Later, my father got several Qinqiang scripts from the county printing factory, all of which were slap-style slaps. I took a closer look and it was not much different from what Grandpa and Grandpa sang, in other words, Grandpa’s memory was pretty good.
  This is also a happy time for the pigeons on the cliff in the backyard. In the past few years, the pigeon flocks have prospered. When the sun is falling, they keep at the door of their homes and sing happily, even at night, they listen to the singing voice from the empty room of the little master. With peace and security inside. I thought, if the environment is unchanged, they are willing to keep their home there all the time.
  1986, I left home, go outside to seek time.
  The villages are remote, resources are scarce, and the meager land income cannot meet people’s living needs. In recent years, many people have gone outside. Dajiang, the grandfather’s family, also went. He has been working in Inner Mongolia.
  For many years, I ran around to support my family. I could n’t go back to my hometown several times a year, and I hurried back and hurried back every time. During the short stay, I could n’t say hello to the family. But I still pay attention to the old courtyard above Jiadao. From other people’s mouth, I know that after I left my hometown, the grandfather separated from the second grandfather. The grandfather and his family live in the old yard, and the house is still those houses. The second elder family went to the original pig farm. According to the local separation habits, the second elder can take away some furniture, including tableware, and also get some food. However, he could not take away his persistent pigeons.
  Time has not faded. As it moved forward mechanically, it left everything in decline.
  Like my father. The machine of time left him with a lean body. It was 2012, when the peach blossoms and apricot blossoms on the east hill of the village bloomed one after another, he left us. According to custom, our brethren and sisters are put in obedience and kept in the church. On the day of my father’s death, I visited him before renting a car in the afternoon. Two hours after I left, my hometown called and said that the old man was sick. In the hall, sadness and guilt stirred me like a mess, and everything was done in accordance with the “manager”. I don’t have too much thought about the people going in and out, the whole person is as lethargic.

  The “white things” in the family are taken care of by the clan. On the first night, the people who came to help dispersed, leaving only one or two people to accompany the “filial piety” guarding the spirit. At eleven o’clock in the night, the room was very quiet. At this time, I heard someone cough, and then I heard someone whispering. He poked his head out of Lingtang, wasn’t that the second elder? His face was covered with wrinkles, his complexion was dark, and he wore an old cold suit, curled up on a chair in the room. He used to look tall and short. An old man accompanied us to guard our spirits, and we felt more disturbed.
  Second Master is not easy. In addition to Dabao, he had Xiaobao again in a few years. Their family still lives in the pig farm, the house is still the original house, but the front wall of the main house is strengthened, and the roof is repaired. The other two old houses feel a little bit of wind and rain. Dabao Xiaobao did not go to school after graduating from junior high school. He followed Dajiang to work outside. In the village, because of poverty, men over the age of twenty-five are equal to the golden age, and it is difficult to find a daughter-in-law. At the turn of the new century, a 30-year-old friend of Dabaojing who had just worked introduced him as a visiting son-in-law to a family 60 to 70 kilometers away from his home in the north of the county, and lived his own life. Visit the old man. I know Dabao’s township is full of apples. I also know that the fruit farmers there are very busy. In addition, there are many housework requiring his son-in-law to support me, and I understand that he can’t go home often. Xiaobao, I remember that he was very handsome, somewhat embarrassed. When he saw a stranger, he always bowed his head and blushed, his character seemed introverted, and he was engaged by people. In the first month of 2011, he married a disabled woman. I hope God can live up to good people.
  I won’t mention grandfather. On the third day of my father’s affairs, I saw him. That day, I returned from the grave to the tomb raider, and it was noon. In the yard, we had a meeting with Grandpa. He sat on the steps under the eaves, and I hurried to say hello, apparently, he couldn’t call my name, just smiled at me. When I entered the house, I heard someone say, “Can you move somewhere and sit? You sit on a table to stop everyone from walking.” My yard is narrow, and a row of houses on the north occupy almost two-thirds of the yard. There is also a shed for storing debris in the south. Now that there are more people, there are some bumps. I stooped out again and saw that someone had asked my grandfather to move somewhere. I wonder, why did n’t the grandfather sit on the stool? He was supported by others and stood up, and I opened my mouth in surprise immediately: he was so stupid that he couldn’t walk as before. I also realized that he was holding a smooth wooden stick in his hand at any time to help support his body. Therefore, I only knew that the wheat was harvested the year before. When he took the trolley to the mountain to transport wheat back, he could not control the trolley with his feet. He even brought the car down the floor, causing a fracture of his left leg.
  The grandfather came to help on behalf of their family. In fact, according to his physical condition, he really couldn’t help much. After Dajiang went to work, he didn’t go home all year round, and he didn’t even return for the New Year. In order to live, the sea has gone out to work, and grandma, big and small, I heard that she had a strange illness and was very difficult to walk. If she wanted to cook with a fire, she could only go to the kitchen with her body folded. My mind flashed her healthy body and kind eyes at that time.
  Near the evening, everyone else was almost gone, but the grandfather did not leave. He stood at the offering table and looked at the offerings on the table. Another pro-room who had not yet returned home saw his mind about it. He took a packet of snacks, the grandfather took it, sat on the threshold, opened it, and ate it immediately. For the remaining few, he slipped into his pocket. Seeing this, I motioned for the pro-family to take another bag and give it to him. The grandfather happily held it in his hands, and went out with a shake.
  I thought that Grandpa and Grandpa might not eat delicious sweets several times a year, and these snacks must be brought to Grandma and Grandma. My heart suddenly became hot.
  when his father died, my annual Qingming, warm clothing section should go back to grave.
  On the Ching Ming Festival, as in previous years, we walked up the mountain along the Wadaoping crossing the Jiaodao. In Beishan waist, I suddenly felt that something was missing. I looked back and saw the old courtyard of the grandfather’s house. No, it wasn’t the old courtyard, it was the cliff behind the courtyard. The dove nest on the cliff is clearly visible. However, I haven’t seen the pigeons. By the way, many times, I haven’t heard the sound of the pigeons flying over the mountainside. I asked smoothly, where did the pigeons on the cliffside go? Some people say that there are not a few of them, and they have been eaten by wild cats. A few of them were seen not long ago. They may have flew away now. I feel empty in my heart.
  Everything changes too quickly. The environment has to let them see the crisis in the future and have to relocate to other places. Perhaps, only with the outward direction will there be opportunities for lush survival and growth. But I think they are the elves of the mountain, the elves of the courtyard. I still look forward to them returning to breed. After all, as indigenous pigeons, they have their home here.
  At this moment, the midday sun didn’t seem to be so coordinated with what I experienced. It was very bright and illuminated all beings.
  Li Xinli
  Gansu Jingning County. His works are found in literary publications such as “Prose”, “Chinese Prose”, “Art Works”, “Work” and “Literary Circles”. Won the 5th and 6th Yellow River Literature Awards of Gansu Province. Published a collection of essays “Temperature of Murano”.