Streaming media competition raises the value of “drama stars”

After the admission of new streaming media forces such as Disney + and Ap⁃pleTV +, competition among homegrown TV networks and streaming media platforms for homemade original programs has become increasingly fierce, and Hollywood stars ’pay has risen accordingly. “Variety” said on the 17th that AppleTV + offered a single episode of $ 1 million to invite Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon to participate in the episode “Morning Show”. Many foreign media and audiences have begun to pay attention to the new trend of drama production in the era of streaming media, while marveling at the strong “gold absorption ability” of the stars.

Aniston becomes a member of the “Million Dollar Pay Club”

Aniston successfully entered the “Million Dollar Pay Club” this year, and as early as 2017, Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman got the price for this price by shooting “Large and Small”. As the producers become more generous, the number of Hollywood stars who make millions of pay for TV shows is growing rapidly. Nicole Kidman in “The Nine Perfect Strangers” and Jeff Briggs in “The Old Man” and Steve Carell in Space Force all got a million-dollar film. In addition, this year’s veteran star Harrison Ford will be resident for the first time in the series “Stairs”, and the filmmaker will pay him a single episode of $ 1.2 million.

The six main characters of “Friends” used to put pressure on the producers in the final seasons of filming, and finally got a high salary of millions of dollars per episode, which was very rare more than a decade ago. However, in recent years, the drama’s film pay has been increasing, and the recently completed sitcom “Big Bang” has paid $ 900,000 for actors such as Jim Parsons. Kevin Spacey and Robin White, starring in “House of Cards,” rose to $ 1 million in a single episode in subsequent seasons. Also in the series “Game of Thrones”, which ended this year, the main characters such as Dragon Mom and Snow Nuo initially paid around $ 500,000 for a single episode, and their pay gradually increased in the last few seasons. The actor’s remuneration plus the huge location and special effects production costs, drama production costs reached a new level, which is inseparable from the increasingly fierce “streaming war.”

U.S. drama production costs are highest in history

“Nearly everyone is madly courting the audience,” Dante Diloreto, president of North American screenwriter entertainment, said in an interview with Variety. “Now that a large number of new companies have entered the TV drama market, they have quickly made a significant impact and attracted A lot of money was invested in. “Netflix, Hulu and the soon-to-be-launched AppleTV +, Disney +, and other upcoming platforms such as” House of Cards “and” Game of Thrones “are all under the umbrella of HBOmax, Pea⁃cock, and Quibi. The self-produced new drama is well funded. Their top priority is to open up the situation through huge production costs and top stars with box office appeal, thereby robbing more user resources. Traditional TV channels such as Flowserve and HBO must also launch more large-scale productions to retain audiences. As a result, this year’s US drama production costs have reached their highest point ever.

“How much will the drama pay rise before the bubble burst?” American media represented by “Vanity Fair” are now questioning the high pay of the episode. “The $ 1 million pay per episode is not unusual now, star The effect is important for streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, but it is also expensive. “A senior Hollywood agent said,” As long as the pay is enough, the star has a deadline. The mentality of ignoring the TV series is now a thing of the past. Leonardo DiCaprio will also come to make a streaming limited drama. ”Hollywood industry sources said that sitcoms are rare nowadays, and most episodes do not require stars to be present when shooting, so single-season pay Also drive higher.

Subscriber fees are likely to rise

The film actor’s pay in 2018 was up to $ 25 million (Daniel Craig’s Bond 25). At present, after streaming platforms such as NetFly have entered the drama market, the four traditional TV network single-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-dollar-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-dollar-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-hundred-per-thousand-hundred-per-thousand-hundred-per-thousand-episode-cash-per-reward systems are easily broken. Attracted by high film pay, more and more first-line Hollywood stars are involved in the field of TV dramas, and producers are also paying salaries in accordance with the requirements of celebrities in accordance with the requirements of agents, which may further increase the overall salary level in the future. The second- and third-line actors in the TV industry “struggling” are also good. For the majority of TV viewers and streaming media users, the high film pay of the actors in the short term does not seem to affect them, but with the rise of the overall production costs of the episodes, the package fee for the next year is likely to increase.