Glacier, Cool Wonderland

  Remember the “Geocentric Adventure” by Jules Verne? Professor Riddenbrock found a passage from the Snefir crater in Iceland to the core of the earth, and the glaciers Sneafellsjokull on the top of this Icelandic volcano are now also Gradually shrinking, will the song of ice and fire really one day become a distant legend?
  ”In the next 200 years, all of our glaciers will have the same fate. This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening today and what to do, but only you (the deceased glaciers) know if we really did. “. On August 18, 2019, the Icelandic people held a funeral for the Okjokull Glacier and wrote the above inscription for it.
  However, Oak was not the first “dead” glacier. Those glaciers on Earth, when we finally had a chance to meet them, they slowly disappeared. Iceland’s glaciers in 2000, more than 300 By 2017, 56 of the smaller glaciers had disappeared. Iceland’s glaciers contain the culture and history of the Icelandic people. Many myths and legends are related to glaciers.
  Glaciers all have memories. It completely freezes climate change and human activities to form a complete and high-definition file. I wonder if one day, we will lose this earth file?
  So while the glaciers are still there, let’s go and record these history before they disappear.
Etchimpia, witnessing glaciers into the sea

  Eqi Glacier (Eqi) Glacier, located 80 km north of Ilulissat, a major town in western Greenland. The front of the glacier is 3.4 kilometers wide. The Echepsia Glacier is an active glacier that can disintegrate several times in an hour. Observation by boat is the most attractive method.
  I never thought that I could lie down and see the undulations of the glacier. In the middle of July, I was lying in the warm quilt of a red cabin in the Glacier Ledge Eqi and watching the sun slowly pass over the Eqi Sermia glacier. The sky suddenly changed from gold and copper to pink. In a moment, sunset to sunrise. It’s like watching a gorgeous blockbuster.
  Norwegian explorer Frijof Nansen described the experience of crossing Greenland in 1888. These wonderful, secluded glaciers remind him of wonderland, childhood, and death. The Echepsia Glacier is so deeply entangled in human emotions. The glacier is located 80 kilometers north of Ilulissat town and 69 degrees 45 minutes north latitude. This is a very active glacier that can disintegrate several times in an hour. The boat is the only way to get here. Depart from Ilulissat in the morning and arrive in five hours. Stop at Victoria Pier for a while and return to Ilulissat that day.
  Before arriving at Victoria Wharf, the ship sailed towards the glacier, passing through thick layers of crushed ice, and occasionally bumping into large ice cubes that it could not avoid. In bumps and bumps again and again. The Etchimpia Glacier is at hand at this moment. Its frontage is 3.4 kilometers wide, and the collapse and deformation of the glacier are clearly visible. With the roar of the ice cracking, I really felt that this glacier was truly “alive”. Of course, it is by no means gentle. The guide on the boat will always pay attention to the change of ice cracks. While the tourists are still anxiously and excitedly waiting for the ice to fall into the sea, the guide has let the ship quickly leave the range of the glacier estuary— Sometimes the ice cracks and it may be an iceberg. Ice rushes into the water, causing huge tidal waves, which is not a stimulus to the ships staying nearby. It’s dangerous.
  The Echepsia Glacier Hotel built on the rock wall is the only building there. Even if there are more than a dozen cabins, the number of tourists that can be accommodated is only 30 or 40. All food supplies must be obtained from Ilulissat was transported over. All rubbish and even excrement must be transported back to Ilulissat for disposal-there is almost nothing needed for human survival here. The only area of ​​human activity in this area is this hotel. There is a small restaurant that uses solar power to generate electricity. There is no mobile phone signal, as if it is isolated from the world.
  Here, there seems to be nothing, however, it seems to have everything. At a glance, it’s a sight never seen in our world. The vegetation is rampant, the polar moss has a particularly pure color, and the arctic fox and the arctic rabbit dexterously shuttle among them. Ya, even the mosquitoes here have developed exquisite habits: they are afraid of heat—the sun will run away when their heads go straight; they are also afraid of the cold—when sunset winds rise, they will hide far away, only The best time is that when they are free, they become the most active creatures on the island.
  From the Glacier Hotel, there are three or four hiking routes to see waterfalls and find Arctic animals, and one of them is to go to the Echepsia Glacier and further inland ice fields, wild meadows blooming along the way, Spreading on the desolate and deep mountain ridges, dotted with clear waves, the little fish elves swim around, are we really the burden of nothing?
  1. You must take a boat ride to the Etchimpia Glacier. Every summer, World Df Greenland will open this route. It departs from Isarissat in the morning and returns in the afternoon.
  2. Admire the Etchimpia Glacier, you can either take a boat back and forth on the same day, or you can stay at the Glacier Lodge Eqi after arriving at the pier near Etchimpia, and watch it from the land.
Ilulissat, iceberg passes by the door

