Women in autumn and winter have this problem again and try these 6 methods

   After the temperature dropped in autumn, many women’s hands and feet became cold again. In addition, many young women today because of unhealthy lifestyles, irregular living, night life, often drink cold drinks, etc., can easily lead to lack of yang, which will lead to poor blood circulation over time. So, what are the ways to relieve cold hands and feet in autumn and winter? Below, the Economic Daily-China Economic Network Health Channel takes you to understand.
   Herbal Treatment
   Today, many young women beauty, to lose weight eat more vegetarian food, vegetables and fruits, do not eat meat, and even less carbohydrate intake, are likely to cause insufficient supply of energy in the body, leading to cold hands and feet. Experts suggest that Chinese medicine or medicated conditioning can be used to relieve symptoms by nourishing qi and blood and regulating kidney yang. Such as Angelica, Astragalus, Morinda and other warm kidney yang Chinese medicine, but the doctor prescribed the prescription, can not take it by themselves.
   Hot feet
   may be used in the hot bubble feet every night, some ginger pieces may be cut with boiling water until the hot water temperature is slightly, but the foot may go into a slow, taking a dip in 15 minutes to 20 minutes, which can Speeding up blood circulation can also eliminate fatigue and help sleep. The water temperature should not be too high when soaking the feet, it is more suitable at about 40 degrees.
   Increase physical activity
   through tai chi, walking, jogging, stair climbing, dance and all-round fitness workout. If the hands are cold, the activity of the upper limbs should be larger; if the feet are cold, the activity of the lower limbs should be larger. By strengthening the exercise of the hands and feet, the symptoms of cold hands and feet can be improved. Playing Tai Chi can move all parts of the body and promote blood circulation. It is the best way to keep your hands and feet warm. At the same time, exercise must be regular, in order to receive obvious results.
   Massage three points
   Frequent massage and massage of 3 acupoints can dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation and stasis, and improve blood circulation and metabolism. Rubbing Yongquan Point: Yongquan Point is located at the center of the foot. Rub it quickly with the palm of your hand until you feel hot. Rub the Yongquan Point 100 times every morning and night, and then rub each toe 100 times. Inside the thigh, there is an artery below this point. First press the kneading qi to punch the acupoints, then press the kneading arteries, and then loosen and press, alternately, it is better to press and knead until the legs and feet have a feeling of hot air flowing down; Press hard on each side 100 times.
   Heart and lung function increases
   heart and lung function is not strong, usually in one of the most typical manifestation is cold hands and feet, even if the ambient temperature is not low it is difficult to warm up, which is less than the power of the heart, the blood can not be pushed to these parts of the hands and feet away from the heart. If this state of weakness of the myocardium does not change, it is not only cold hands and feet, but also fainted due to low blood pressure in summer, and even chest pain similar to angina due to low blood pressure and insufficient blood supply. If you do an electrocardiogram, you will usually be told that myocardial ischemia … all of these are actually due to insufficient heart function development and lack of exercise.
   To feel comfortable
   in a bad mood is a manifestation of qi, qi can lead to physical discomfort gas machine is not smooth, can cause cold hands and feet. Sometimes I feel better and my cold hands and feet will be solved. Therefore, adjusting your mindset and avoiding stress or emotional excitement will also help prevent cold hands and feet.