Refreshing life ideas

  Wonderful ideas are never lacking in this world, but very few people can really put these “ghost ideas” into practice. Today, let ’s take a look at some refreshing life ideas, and see how the combination of people ’s imagination and fast-changing technology will spark out.
  As you can see, this magical chair is loaded with colorful “cannonballs” on the back end, and the chair is also equipped with sensors. When it senses that someone is sitting down, it suddenly sprays colorful bars, suddenly setting off the atmosphere. Although it is troublesome to do it in daily life, if you want to surprise your friends and relatives who have birthdays, the “color gun chair” will never let you down!
  Building blocks are one of the best educational toys for children, and have accompanied many people through their happy childhood. The common building block models are all reduced in proportion, which is convenient for children to play with. Now, a toy manufacturer has introduced a real proportion of building block furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets … you can use childhood play to assemble the ideal furniture in your mind. But be careful, after all, it’s still a toy, don’t really sit down, or your hard work will last for hours!
  Skiing is an exciting winter sport, but even more exciting is that you can cycle on the snow! That’s right, this fancy ski bike was invented for this. The front wheels become skis to control the direction, and the rear wheels are equipped with special tracks to ensure smooth and effortless speeding on the snow. If you have the opportunity to go skiing, try this amazing ski bike.
  Imagine that you are holding an “air umbrella” without an umbrella, and it looks like you are just holding a stick and strolling in the rain leisurely. The rain seems to have hit an invisible obstacle, automatically bypassing the top of your head … What a magical scene! Chinese university students from Beihang University and China Southern Airlines proudly introduced their latest invention-“Invisible Air Umbrella”! Its working principle is very simple. When the switch is turned on, the top motor quickly sucks in the air at the bottom, and at the same time, it discharges a stronger airflow at the top, forming a strong airflow isolation to shield you from wind and rain.
  Microwave ovens and laptops sound like two different things, but they have a magical chemical reaction in the latest products launched by Rocketbook. This is a notebook without a rubber eraser. If you want to erase the contents, just put it in the microwave oven and turn it for a few minutes. A “ding” sound makes a clean and new notebook “out of the oven”!