  There are three hiking trails around the Lulissat Ice Fjord, which touch the glaciers from a distance.
  Ilulissat is located on Greenland, about 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. The source of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord is the Port Jacob Glacier, which is the largest glacier in the northern hemisphere and the second largest glacier in the world after Antarctica. Because the water in Disco Bay is not deep, the collapsed glaciers are here Formed a spectacular ice fjord.
  Standing on the streets of Ilulissat, I have a less solid feeling: those colorful houses are clean, those glaciers are within easy reach, and everyone’s windowsills are thousands of thousands of years old and small. . Even the sun is not real. Have you ever seen Sanchang in the middle of the night, the sky is bright like daylight, and the street is empty? There are only drifting icebergs everywhere, glowing brilliantly, quietly mooring at sea.
  Where did these floating icebergs come from? From the Ilulissat Ice Fjord, the source of the ice fjord is the Jacob (the locals call it the Semego-Cuyarego) glacier to the east, which is the largest glacier in the northern hemisphere. In 2004, the Ilulissat Ice Fjord was included in the World Natural Heritage List because it is “the estuary of the Semégo-Cuajarego, one of the few glaciers that passes through the Greenland Icecrown.” Meige a Kujalleq is the flow rate of the world’s fastest and one of the most active glaciers calving over 35 cubic kilometers per year, accounting for Greenland calving of 10%, more than any other glacier outside Antarctica.
  huge The ice cap, coupled with the rapid movement of the ice stream, and the loud sound of the cracks in the iceberg-covered fjord, formed an awesome natural phenomenon. Such an ice fjord is conducive to our understanding of climate change and glacial science. In Ilulissat, you can clearly see how glaciers grow, flow, and disappear. Every year, 20 billion tons of icebergs burst from glaciers. Many of these icebergs are huge (up to one kilometer). It was stranded here, and it may take many years before it was broken by the new ice force. When the iceberg flows through the fjord and into the sea, the first stop is Ilulissat. Therefore, Ilulissat is small Town, can see all year round It is not surprising that the icebergs are wandering, and finally they flow into the Atlantic Ocean with the current, and the larger icebergs usually melt at 40 to 45 degrees north latitude.
  There are three hiking routes around the Ilulissat Icefjord, all of which depart from the old helicopter airport outside the town. The Yellow Line is 2.7 kilometers northward and heads back to the town. Most of the roads are on the top of the mountain. Along the ridge, overlooking the vast icebergs, the blue fjords are crowded with excitement; the beginning of the Blue Line is The 2.6 km world heritage route goes all the way to Sermermiut. Here you can see the whole view of the west side of the fjord. The fjord is completely covered by icebergs. Many large icebergs are stuck here. The ice flow seems to be It stopped still, passed the blue line after Sememiut, turned east, and then returned north to the town, with a total length of 6.7 kilometers. If lazy, pass Holms Bakke, there is a 0.5 kilometers red line directly back to the old airport. Only after walking through the three hiking routes that surround the ice fjord, can you truly appreciate the cracking in the iceberg-covered fjord, and the shock brought by the huge sound.
  How big is the dense iceberg here? Imagine taking a boat into the fjord in the midnight sun. The huge hull that was originally in front of the iceberg is now the size of a ship. Here, our normal judgment standards are distorted. In the distance, an iceberg resembling a silver wall, with diamond-like ice floating in front of it, the hull crushed the ice to make a subtle sound, the sun shone on the ice, and the sound of the broken ice was gradually breaking at the ear … At this moment, time and space passed through Just like many years back in the world, and yes, the Ilulissat Ice Fjord was an outstanding example of the last glacial age of the Quaternary.
Glacier Private Tips:

  1. The best way to open the Ilulissat Ice Fjord is to take a midnight sun tour, sailing from the Ilulissat Ice Fjord under the Arctic sunset on a midday summer day, and sailing with the huge iceberg With close contact, whales may be seen during the voyage.
  2. There are three hiking routes around the World Heritage Site. You can view the Ilulissat Ice Fjord from different angles. You can choose a half-hour helicopter high-altitude fjord tour to overlook the magnificent fjords and glaciers from the air.
Svalbard, go see the polar bear on the glacier

  Located in the Arctic Circle, Svalbard stands between the mainland of Norway and the Arctic Point. 60% of its territory is covered by glaciers. It has human settlements and often meets Arctic wildlife: polar bears, walruses and reindeer.
  Looking at the glaciers in the Svalbard is a difficult choice. There are too many glaciers here. Its capital, Longyearbyen, was also a seaport for glaciers. But now this glacier has receded several kilometers, leaving a narrow and relatively flat horseshoe-shaped canyon. Longyearbyen is in this canyon, behind which are several winding glaciers.
  This is the reason to come to Svalbard to see the glaciers-there is no need to look for them, they can be seen everywhere. “Good luck. You can see polar bears on the glacier.” This was before going to Barentsberg and Piramiden. The tour guide said. We naturally don’t believe it. But soon, while preparing to land in Pyramidon, on the nearby Nordenskioldbreen glacier, I saw a polar bear and was teasing a small puffin (Dovekies), only to see its huge body , But can flexibly jump and chase on the edge of the glacier, the little puffin always hovering around it, especially funny.
  Barents Castle and Pyramidun are very different from Longyearbyen. They were once coal mining towns in the Soviet Union. Pyramidun, which suddenly rises and disappears, has become a ghost town. The Soviets once built an ideal society here, and then gave it up flatly, returning it to glaciers and Arctic species. There is only a small hotel here. Several people who love this quiet life and the occasional tourists in summer have become visitors before the glacier. Today, the Barentschi Fortress is still running. The Russian state-owned mining company Arctic Coal Corporation continues to operate here, from the port along the wooden steep stairs, step by step to the hotel in the center of the town, looking north, The midnight sunset illuminated the fjords and glaciers on the horizon. Looking south, the glaciers in the distance are partially hidden in the smoke. This smoke makes the glaciers in the distance no longer look pure blue or white, with a layer of black.
  Perhaps there is nothing more contradictory than the sight in front of it; a coal mine located in front of a melting glacier, a smoky coal power plant. Unlike Pyramidun, who returned himself to the glacier, Barentschik, a strategic fortress of the Russian polar region, is still thinking hard about his development. The colorful Lenin statue in front of the apartment building still stares anxiously at the grid in front of him The Gronfjord glacier, which is gradually shrinking.

  Others have moved virtual clothing to Fashion Week: At this year’s Paris Spring and Summer Fashion Week, Tracy Muse, a German creative duo, brought a downright virtual fashion show. The display space of this fashion show is not a flyover, but an LED screen on the outer wall of the EP Gallery in Paris; the protagonist of the catwalk is not a supermodel, but a virtual influencer on Instagram; not physical textiles, but virtual clothing– This may be the future of fashion shows: brands don’t have to spend huge sums of money to build a show once, and they don’t have to spend time selecting models worldwide. It is not even necessary to invite the audience to go to the scene with great pains, and even extreme environmentalists can’t fault it.
  In Japan, the Watanabe Ishikawa Laboratory at the University of Tokyo has developed a high-end projector called “DynaFlash”, which can perfectly project a picture on a non-rigid surface with almost no delay-although it is not designed for Developed to produce virtual clothing, it provides new ideas for digital fashion designers.
  Neo-Ex items, pay for it and a photo, and you get “tailor-made” clothing.
  Virtual idol “Star Hitomi_star” goes with her everyday wear.

  Someone is already wearing virtual clothing-for individual customers, just provide photos to digital fashion companies in advance, and soon he will be able to wear this virtual clothing tailored by digital fashion designers.
  In May of this year, The Fabricant collaborated with German digital artist Johanna Jaskowska to launch a virtual fashion called “Iridescence”: This is a transparent windbreaker that looks like it is covered with a colorful laser film. It’s smooth and shines with metallic luster.
  At a charity auction at the New York Blockchain Summit, this dress was purchased for $ 9,500 by the head of a blockchain security company in Toronto, Canada: it looks good value for money, and it is the world’s first in addition to charity A “digital blockchain fashion”, like cryptocurrencies, has collectible and investment value.
  If combining virtual clothing with blockchain is a game for the rich, then a Norwegian clothing retailer called “Carlings” is more accessible: Carlings launched its digital fashion capsule series “Neo-Ex” in November last year. There are 19 pieces in the series, priced between 10 and 30 euros, and sold out in just one week. Subsequently, those fast-moving young consumers displayed photos of wearing Neo-Ex items on Instagram, attracting a lot of praise.
  Traditional fashion brands are also actively embracing this trend.
  On the one hand, virtual clothing has frequently appeared in brand promotion activities. Nike, Off-White, Balenciaga and other brands have successively collaborated with Cat Taylor to produce digital fashion models and put them on social media; Burberry also commissioned trendy media Hypebeast to produce creative videos and use digital technology to present modeling videos. Zhou Dongyu participated in the shooting.
  On the other hand, augmented reality technology is also widely used in virtual try-on. In June of this year, Gucci updated its iOS client to add AR shoe testing capabilities. Users only need to point their phones at their feet to remotely “try on” this Ace series sneaker. H & M also announced that it is vigorously developing new AR fitting technology. According to Karl-Johan Persson, CEO of H & M, in the near future, consumers will be able to choose different sizes of virtual clothing according to their own needs, and use machines to check the mix in different scenarios before deciding whether to buy.
Virtual characters, virtual clothing?

  When digital fashion companies are busy putting virtual clothes on real people, traditional fashion brands have extended their tentacles to virtual characters.
  This year’s “League of Legends Global Finals” was held in Paris on November 10. Louis Vuitton announced that it has cooperated with American online game developer Riot Games to customize an exclusive trophy travel hard case, and the two sides have published a joint hero skin. In other words, the virtual character will be full of Louis Vuitton’s classic prints, while the real person will be wearing cold and hard armor, a robe shaped like a foxtail, a short skirt with ice crystals, and flaming pants … “True and False”, when the dimension wall is constantly broken, the boundaries between true and false are becoming more and more blurred.
  For virtual clothing, some people say that it is a high-end version of QQ show, some people say that it is a paid P picture, and some people say that it is a new era Camp-the word first appeared in French comedian Molière’s comedy “Scar “Pan’s Trick” refers to the distinction between the intended crowd and the dramatic one. In fact, before you know it, you may already be wearing virtual costumes-from QQ Hyun Dance to League of Legends, you have been spending for your avatar, but this time it is your personal interpretation of the virtual life.
  ”People are worried that the industry will move to a fully digital 3D design, but obviously not, painting and photography still coexist.” In an interview with Dazed Magazine late last year, Cat Taylor stated that she hopes to cooperate with more luxury brands in the future so that Virtual clothing technology penetrates the traditional clothing manufacturing industry in all directions, bringing a real change, rather than just staying on the surface.
  In real life, we advocate breaking away, in the virtual world, we may have a large wardrobe of virtual clothing-what other reasons to refuse?